“Mahakali destroys all kind viruses and black magic which are inflicted on human beings.”

Now, we have to now understand Mahakali’s powers. Now Mahakali’s powers are such that she is the Holy Ghost. So, firstly she can cure any diseases that come from viruses, like say from AIDS. You can start from Mooladhara, all Mooladhara diseases, then all Swadishthana diseases, all these diseases. Left Vishuddhi of course, is a combination, because when a man is too right-sided to balance his ego he puts it here in the guilt. So, it could be a combination of both right and left. But all other incurable diseases are left-sided.

Like you have cancer. …..Now supposing even if you are working in the right side too much, the energy is driven to the right side. But suddenly something may happen, you see, some accident, some sort of unhappiness, anything, and this little bit can break like that, from the left side. So, the virus can start flowing into the right side also. Now, when this virus enters into the right side you have no connection with the whole, …So, this right side starts working on its own and that’s how you develop this cancer where the cell itself becomes the ego, it gets the ego and it starts multiplying, multiplying.
So, this virus can give you any kind of disease which cannot be cured by medical science because medical science deals with the right side of the physical side. But the mental side is dealt with by Mahakali power, mental side. That is how in Sahaja Yoga we have been able to cure many incurable diseases by using candles. Because the light when it is shown to these viruses, or to the bhoots, they go away. So, by three-candle treatment you can cure any one of these incurable diseases, even AIDS.
But when this trouble starts above the Vishuddhi chakra or from the Vishuddhi chakra, then people become mentally handicapped, like they become mad, they get epilepsy or they get what you call schizophrenia.

Now what they do when they use black magic, we should understand. In India we call it the “preta vidya” or “smashana vidya”. “Preta vidya” means the dead, knowledge of the dead and “smashana vidya” is the knowledge of the cemetery…..

But “preta” means dead. And another is “smashana vidya” means of the, of the cemetery.
So, the way they do it is that when some evil genius is dead, they know that somebody is dead, then these people go there and try to wait until everybody disappears. You know they burn in India, no? They burn the body in India…..And when the brain is opened it makes a sound. After that people go away. So, they [the preta vidya people] are still there. And then they take the skull of that man, or some part of the body with them, maybe some bones, so that the Spirit, which is hovering there, follows them.

And then they give some names to these bhoots who are following them and then they, somehow or other, tie them up, you see, they imprison them. And then they use these bhoots to entice someone, to mesmerise someone. And these bhoots can get more bhoots also with them to entice them more if these people want, just because they are now captured and they are evil geniuses.
So, this is what the false guru do, that they put these bhoots on people, mesmerise them. Through their eyes these bhoots come in and then these people start giving all their money, all the property, everything to them, even the women give up their chastity. Anywhere.

So, this is how they try to mesmerise. Also, they can use these bhoots for killing somebody or for beating somebody, putting somebody into trouble, all kinds of things. So also, they try to sort of put ideas into people, make them violent and make them very bad people, dirty people. This unnatural sex relationship, like homosexuality, you know that is also from bhoots. That is, they do everything that is anti, you can say, Mahakali. And that is how they may bring inauspiciousness, unholiness, violence, all kinds of problems. …

And this is how the dharma is not there anymore, there is no dharma, there are no maryadhas, nothing and they do what they like.
So, the hundred and eight names of the Goddess or the one thousand names of the Goddess are mostly for Mahakali, on the left-hand side, because she killed so many rakshasas. She destroys also viruses and all kinds of things which are inflicted on human beings. Also, she cures many things like conditionings, say for example, of the Catholic church, which has given a conditioning into human beings that they cannot ascend, because of this Catholic church conditioning.

So even if you believe in someone, supposing there is a Sahaja Yogi and you believe that this Sahaja Yogi is God, then you can catch also. Because if you believe in anybody who has no authority, it is unauthorised “shraddha” [faith], then you get into trouble. So, in Sahaja Yoga nobody should consider somebody as guru because he has given you Realization or something, he is not your guru….

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Mahakali Puja, Salvador-Bahia (Brazil), 14 October 1992.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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