“The realized soul is like the full moon.”

[*When the moon is “waxing,” it will appear more illuminated, and when it is “waning,” less of it will illuminate ]

….today is the first day the moon is waxing*. In the science of Sahaja Yoga, the moon is the spirit in our heart. It is the spirit in our heart, ..and it shines when the sun reflects on it. When the sun…that is the son of God. When the son of God reflects on the heart, then the moon shines in the human heart. But when it shines as a moon, then Shiva Himself lifts it up and puts it on His head. So the human beings who are blessed by the son of God, who are being awakened by the son of God, that is you can say that it is Shri Ganesh or Lord Jesus Christ, any one of them, if they enlighten the heart of human beings, then it becomes a shining moon.

And the amavasya, the day when it’s the dark night, is when a man is not a realized soul at all. The realized soul is like the full moon. Now today is the day when the moon is slightly, one degree less. It’s a important day for us because this is the first day when it is waxing . And that is the day we have to fix up our moon within ourselves, that we start waxing by degrees. Into sixteen degrees we to go on waxing. And when that happens we don’t realize that there is no shining in there. The shining is going out. And we have to be careful, we have to look after it, and we have to work it out so that we worship that day when it starts waxing.

It can wax with many things. You see, we have so many ways of finishing off the light that God has given us in our heart,that is the spirit. One of them is, very great one is the thinking that we do about it. The first it starts when we start thinking about it, rationalizing about it. You must know that when I speak, I don’t speak: actually these are all mantras, and whatever I do, I work it out in such a way that what I’m saying works out within you. It’s the Krita Yuga, and it works out. When I say that, the whole machinery gets geared up. So when I say something, if you start reflecting it in your mind you are gone, because you are not receiving what I am trying to do. If it is a mantra, that means whatever I am saying, those sound waves will create that being within you that I am describing. So at that time, once you start thinking about it you cannot receive it, because you have put a barrier of your thought. So when I’m talking, just try to receive it. Just say “yes, yes” inside, so that you receive it within yourself….
It is just that you assimilate whatever I am saying, and that assimilation itself will open out those new dimensions within you, which God wants to be opened out. So better surrender in that way your ego. Ego is the one that makes you say something, argue something, discuss something. And this is what is the biggest problem, what that I have seen when the first day of the waxing starts. So today is the first day when we should say that our ego should not start that drooping down…

So at the very beginning of waxing of the moon*, if you are careful about it, if you are alert about it, it will never happen; whatever you have achieved will be sustained, and then you can increase. ..

You’ll be giving up all that is nonsensical that you have been thinking about.

So don’t think about it, don’t reflect, don’t bother. Try to be subtler and subtler and not misidentified with your tags that are outside – like hooks, you see. And the mind is like a hook. I have seen all of you have some one hook outside and all the yarns go, hook around it, again another yarn goes and hooks around it. And the whole mind is attached to that hook. That is Mr. Ego.

If you can cut your strings somehow or other and say, “I’m not going to think. I have come here for my spiritual ascent. Let me be what I am. If Mother says something I’ll listen to it, if She scolds me I’ll listen to it, She does something, whatever She does, let me see that as I have come here for chiseling out myself; let Her chisel me out, let the Nature chisel me out, let the whole atmosphere chisel me out, puja should chisel me out.” But you just become like a beautiful, we can say, a jade in the hands of the Divine, and allow the Divine to take out all your beauty. Just allow the Divine to take out your beauty, and then you can enjoy your beauty. But if you hand over to all these old things, then it will be very difficult.

So as being the first day, I have started it on the day when the moon is about to wane, you see. So I hope you’ll be all very careful about it. Be alert. You have to be very alert.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Chandrama Puja, Vaitarna (India), 18 February 1984.

  • waxing moon -The moon when it appears larger each night as it progresses from a new moon to a full moon.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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