So, we’ll not go too far with the creation, but we have to start it from some point, that first it was just Parabrahma, and when this energy Parabrahma was in silence, then nothing was there, just silence. From that [too] it was awakened that a human being can sleep, in the same way it was sleeping. Then the desire was awakened that there should be creation. So, the desire was emitted out, out of the being, all around, and so we have two powers created. The first one is the power of God Almighty what we call, is the power of desire of God Almighty and God Almighty Himself. So the first was the Adi Shakti, power of God’s desire. Now this Adi Shakti who is the power of God, was, was the Adi Maya, is the first one.

So, the Parabrahma became divided into two parts. One was the God Almighty, Sadashiva, and the Adi Shakti. So, the first power was created. Then the Adi Shakti was asked to create. …Adi Shakti herself had to assume the ego, cause She had to create. With human beings is the other way round. When they do something, they develop ego. But God has to have ego to develop something, because His ego is real. So, She then, in Her ego created three powers,.. So first She entered on this Universe as the desire power which we have on the left-hand side. And then this desire power went into another power which we can call as the action power. The same desire power created out of Her the action power. Unless and until there is desire power, there cannot be action. And with the interaction of these two the evolutionary power was created. Now the Adi Shakti Itself is the residual power because it created all the powers and still it remained residual.

So, the fourth power is the Kundalini, which is the reflection of the Adi Shakti in the human beings. So, the power which was the action power, the physical side, was created.

It’s very interesting how the Mother Earth was created also. She, the power of Sun, created the Mother Earth, in the sense the gases around it moved in such a way that it formed a big ball of gases, because they have the circulatory action. And how the circulatory action came in is also very interesting thing. That when the Adi Shakti started creating, She started from, say, this point. She went down, this is a [remblai] and She went back. Again She did like this. And at a point She used to turn round and create a center like this. Then the whole thing became a thick mass of energy. Then it would crack. When it would crack with the same inertia every particle would move like that. And when every particle would move like that, then all the angularities of that mass would be cut off and it will become round. That’s how a mandala was created, or you can say a Surya mandala was created.

Then the Mother Earth which was very hot was taken nearer the Moon which was very cool. First the moon was created. It was very cool. So, by putting the Sun and the moon very far away, they created the moon which had cooled down very much, had become absolutely cool. So, first the Mother Earth was taken towards the moon quite a lot. Now, see, in the nadis also it happens. Was taken too much to the left because of the desire power. And then it was cooled out. When it cooled out it flows. It all was covered with ice. Then it was brought back to the sun. That’s how the water was created. And then it was brought back again in the center and placed at a point where life could be produced. It was all done. It’s not just happened. It was all done. That’s the point one must understand.

Now, this energy on the right-hand side which started creating universes, as I showed you how it created universes, it first produced the physical part of it, and that is what is the electromagnetic force. But then out of all this the Mother Earth created carbon. As soon as she created the carbon through the effect of the electricity that is Vishnumaya, the carbon got attached to the hydrogen and the oxygen. These are, left side is the hydrogen, right side is the oxygen. And that’s how amino acids were formed. First the amino acids were formed. That’s how the prana started.

So, first it was just the electromagnetic force which became prana. So, in the electromagnetic field you will find there are vibrations clearly shown asymmetric, symmetric vibrations are there. Say if you take a sulphur dioxide as one of the molecules, you’ll find sulphur has got two oxygens vibrating it. But it is just the electromagnetic force. It’s just one force, out of the one energy which is out of the three energies. Now the second force started called as prana on the right-hand side which ultimately created the mind, the brain. So, when you get realized then it becomes pranava. So, from electromagnetic to prana, from prana to pranava. Pra means enlightened. The left side is the power of the emotions. Because, you see, English is a very funny language, it doesn’t discriminate. I don’t know how to say, because mind is the same as the Spirit, and Spirit as the mind is a big confusion.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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