“Jagdamba (the Mother of the Universe)– Her warriors called as antibodies.”

…..heart chakra, which is called as Anahata chakra, though it is not placed on the heart. It is placed very much behind the sternum bone in the spinal cord. In your childhood this center manifests. The power in the sternum bone actually is antibodies. Now this center is governed by the Goddess, who is called as, Jagdamba – meaning the Mother of the Universe, who gives us security in the life.

She resides in this center and manifests till the age of twelve years – Her warriors called as antibodies; Doctors call it as antibodies. After twelve years these antibodies go into circulation and empty the sternum bone but whenever there is a problem of insecurity the sternum bone starts going up and down and you start feeling genuinely ill. which is a very, very important, extremely important center within us. If you have less antibodies, then we can develop lots of problems of insecurity even if we have imaginary hallucinations or sometimes actual possessions, this center can go out in a very funny way and you may develop diseases like Asthma, but actually with this central one, the center – there are three chakras you can see there, so the central one gives you the sense of insecurity specially to women will cause cancer of the breast. Breast cancer is caused by insecurity among women. Mostly women who are insecured do not say that they are insecured. Supposing the husband is a wayward person and he is having relations with other women or she is suspicious about the relationship like that then she may develop this trouble…,First of all, the woman is the mother, mother of your child and if her security as a mother is challenged, then she develops this horrible disease called as breast cancer, which is very common these days among women…..

She may not say, she may not complain, she may not also show it but in the heart there is an insecurity developing which results in the creation of breast cancer. There are many breast diseases are developed by these and also some of the lung diseases are also developed with this insecurity. In addition to that, those people who suffer from cold too much and those who get exposed to pneumonia or, you can say, even people who go to closed places like cinemas, those places where there is not sufficient air for them to breathe, they develop this trouble in this area very much and more on the left side of this chakra which is called as the left Anahata. Now the left anahata is the Mother, is your mother. If there is a problem with your mother – supposing your mother has died very early in life – you have had no motherhood in your childhood, if there has been a problem with your mother, then this left side chakra catches and it goes hand in hand with heart. So in this if you get a catch, then you must nourish the left side chakra which is catching, which can be heart or can be this left side chakra. So you can ask the question, “Will I know what is the problem with me ?” If you ask the question, “Are you suffering from any insecurity from your mother or about your mother,” and if you find that there is some problem with the mother…Now, if there is any destruction of any such feelings of motherhood within you, then this chakra gets blocked and you can develop diseases like tuberculosis or could be any such diseases that has to do with your left hand and also it affects in a way the heart organ. On the right hand side is a very, very important chakra called as the chakra of the Shri Ram.

Now, Shri Rama was an Incarnation of this Vishnu, the One who’s on the Nabhi chakra, who came as the eighth Incarnation on this earth and – I’m sorry not eighth, He was the seventh Incarnation and He – there’re ten Incarnations out of which he was the seventh – and he came on this earth and he didn’t in any way profess or say that he was the incarnation of Vishnu. He, that’s why he moved from the central path to the right. He kept himself aware. Now this Shri Rama’s center is very important because Shri Rama was a perfect human-being ‘Maryada Purshottam’. He deal with or we can say he created the boundaries with which a human-being should live as a king, as a husband, as a father and that’s why this is the center of the father. If you have failed as a father, ….maybe, that your father has not been good to you or if you have done some harm to your child, then this center catches. ….
Now the very age old asthamas could be with this. Very age old asthamas which people have we have, could be because their father might have died very early in age. Now such fathers who die very early,….so they hover around the children. If you can tell your father that, “I’m alright, don’t worry about me, you take your birth,” you’ll be amazed your asthamas can be checked…..It’s quite simple to cure anorexia – another disease that you have. ..but when I tell you about this …Anorexia is also caused by emotional disturbance.

For example, a girl’s father dies …and she feels for the father and the father also feels for her and this mutual feeling brings the father, as a spirit, around her and then she cannot eat. You see, she feels extremely restless carrying on with that feeling. She just allows him, whatever she may try she cannot eat. In London, one doctor once experimented on this and he said, “Alright, we’ll do the last rites of your father.” Just imagine, …He said, “Let’s try,” and she started weeping. In the same way, if you can tell your father that, “I’m alright.” When you tell him to do some work, they start crying because it is too much to say to your father who was so close to you, suddenly dies. You may feel very emotional about it but one can try it out and save it this sick center. Asthma, many times, can be cured by this but there can be a combination of Asthma which I called, why I’ve never told you before – the granthi. When the two centers meet there are auras of every chakra and when they meet a granthi is formed; Granthi means a knot.

A knot is formed and when the knot is formed, when you take the name of a deity, you have to take the name in such a manner that you put those two deities together. Today I had a boy who had very bad bronchial asthma and they did not know what is the reason for it. When we just checked we found that Agnya, this chakra and the [UNCLEAR – LUNGS?] part, when we put them together and gave it a bandhan, it got [UNCLEAR]. When we tried on both the chakras, it was better because if you treat one, the disease goes to another. I’m amazed that you brought your attention to another it transforms, so it is better to attack both of them together – is the method which they keep, by which you can use after realization. All these tricks are to be learnt and these granthis can be completely opened out and you can really cure the person of these, so called, physical problems which are really emotional….
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,
Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia) 1981-03-30

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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