“Cancer is always caused through emotional problems. “

In the Gita also Krishna told at the very outset that you must get your Realization. Because what he told was that “you must know”. And knowing was only possible through your spiritual evolution, through your Self-realization, otherwise you cannon know. So he said, “You must know.” … If you are doing something you know you’re doing it, you have not yet become the third person. Till you are realized you will never be in a position to leave everything at the lotus feet of the Lord. So this is an absurd condition. Then bhakti also is there. “Pushpam phalam toyam” – “Whatever you have got, fruits, these, that – you give it to me.” And what will you give? He used a very wonderful word there that… I’m forgetting the shloka that he said “ananya bhakti”. Ananya, ananya, me and not the other. Where is not the other?…till you become the “ananya” you cannot do bhakti. Ananya means you are realized. An-anya – when you are not the other.

When you are realized then only you can do bhakti. Ananya when you are not the other one. Then only you can do bhakti. This is another absurd thing. People go on saying, “Oh, we are giving pushpam, phalam, toyam to God”, but you are not connected with God. Yours are calling, “Rama, Rama, Rama”, where is he? You are not connected. You should be connected to Rama to call him. If you are not connected you are calling, maybe somebody with the name of Rama may enter into your link and may spoil it. That’s what these gurus are doing. What these gurus are doing – nothing but an enticement.

Because, beyond these two powers, on the left-hand side is collective subconscious and beyond the right side is the collective supraconscious. And if you go to the extreme, like this now you go on praying to God and breaking your neck before him and saying all kinds of things, “You have not done for me anything, I have done so much for you.” ..Under such circumstances, we may be driven into collective supraconscious. Some people have a habit of thinking of the past, crying, weeping – this is this left side. Also these gurus, these unauthorized people can drive you to the left side. Then you enter into the collective subconscious. And all that is dead resides in there. Even I saw one film in England, very interesting, by doctors. I also did medicine so I understand what they are trying to do about that. They said that cancer is caused by the triggering of, triggering of our system by some proteins. They named them. Poor doctors, it’s very honest, they just give names. So they said the name is protein 58, protein 52, but this is just a name. ..And they’ve said that those triggering proteins that enter into our being come from the area which is based within us since our creation, means collective subconscious. Imagine. And always cancer is caused through emotional problems. I’ve yet to come across a person that the cancer is caused not without this kind of a movement on the left. Always it’s a left side problem that comes. But I mean doctors, as much as they can see, they can say. So see, they’re honest. They can not go beyond.

Now the right-sided person is a person, which are our most of the bureaucrats, is a person who is very futuristic,.. Because we have been planning too much without understanding the plans of God. First, we should understand the plans of God and then do it…So if you become futuristic all the past goes out. But the worst thing is emotionally you get drained out. So what happens – emotionally you become weak. You have no time for your wife, you cannot enjoy everything, you’re always one foot out and one foot inside, you are in such a speed and the emotional side is weak. But the seriousness of it, it’s very dangerous and one of the most serious diseases one gets with this kind of frantic behaviour is a blood cancer and that’s why I want to warn you.

Now blood cancer is caused by the overactivity of the spleen in our body, it’s on the left-hand side here, because it produces red blood corpuscles for the use of all kinds of emergencies. … And that’s how blood cancer is manifested. The Deity on the spleen is the Gruhalakshmi. Gruhalakshmi is the Deity on the spleen. In older times, I remember my mother and my father – he was a realized soul, and he would sit for his food, my mother would fan him slowly. In the morning he would just take milk but afternoon food if he came home, or anything, she would be fanning him. And with the rhythm of that time, he would eat very slowly, very quietly. But today it is not so. We behave in such a crazy manner that poor spleen does not know how to keep up…
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program, 1982, June 1st – Indian Embassy in Madrid.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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