Purity is the first element of life.”

Ganesha is a principal, an element. This is not a god etc. This is the one element, which is the element of God. That is the essence of purity. God created this Ganesh ji before creating this entire universe. Believe that first the purity was created in this world. No matter how much a person falls, no matter how much his condition deteriorates, no matter how much he invents God, he still knows this in his mind, recognizes him all the time, that I am doing some wrong thing. Why does this happen? How does man know that I am doing this wrong thing? Which element is hidden inside it, due to which he keeps on knowing all the time that I am not doing the right thing. There is a man who keeps bad eyes on someone’s girl or looks at someone’s wife with bad eyes or cheats on his wife. Or a wife cheats on her husband. Or some boy or girl cheats on their parents. Whether he does it secretly or even openly, but he keeps eating it in his mind, always eating this thing inside him, that I am doing this wrong thing. This happens in us because we have the element of Ganesha in us because here the four such squares which are made at the bottom, are Ganesha. The 51 elements in the earth element, the carbon in it. Ganesha is the element. As long as carbon is not present in any atom, in the molecule, then organisms cannot be born. That is, the first element of life is Ganesh Tattva. Purity is the first element of life….

This Ganesh Tattva which is in us, wherever it is, where it appears, it is called Pelvic Plexus. Due to which there are four types of sub-plexes inside us. From that one, reproduction takes place. One is the act of sex. There are minor doubts etc. from one, in this way the immersion activities are done. And these elements are like this, it is adorned by Ganesha. Is the principal of Ganesh ji. Ganesh ji is a child, an innocent child, which is called the embodiment of innocence. Ganesha is the embodiment of purity. When the real appearance of this element is awakened in us, then we cannot do impurity. …

Since the child does not know what sex is, Ganesha is very dear to the mother. They don’t even know Shiva except Mother, no one knows. Purity does not know anything except the mother. Purity has a power of its own, who knows his mother. The son has been placed there, so he should protect his mother. Your mother is Kundalini. And under it the childishness, your innocence, the purity of yours, God has placed it, to protect it, this mother. .. This is the Ganesh Tattva, which God has given to you, that you should protect the Kundalini, which is your own mother and which is different for each one of us. It is sitting, and waiting for that day you are going to be reborn, the day you are going to get realization, then she will get up on her own and get you across. It is said that in order to get this Ganesha element, Brahma, Vishnu also lost. Ganesha is considered as the highest God and first of all. Because he is very holy. The one who is the purest of all in the child form is Shri Ganesha.Aa you may know when Dattatreya was also created, the Guru Tattva which belongs to Dattatreya ji, when he was created, he was also made a very small child. That innocence, that purity in a small child, where he does not see the difference, what is man and woman! He doesn’t even know what impurity is. ..
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public program Bharat Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 16 January 1979.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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