“ Two energies are very important ? ?”

The knowledge about Kundalini has been expressed in many Sanskrit Shastras since long and also in Ayurveda it is described, not only that but the books which are for curriculum talk about Kundalini and the chakras, because Ayurveda is very, very close to Sahaja Yoga. Even in the western medicine to begin with, you should see the history they took to -dealt with three doshas. They dealt with three problems that we have as in Ayurveda. The right side which has got Pitta means bile; left side which has got Kapha means phlegm, and the central part, the problems of vayu means the gases.
Now luckily so many western people have taken to Sahaja Yoga and have tried to bring down all the permutations and combinations to the simple reasoning of left, right and centre. But the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is absolutely basics; even in Ayurveda is one step away from reality, of which it says the fundamentals. So you are dealing with the fundamentals of which a human being is built. And if this knowledge was found out long time back in India should we not accept it?…

Today I was thinking we should do the Puja of Shri Chakra and Lalita Chakra which we have never done. This is the right place to do these two chakras today. A lot has been written about Shri Chakra, and about Lalita Chakra, but to understand fundamentally the left side when it reaches up to Vishuddhi, then it uses on the right side the Shri Chakra, on the left side the Lalita Chakra, to manifest itself. These two chakras are the ones who manifest all that you see. But these chakras are the ones who emit vibrations of different kinds and because of their angularities, like if you have some sort of a cardboard attached with small-small holes of different colours which rotates all the time, you get different colours, also you can get different permutations and combinations. In the same way different permutations and combinations are created, and that is how you get all the advantages of Sahaja Yoga.

So these two chakras are very important…When you are singing you can move your whole upper part, is all right, but not your shoulders. This is the thing, one has to understand, that these two centres are to be looked after. You can move your neck, your body when you are singing, is important, that helps, but not your shoulders.

Shoulders are to be kept intact, but while saying just yes, you need not go on “yes, yes, yes, yes.” Is very very simple thing, but it can have a very bad effect, and those who move their shoulders too much do not feel vibrations much because the chakras are not alright. ..It’s a very simple thing to be understood that they are the most important chakras we have and whatever is to be used out of this Paramachaitanya, they have to be used by these two centres. Even supposing your some chakra is catching on your spinal cord, you have to use your hands. Somebody can say, “I can just put my attention.” Doesn’t work out, that good. Because yet your attention has not that, reached that stage where these chakras, like Lalita Chakra and Shri Chakra obey your attention, they do not. So you have to work out with your hands, be careful, don’t move your shoulders too much.

And, if you see now Indians when they sing bhajans, they move the whole body. They’ll do like this, but never their shoulders. The shoulders will move in the same way as the neck is moving. They might move their neck also. But they’ll never move their shoulder like this, and it’s regarded as inauspicious according to Indian standards.

Because of this culture, based on what the saints have told, and also about many seers have told, it is more related to spiritual life than to materialistic life. Now the materialistic life, unless and until there is the foundation of the spiritual life, takes you to a very partial development, we can say. But to get a full development, you must have your foundation on spirituality. That’s why spirituality being the foundation has to be deep, has to be fully equipped, has to be absolutely perfect. Then the whole building can be built.

So what we are really worshipping today is Maha Saraswati Power and Maha Kali Power both put together. So now we’ve started combining things, not individually. Now these two energies are very important. Without the energy, without the power, nothing exists, for example if this light had no power to give light or to burn it is useless. In the same way without getting your realisation, you are useless, because your power is not awakened. At least not completely.

But these two powers, give us lots of benefits even without realisation. Whatever you see in this world created is done by these two chakras of the Adi Shakti. But here the power doesn’t move, it’s not moving. But in the human being the power starts moving, and when it starts moving then we can say it is creating another world.

But movement is not the only thing. This power acts, gives you intelligence, gives you all kinds of things which you have as human beings. But later on this power itself becomes enlightened within you. In the left and right side both become enlightened.

This enlightenment, you get it when you get yourself realisation, but not immediately, not immediately, this one should understand. …

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Brahmapuri near Satara (India),17 December 1990.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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