“The action comes out of the desire.”

As you know it is Parabrahma, that is the complete divine Power and the Holy Ghost is the complete divine Power, is the complete desire of God, which has taken a form. Now, imagine God is just a spectator. He is not one who is going to create anything. He is just going to destroy actually. Because if He doesn’t like the spectacle, He can destroy and the desire disappears like any desire you have within yourself. The complete desiring power within you. Without which what are you? You are just watching your desire working it out.

So this desire power is the left-sided thing, as you say, and then first it has to come to desire. The desire becomes then the action power. And action and desire put together start evolving things. So everything is inclusive in that whether you say Sun, Moon, stars everything is in them. But the Moon is the desire. Ultimately when it also collapses back, first of all it works out, it evolves, and then again when it is reversed, you see, then it goes back to desire, desire disappears into the Spectator and the whole thing becomes the Parabrahma again.

So the identification with one or the other cannot be said, it’s everywhere. If It is everything how can you identify with any thing else? Moon is one of the symbols. Why? Because according to Sahaja yoga we reach the state where you touch the Sadashiva in the symbolic form, you see. Or if you can say that after getting Realization if you see the abstract form of God then we say after reaching your Brahmarandhra you cross over your limbic area and then you go to Ardhabindu. Ardhabindu is the Moon. Moon is the Spirit. Because, Shiva also wears the Moon on his head. Sada Shiva also wears the Moon on His head. So Moon is the spectator. Isn’t it?

Sun is the working part. He works and it reflects on the Moon. So you become the spectator yourself and start going into that. So every symbol is the same and now why we use the Moon more than the Sun, about the timings ? Because it is the Moon which is more effective in creating desire within ourselves.

Like the Moon affects even the sea, not the Sun. Sun is a constant-stuck practically, except for it changes its axis sometimes, that’s all. And the distances between Sun has not much significance with the Earth, except that if the Earth loses its axis a little bit more or becomes a little bit flatter, then maybe that the speed of the Earth may be reduced. So we can only control the speed.
But the Moon is a subtler thing which acts on subtle, subtler ways. Because you have seen the Moon acts on the tides, it acts on the temperaments, it is a much subtler thing. Desire is much more subtler than the action itself. It’s a deeper thing. So the action comes out of the desire. So it is better to affect the desire than to affect the action. And that is why, in India, people accept Moon as the indicator for dates and all that…
So it is not one way or the other. Even Surya – the Sun – is very important. But why the Moon is important because it makes you subtler. And that is why one should achieve the Moon as they say. Right-sided people must achieve the Moon. At least they should be little bit changing their programs, little flexibility otherwise there is no gap in-between…As a human being, as a quality of a person, quality intrinsic. I mean one may think any thing of oneself but as a quality.

Like Christ Himself has said, that if you want gold I will give you gold. Gold represents right-sidedness ..but you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven and you will not eat on the same table as I do. Only those who love Me, love Me, again the quality of love, will sit with Me to eat. So, the people who think no end of themselves should value themselves at some point you see….

Even to have culture you have to be in-between. Like, you must know the Sun and you must know the Moon. You must have both the things otherwise there will be no culture in it.
Culture cannot develop in an extreme state. Some sort of an extreme thing might develop you see, but not the culture and the culture is the thing which supports and sustains the dharma, sustains a human quality. That is the culture.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Niphad, (India), 6 February 1982.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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