“ The Spirit is the Absolute Truth.”

When you become the Spirit, what happens to us – to understand that we have to understand the nature of the Spirit. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty on our heart. We are the reflectors.

These reflectors start working since we were stones, we can call them or matter, then living creatures, till we reach a state when we are human beings, the Spirit is expressed in our heart, in the best way. But it is still in a witness state watching us all the time what we are doing. It doesn’t come into our attention – He’s just watching but when the Kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area – so this is the seat of the God Almighty and the reflection of the Spirit is in your heart. So first of all, it connects your brain with your heart, as a result, a kind of a pulsation – in Sanskrit it’s called as ‘Spanda’ – starts flowing on your central nervous system, which you can call it as cool vibrations. Also, it is co-related with the All-pervading Power which is flowing within our being because of this connection. The Spirit is the one that is the Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth means there is no other truth than that….

Any fundamental question can be asked and you get the answer on your finger-tips and you know what is the truth. So the your attention itself becomes enlightened.

With this attention, which is enlightened, you can feel the vibrations of another person, the chakras of another person. But apart from that, second thing, that this enlightened attention is dynamic. Sitting down here, if you put attention to something, it works. It works. Of course you have to develop that state, that higher state of doubtless awareness. Anywhere you put your attention, it works. So the connection with the Divine is that this attention, wherever you put it, like a remote control it works. A person, who is a realized soul, is extremely compassionate and extremely dynamic. Of course, you never feel your age, you never get tired, you work very hard because all the time the energy is flowing. You become an expert on understanding what is falsehood and what is truth….
Any walk of life you enter into, you are absolutely confident of yourself and you know you are properly guided.

And the nature of the Spirit is, that it gives you an attention that doesn’t fritter away; It don’t look at things which are of no use. But once you see something, the whole picture is in your mind – like a photogenic picture. Whenever you want to think about it, you get the whole thing. Even the folds of the clothes and everything, the face, everything comes to you absolutely clear. The memory becomes so sharp, even at an old age, that people are surprised. And you do not try to memorize too many things – it’s just there….

So the another attribute of Spirit is that it is the source of joy. Joy is not like happiness and unhappiness; If your ego is pampered, then you feel happy. When it is not pampered, you feel unhappy. Joy is a state where you just enjoy everything because you are beyond thoughts. Just see this beautiful carpet – beyond thought. The one, who has created this, has put all his joy in it in creation and that joy becomes so abstract and starts falling on your being and soothes you down. Such a person is extremely relaxed, not agitated. He doesn’t waste his energy in unnecessary things….

the Spirit has the power to cure you also when it is connected through this Kundalini to the Divine. It cures you completely, you feel very healthy and all the time you feel very fresh. You do not run after things like – manufacturer starts something – now today this dress, tomorrow that dress, today this nothing of the kind. You don’t run amuck, you have discretion. You know what to wear, what to use; That’s how you solve your ecological problem. Because a new dimension also comes into your awareness, which we call as Collective Consciousness but also you become an universal being because Spirit is universal. So you don’t worry about yourself only – you worry about the whole Universe; Worry in the sense that you want to do something about it.

Immediately your attention will go to something that’s happening now and you’ll try to think and pray that, “This should be alright,” and it works out. You definitely become a much wider personality. It’s not only limited to one little person but it is a universal thing. A new religion, we can call, is enlightened into your valencies, which we call, as the pure innate universal religion which encompasses all the principles of all the religions, all the people of the world and you go beyond these wrong ideas of different religions and races and this and that and that. You just start feeling you are part and parcel of the whole..,.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program Day 2. Sydney (Australia), 3 March 1992.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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