“Experiences of divine love.”

In today’s age of science, it seems almost comical to talk about God and then to talk about His love seems even more comical. Especially in India, scientists here have not yet reached that limit where they can think about God. This is a sad thing. But in other countries, scientists have reached that point where they concede that they don’t know what is beyond. They also say, “What we have known comes through science, that is true, but this is nothing. The source of all these things is a strange thing which we are unable to understand.” For example, great scientists of chemistry say that they are not able to understand how these periodic laws (of elements) have been made. Such a unique and beautiful creation has been made where every atom contains a universe that the scientists are unable to understand how it has come about. They say that this work of creation cannot be done by them. Not only that but also we cannot tell how this has been created. This earth is rotating so fast and how is it able to do so and how this gravity works on it. We can say that, “This is working”, but science cannot tell us how exactly it is working. A great scientist like Einstein said repeatedly that there is some unknown land from where we are getting this knowledge…

You should know that this land of India is a land of Yoga. Most of the incarnations came on this land. You have taken birth on a great land and this choice of yours is a great thing. However, there is some problem of food and water and some people are great cheats. Despite that, your choice to enter the courtyard of the vibrations of this country is a great one and you don’t know how God has blessed you. Today, your children are sitting with you and your parents are standing by you. This why Sahaja Yoga has sprouted in India first. Only through this India is going to rule the world….

Man was created in this way that for some time, he was separated from and deprived of God’s love. He was separated from the all-pervading love of God which he can know and in which he can live. Man was separated like a drop from the ocean. This was done in a special manner. I have talked about this many times how the Kundalini enters a person and how the ego and super-ego come together and make a cage in his head because of which he asserts his own identity by getting separated from this all-pervading light of God, “I am different, you are different and you are different.” In this way, this special creation is placed in man because of his triangular head.

Three powers enter him which, according to the Scriptures, are known as Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali. Of these three powers, Mahasaraswati is that power which creates, Mahakali is that power by which we exist and because of Mahalakshmi power we have become men from stones, we have evolved. Gold has its own dharma that it does not get tarnished. Its yellow colour is not its dharma but its dharma is that it does not tarnish. In the same way, man has a dharma. It is Mahalakshmi’s job to change the dharmas. It is also Shri Vishnu’s job who finally becomes Virata….

The ‘right thing’ means that the person should take his realization, the deities within him should get awakened.

Shri Ganesha always brings balance within us. Now I will tell you the psychology because people of science always go towards psychology. What science calls ‘the Id’ is Shri Ganesha. They say that the Unconscious is built in such a way that through the symbols in our dreams we can know that there is some effort to bring us into balance and to correct us. Something is being taught to us. There are many such things. Even Freud, although he too was a rakshasa, and many of his students, and the extent to which psychology has reached today, has concluded this thing saying that the Unconscious is some great thing with intelligence. It keeps us on the right track. It is Shri Ganesha. Psychologists have not yet been able to reach Shri Ganesha because they don’t know that to reach Shri Ganesha, our life has to be pure. How can people who drink alcohol day and night, reach Shri Ganesha? One who has not made his life pure, one whose life is not in balance, one who runs behind other women leaving his wife cannot reach Shri Ganesha who is in reality the Incarnation of Purity…The seven centres within you, the beautiful arrangement made within you by God get enlightened with the light of Kundalini through Sahaja Yoga and these deities put it into balance after getting awakened.
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Mumbai, India 23-12-1975.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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