“The creation is consequence of the parabolic movement.”

All scientific experiments begin with a hypothesis. Hypothesis means: whatever is the discovery of science, that assumption should be presented to the audience, and the truth within that hypothesis is researched. The day that hypothesis is proven, that’s when it is considered a law of science. Similarly, what I say is a hypothesis to you, that can be proven and shown to you all. Also, all that has been documented and observed in historic documents can prove this hypothesis. But the proof should not be in accepting what is being said in documents or by a certain person but should be in the experience.

Today I will talk about evolution. It is the day of “pratham” [beginning] and I will explain the relationship of this day with Sahaja Yoga. It is said that Brahma is beyond evolution, Brahma is separate from that which we consider to be awareness. Vibrations are a form of Brahma. Whatever exists is a form of Brahma. Just like a seed manifests itself into a complete tree and then that tree ends up being a seed again, in the same way, Brahma manifests Himself in a number of forms and then again transforms into a seed, and limitless universes emerge from that seed.

We can consider the seed of Brahma just like the seed of a plant. We can call it the seed of Brahma [Brahma Beeja]. Every seed has a certain power of evolution. Every seed is comparable. Similarly, the power of evolution of Brahma is known as Brahma and the power of Brahma.

Why did God Almighty have to create this universe when He is complete in Himself? Because however rich or accomplished a human being may be, he is never satisfied until he produces an offspring. They think, “Who is all this wealth for?” There are a number of very rich people in the world that are childless who try very hard to have at least one child to whom they can pass on their gathered wealth and reveal it to their child. In the same manner when that feeling of love took birth within God Almighty, the powers flowing in Him gathered and got founded as Brahma or Adi Shakti. So, what remains out of this process, in the centre, is God.

These scientists tell me that they do not believe in God. You may not believe in God, but you trust your heart and what resides in your heart is God. The One who is God Almighty is reflected in our hearts as Spirit and He is our constant witness. He is a witness to every deed of ours and is watching everything. He is the soul, also described by words such as Spirit, spiritual, and as human Spirit, when he takes birth.

The one who resides as a witness in our heart is God Almighty. His Agnya power, in the beginning, is equipped to begin the creation of the universe. At that time three forms of transformation come into that power, or we can say that it transforms itself into three forms. First, it gets the desire that, “I should have an offspring, a creation.” Due to this desire, she embeds Tamo Guna within Herself. I have described this to you before as to how it takes place and what direction does it goes into….

This desire is critical to the creation of Valaya of Tamo Guna. All of the Valaya moves with the Bindu Matra power of Agnya. You will be surprised to know that a bindu when it revolves to its original position, it’s “valaya”, is parabolic. Einstein said that every movement is parabolic. You must have noticed in temples of Shiva, that the power of Shiva is parabolic in shape. According to Einstein anything that moves, moves in a parabolic direction. Similarly, we can say that love also moves in a parabolic direction. And Valaya also moves in parabolic direction and returns to the same position from where it started. That’s what parabolic movement is. In that sense, we can say that first shape, the Valaya created Tamo Guna in the universe. As a fan has three blades, in the same way, if you can imagine, the first parabolic movement was started. As a fan has three blades, in the same way, if you can imagine, the first parabolic movement was started.

Second, when you desire something, an event has to take place for that. Some work had to be done. Without some work it could not happen. Thus, some activating forces took birth that founded Rajo Guna. As a consequence of the second parabolic movement, Rajo Guna was founded. And with this movement was that of desire that all love should be showered over the creation. Showering love on your creation, your offspring, is revelation and this is what creates Sattvo Guna.

So, we can see that from one thing these three gunas are created. Such permutations and combinations are what creates this universe and within that, this Earth gets created. The creation of Earth also took place out of a parabolic movement. ..

But science has not evolved just to give a name to a phenomenon but to explain how this evolution, this universe, this genesis, all this took place. Whether science reaches that goal or not, you all can reach there. The viewpoint of science is very analytical. As you know, there is one doctor for one hand and there is a different doctor for the other hand. It is very hard to get comprehensive knowledge from science….

It is important that we know where we get all the power from and research the source from which we take the power. Until we reach the source of that power, each and every human being in every country, it will all disintegrate. This world will have to come to an end. The One that gives origin, vitality; the One that is Chaitanya itself, until we discover it, we will all become devoid of awareness; we will be as good as dead. The world will come to an end.

So, you can understand how important it is to find that power that is going on in our hearts as heartbeats, and it is our responsibility to know what it is. This power within all of us is working our digestion, our respiration. So, go and find out what is this power. Otherwise the whole universe, this Creation of God will come to an end.

And this responsibility lies with the mankind. It is only the human being, today, who is standing at the edge of the universe. Today humans have this power within themselves that they can learn about. Animals like dogs and cats cannot understand that.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public program, Birla Sport Center, Bombay (India), 12 July 1973

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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