“What are the powers of different levels of Kundalini awakening within us?”

Though the modern Sahaja Yoga is such a wonderful force, that at the first instant only, a thread like or you can say, a hair like part of the Kundalini raises. Kundalini, you can say is like a rope, with many thin threads in it and tries to pierce through the small hole here (showing on top of head), to create a hole here in the head. If the person is not complicated, if his “Chakras” are open, then it raises with a great force and you see the cool breeze coming out. Sometimes people feel a torrential rain of bliss coming. But it is in actual experience. So, first when the Kundalini raises, opens, awakes we can say or sprouts, it enters into the second Chakra or whether it is second Chakra, I mean the “Nabhi” Chakra. But the first center doesn’t, it’s not to be pierced through, because it lies lower than the Kundalini itself.

Now the first Chakra is the one, which manifests outside, the Pelvic plexus, which doctors know of. And this plexus looks after the excretory system of human beings. Even the sex is looked after by this particular center. Now, one must understand that Kundalini does not pierce through the first chakra. So the sex does not play any part, in the ascending Kundalini. Those people who preach that through sex you can reach God, are doing anti-God activities. One must know that if you indulge too much into sex, and perverted sex, you develop deceases. Those people who are also austere type, who lead an unnatural life, also become very dry, and impossible to be understood by anyone, as they have no emotion being left in them. So one has to be in the center of their innocence. Once you have maintained that innocence, it is very easy to raise the Kundalni. There is a big force of the Kundalini raising in a person, who has lead an innocent married life. …

In Sahaja Yoga, automatically, once the Kundalini raises, you start becoming a very balanced personality. You don’t run after the joyless pursuits. That you lead a very sane sexual life. As a result of this nonsensical theory, today we find, so many marriages broken, so many divorces, so many children stranded, so many people hurt in their heart. Due to this satanic attack on human innocence, human beings have accepted such absurd ideas, that they think they have to now become a sex point. Instead of becoming a human being which is an epitome of a complete creation, the one who is the rightful owner of God’s kingdom, the one who has to lead an eternal life, the one who has to enjoy the blissful benediction of his father. Today in this society, we find people who are wasting their life, ruining their families, ruining their children. Women fighting with men, men fighting with women, it’s horrible. So one has to understand that once the Kundalini gets awakened, a person automatically starts gearing up to the natural forces of the divinity. If both the partners are realized souls, the relationship is so deep, that even if they may not, soft of, show off the relationship, inside they had the security of oneness. The absolute enjoyment of romance. …

So the first thing that happens to a person is that he develops a sane attitude towards sex and towards his partner. Of course, you don’t have to run away from sex, but also not to be so much dominated by sex life, that there is nothing else left in your life. Such strengthening boundaries are created that you enjoy all that strength within yourself. You never hurt another person. You always make the other person really joyous. You see the good points of another person and you have such tremendous capacity of wisdom and poise, that the whole system changes. And the married life becomes a beautiful dream….

Secondly your innocence is awakened within you, which grows gradually. And you enjoy your innocence. You enjoy your virtues. Sometimes we are very cunning, we are deceiving ourselves. Specially, the intelligence as a capacity to cheat itself. But you develop that pure intelligence which is called as wisdom. But the manifestation of that is very great. A society of such people is so pure. The relationship of husband wife are only private relationships, but with others they are pure, absolutely pure relations. There are no complications. The life is so simple. There are no emotional problems. There are no sex problems. There are no problems about children. You get very beautiful realized souls as your children. Very healthy, very wise, and extremely joy giving. They don’t cry too much, they don’t trouble you too much, but they are all the time thinking how to respect their parents and how to give them joy. ….

