“Seven swaras are built in our seven chakras.”

our music system is extremely scientific because it was taken in the form of this music with actually the Kundalini moving into different these sapta swaras (meaning: 7 notes). These seven swaras are built in our seven chakras: It start with sa, then, re, ga, ma – Mother, pa, dha, ni. My name also starts with ni. These seven swaras are built in with seven notes and there are vrikrutis, vrikrut swaras, which are the other, what you call, chakras [so] that we have to make about twelve swaras. But nobody understood the real meaning of music.

Sharada the Goddess of Saraswati is the one who carries the message of Viraata within and tells us how to sing. She tells us what is appealing to God. How these ragas were made also? Just think of it. Because first they chose the notes the aroha and avrohas, the going up and down (ascending melody and descending melody), which was appealing to God. So the melodies were created. Melodies are fixed. You cannot change the melodies the notes because they found out that, at this point, the Spirit awakened; on the vibrations they found out. They found out that, when they sang this way it worked out. The Veena (primordial instrument of Shri Saraswati) they played and they found out the exact swaras. Exact swaras which would really make you feel nice. Now, you know that, those people have come from the West, don’t understand any Indian music on the mental level but they understand at the Spiritual level because their Spirits get filled with joy and the vibrations starts flowing.

The sense of music – this depiction of music was done by Shri Krishna. It is He the One who taught taala. Of course we can say that Shiva is the One who dances the taala, but the One who depicted it for human beings who gave the message to the world how the taala should be is Shri Krishna, through His dancing movements. He kept the taala all the time. Like the way He stands itself suggests how He kept the taala. And He played the murli (flute) also, to suggest that music is what God’s love is. His music is suggesting of God’s love, that soothes you, that clears you, that makes you happy, that gives you joy. And that’s what He suggested through His singing, through His music.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Vishuddhi Chakra, Delhi (India), Public Programme, 2 February 1983.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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