“Antibodies are Warriors (Sainikas) of the Devi(Goddess).”

The Chakra of the Goddess lies behind the sternum bone in the spinal chord. This Chakra is placed above the Bhavasagara, above the Void, as we call it in Sahaja Yoga. And the bridge that has to be crossed by the bhaktas, by the seekers, is guarded by. She’s the one, She helps Her children to come through that passage when there are negative forces trying to attack on a seeker.

This chakra is placed at the back of the sternum bone as I told you. In childhood, the antibodies are formed in the sternum bone. They are the warriors or the Sainikas of the Devi. Until the age of 12 years they grow and multiply, and ultimately they all get distributed all over the body, and a human being is made able to face any outside invasion on him. These antibodies know how to fight. They are extremely confident and they know who are their enemies. They’ve all these messages built in themselves. So when the anti-God element enters into the being through any process, say, through food, through words, through action, through devilish people, or black magic, these antibodies combine together, collectively fight the invaders.

Those who do not have their Central Heart properly developed suffer from tremendous insecurity all their lives. When they are children, you try to control them by frightening. These children later on become extremely insecure. They are afraid of darkness, they are afraid of night. Some of them are afraid of everything. Because the antibodies that are built in the body are not sufficient in number and being this center so weak, the person feels extremely insecure. Later on in life when the child goes to the school or he tries to work out something for the future, then also his confidence can be shaken by parents, teachers, and outside people. So it is very important to understand children who are growing.

In the West they analyze everything and try to put human beings into compartments. First the child, is a child according to them, child has no innocence, and he’s extremely selfish. Second part is adolescence, which they think is a very arbitrary, moody stuff. In India, we do not know that there is something like adolescence. Now these adolescent people form a group, and they start criticizing or making fun of all the elders. At a very young age it starts. First they make fun of the teachers, then of the parents, then of all the people who are senior to them. They start becoming extremely active in their brains because they see too many televisions and things like that, and then they start behaving at a very young age in such violent ways that one cannot imagine….

To an Indian, Mother is the primal thing – any Indian. Because his sense of security lies in the mother. Even if the father is hot-tempered, is angry, still they depend on the mother. Because mother knows when to get angry and when not to get angry. She has the discrimination. And she is the one who protects them.

The idea of Mother is completely blasted in the West, and this is the reason why the children of that country feel so insecure, and when they grow, they are extremely insecure. …
But today in Sahaja Yoga, you have seen that when Kundalini rises and stops at the Center Nabhi, you have to say the mantra of ‘Jagadamba’, and the Kundalini rises. That means, She resides in the Center Heart, and when She is being worshipped, the Kundalini rises. This center has got twelve petals. But the Goddess has thousand hands and thousand eyes. She has 16,000 Naris to work out Her different aspects of enlightenment. But the first thing She has to do, through Her generosity, and kindness, and compassion, and patience, She has to suck in the sins – the – the sins of human beings…

One of the sentences in Bible was, “Wages of fear is sin.” Or you can put it the other way round, “The wages of sin is fear.” If you have fear, you are committing a sin against your Self and against God. Because, if Mother is Almighty, and She can solve all your problems, you are under Her protection, then why should you have any fear? That means you do not believe that She’s that powerful. When a person is frightened, this center start breathing fast, giving rhythmic instructions to all the antibodies. With that you feel you are getting a palpitation in the heart. This palpitation is nothing but a signal to all the antibodies to fight the emergency of an attack. …

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program. Delhi (India), 1 February 1983.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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