But you must know that the vibrations that are flowing through you, are the vibrations of the “Brahma Shakti”, the power of the God’s love! We say the God is Almighty! He is all compassion! But we have no idea of His supremacy that he is the supreme Master of it! The way He works out everything, after realization, has to be something fantastic. With the third centre, when it awakens, or we can call it as the second centre of Nabhi, one is a satisfied soul. …

The Nabhi chakra around is the, whole thing if you see around is the “void”. Here resides our sustenance. Sustenance is our valence, as Hydrogen has a valence and Carbon has four valences, in the same way, human beings have ten valences. These in very strict words, are the Ten Commandments. When one tries to cross them, this way or that way, they develop the problems of the stomach. Now in this area, resides the attention. I mean our attention on the food first of all! Then from food it moves to money. Then to power. And then to God. Those people whose attention has gone to God, are the seekers, who are truthful seekers. ….

So now, we are now at the point of a higher centre, which is called as Heart Centre. This has got two sides, right and left. Right one is for the father and the left one is for the mother. The right one if it is caught up, if the fatherhood is missing, if the father had died early, or if you are not a good father, or if you didn’t have a good father. Or if you miss your father, anything like that can give you an asthma. If your father is dead, also it can happen. And if you get asthma, it can be cured very easily, if you can awaken the fatherhood in yourself. And on the left side is the mother’s. Now when this centre, when something wrong with your mother, if your mother is not a good mother, or if your mother died early, or if you had a step mother, or you are not a good mother, anyone of these, such a person is very nervous, he doesn’t trust anyone, and also he might be very much frightened personality. So you can understand, how motherhood is important. The centre of this, is adored by the Mother of this world, we call it the “Jagadamba”, the Mother of the Universe. She looks after you till, when you are about 12 years of age, she generates through her power in the, what is it called septum here, a kind of cells, which are called as anti-bodies. Sternum bone. And they spread out in the whole body. …

Now we come to the other centre of “Vishuddhi” chakra, which is the most important, in the sense that it acts as all your evolution as far as human life is concerned. This has got 16 petals. Outside in the gross it manifests, the cervical plexus, and controls your ear, nose, throat, muscles in your eyes and your face. Also it controls the first bone, and all the bones that go up to the cranial bones. So it is the centre of your responsibility. By which you feel responsibility. Also it creates two institutions within you, as ego and superego, which crossover at this point (showing Agnya). The right one passes like this, and crosses over and covers all this area in front (showing left side of the head). And the other one crosses over from the left side and covers this area (showing right side of the head). So you have these two things …

above is the very important centre of Agnya chakra. It is placed in the optic chiasma, where they are crossing each other. Which these Buddhists call it as the Third Eye. Horrible things these are. Some man cut this and put an artificial eye. At this centre is bestowed by the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now it is a very great incarnation. He came on this earth for one thing. To prove that the spirit never dies. Message of his life is resurrection, not his crucifixion. His crucifixion was his work, to suffer for us and to cross through that tight cross, to be reborn, as the spirit. He was the spirit. He didn’t have a human body. He was in a body of the spirit. That’s why he could walk on the water. All other incarnations have the body from the mother earth. But he was born of the spirit, he was the spirit. And that’s why he could achieve this. And he has said that, at the time of Holy Ghost, will be born of your spirit, by the spirit. It’s very interesting, the way he has expressed himself. And when he has resurrected himself, he has created a personality within us, which if we awaken, we can also crossover. So this is the door, through which everyone has to pass. But that doesn’t mean that you can pass through this door by going to a church. Or by reading Bible. Or by saying Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ. Your Kundalini has to pass through that centre. That is the door he has described. And he didn’t say he is the destination, though he is in a way, because when you enter into the realm of formless. Into the realm of the limbic area, which is the kingdom of God. Or we can say that where we are dressed to go into the subtler consciousness, by piercing through this area (showing top of the head) like a reception hall. Then when this centre (showing Sahasrara) opens out through Sahaja Yoga, you become aware of the subtle energy around you. You really become the realized soul. You become a real Sufi. Or a Peer. Or in Indian Language they are called as “Dwijaha”, means born again. ..
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program Geneva, Switzerland, 31.08.1983

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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