“ Everything that you can do with science, you can do with Sahaja Yoga.”

It’s one of the most precious thing that a human being should have known long time back. It is not only talking about God, it is not only saying there’s divinity within you, but the effectiveness of that. So you don’t need any science – you have any problem: all right, give a bandhan, finished. So simple! If you want anything just give a bandhan, it’s finished. You want to give realisation, you raise that; that’s Kundalini is raised. Everything that you can do with science, you can do with Sahaja Yoga. We are also computers. Sometimes I say something – say, “Mother, how do You know?”

I say, “I am a computer, no doubt.”

But you all are computers, only thing you have to develop your depth. Now you are on the right lines, so we don’t need this science which can destroy all of us. Everything can be done through Sahaja Yoga. And this is what I’ll explain to you in Guru Puja, how you become so capable. So please have self-esteem. You must have self-esteem and understand that you are a Sahaja yogi now. First and foremost you are a Sahaja yogi, and as Sahaja yogi you have to achieve that state where you become absolutely capable of doing whatever science can do, whatever anybody could do. This is the real siddhi, means you become a embodiment of all the powers.

There’s some people who come and tell Me, “Mother, we can’t open our heart.” I mean, I don’t say you have an open heart surgery! But “to open my heart” means just see what’s wrong with you. Can’t you feel compassion? But I’ve seen people having an open heart for a dog or for a cat, but they don’t have open heart for their children sometimes. Now, how can you not have open heart in Sahaja Yoga? That’s the first place where the spirit exists and it emits its light, and when it emits its light that’s the first place where you see the life of a person who is full of love. So how can it be, there is this problem that “I can’t open my heart”? This must be coming because you have only ego but no self-esteem.

So, Buddha is the one who is the killer of ego. He’s the killer of ego. He is, as you have seen it, He is moving on your Pingala Nadi and comes and then settles down on this side, the left side. He’s the one who is the controller of our ego, and how He has tried to compensate this right side. First of all, you must have seen the laughing Buddha. He’s very fat; and a person who’s right-sided is very thin. He’s never laughing, never smiles even – even if you tickle, he may not! So they have shown Buddha as a person, and He’ll have many children sitting on His stomach, all over His body and everywhere, and He’ll be laughing. So just see how they have shown the compensation of Buddha, the one who is the controller of our right side. So, how He controls our right side, just laughs out of it. He makes fun of Himself, He makes fun of everything, anything they see. For example now, as He said, “Don’t see any drama.” All right. I say, “You see every drama.” But in that you see with your enlightened consciousness, you can see the stupidity of it and enjoy the stupidity….

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Shri Buddha Puja. Shudy Camps, near Cambridge (England). 31 May 1992.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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