“ You should eat meat of Animals which are bigger than you.”

We must have compassion for human beings. What’s the use of saving the chickens? Can I give them Realization? Simple thing. See now, chickens if you eat in compassion, you can. Because when you eat a chicken it goes into evolutionary process. It improves its evolutionary process. But you shouldn’t eat animals which are bigger than you in size, because they give you troubles and problems and they make you aggressive. A person who eats aggressive animals or animals which are bigger than them, then they go more to the animal stage because they become aggressive, because they have – you see, these bigger animals have grown more than you. That’s why they are animals. So one should not eat animals which are bigger than you. And they are the animals who have the feeling of compassion. They are the animals who have a feeling of oneness with you. For example, you see, a dolphin I would say, a sailor will never eat a dolphin or kill a dolphin because it’s very near human level, you see. It is just like us. It has emotions. It has feelings. It can come and entertain you and all that. So that’s a higher animal. But if he, if he’s like that, you see, worried about even the worms, how far can he go? Everything must have limits…

So you have to draw a line. Everything is to be not to be taken beyond the line. You see, this is called as maryada in Sanskrit that how far to do, how far to go with your compassion.

So our compassion should be extended up to first of all human beings. Are we compassionate towards our fellow beings? We are not. First of all, let’s try there, all right? First, let’s try here − human beings − and you’ll be surprised we’ll never end it. We can’t even cross the limits of human beings. Then compassion to animals who live with us, all right? Like dogs, we can say, horses, cows, all these big animals, which live with us, dolphins, which are something evolving. Already they are evolving, it’s an evolving state. But if you eat a chicken, I’m sure if I eat a chicken, I’m sure of that, it will become a better thing, something better. It will evolve, no doubt….

So where do we draw the line? Let’s draw the line. Now in a place like, say, Iceland or one, I would say Arabia, some places where they do not get a single blade of leaf, not a single blade of leaf, how are they to live? God has given them only animals to eat. Now are they supposed to die? Or if they eat are they committing a sin? First of all, you must be compassionate so yourself to exist, isn’t it? If you don’t exist what’s the use of all the compassion of the dead? How can they be if all are deadliness, Eskimos are all dead? How can they show compassion? So they have to be living, isn’t it? So we have to understand in a complete discretion. All right? You understand My point.

Now compassion has got eyes, has got understanding. It’s very understanding. It knows each and every thing. Love is the thing that knows each and every thing. So let love work it out. All the animals which are not bigger than you, which are not evolved so much, if you eat them then they can evolve but that doesn’t mean you should start eating worms, you see again. You see, everything I have to tell the other side of because human beings always go to extremes of everything, isn’t it? Now if I say that you should eat all the smaller animals that doesn’t mean you should gulping, gulp down cockroaches down your mouth, you see. It doesn’t mean that. You see, so again it comes, you see, the discretion part of it. You see, you shouldn’t go to an extreme of everything. All right? On the contrary I would say that people who have eaten too much meat should not eat so much. They should reduce a little bit. They will be less aggressive, no doubt. But like in India, you see, we eat so much of vegetables. It’s not necessary. We can eat meat a little bit there. And you can also eat lean meat or meat of chicken and all that is all right. But don’t eat these beef and horses and elephants and tigers and snakes. See, they are not good for you.

So people eat snakes and they eat cobras and I don’t know what all they eat. I don’t know. So, lizards, I mean things like that. You shouldn’t eat all these things, and also animals like frogs. I don’t think frogs should be eaten very much. It’s a funny animal isn’t it? Frog is poor thing. Frog is one very special animal. I should say. You see, out of love for the frog I say don’t eat it. Really. Because I don’t know if you know but people have found frogs living in ancient rocks closed up completely, absolutely. Is a fact, you see. And there is water provided for the frog by God. Frog, is a special animal, very much loved by God. And for billions of years frogs have survived. So you can imagine how this must happen, must be something special about them. That’s why out of love for them we should not eat them, I think, the frogs, you see. Or, for example, monkeys. I don’t know if you eat monkeys, do you? Do one in any country do they, eat monkeys? Monkeys they eat? Where? Australia? Really? Where? Indonesia? Really? That’s one place where they should not. I don’t know. They are another wonderful people, these monkeys are, I mean, and we should eat animals which will not be completely destroyed also. You should try to save animals, all the animals as far as possible, and just not kill them and finish them off. It’s like, you see, going to extremes in everything as we do it. All right? May God bless you….

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 22 March 1982.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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