Advice from Shri Mataji: How do you meditate on different chakras?-(24.04.1980)


…… Say you have to meditate* on Mooladhara, now you pay attention towards Mooladhara and take the name of Shri Ganesh. Say the mantra. You know there are four petals; so every that mantra should be every time should be four times should be said. Four into four you can say. Pay attention there. Now physically also say we have a Nabhi Chakra so many of you catch Nabhi. If you have a liver problem you can rub a little sugar on your Nabhi, will be a good idea. Or if you have the left hand side problem of Nabhi if you rub a little oil or ghee or something it will be a good idea. And then concentrate on that try to put attention on to that specially the chakras which are not all right. . You just pay attention to it and meditate on them. Pay attention to it is the main point. If you pay attention with the mantras say, that’s how you can meditate on every chakra. And if two people can do it is a better idea. Is, you see, in your back on your back; if you show the spinal chord, you can see what chakras are bulging out. Other person can tell you these are the portions which are bulging out. So you go on saying the mantras of that chakra paying attention and the other person can tell you whether it is all right or not.

For every chakra there is a mantra, which you know. Apart from mantra you must know what things should be used which element should be used for which chakra. For example, for using say Mooladhara chakra best way to clear out Mooladhara chakra is sit on the ground. Is the best way. I’ve told you how to do the exercise to be able to sit on the ground straight it’s very good idea of asking the mother earth to clear out your Mooladhara. For say example, if you have to clear out say your Nabhi, for Nabhi is made out of the water element and that’s why you have to ask the water element to help you. And for Nabhi water element is the best. If you can use the water element to clear your Nabhi, it will be a very good idea.

Like that, every chakra is made from some element as it is. Swadisthana is made of earth and water; so the sea is the best for Swadhistana. If you could go to the sea and work out on Swadhisthana, will be the best for you. In the ocean or you can use salt and water for Swadhisthana; will be very good. Then we can say that for the heart chakra, heart chakra is, has to do with the …what you call the akash. Firmament, with the firmament, this heart chakra is with the earth. […] Firmament is ether in English isn’t it? So air, you can say air, air element is for the heart chakra. So for that, I have told you how to do breathing. Breathing is the best way of hold your breath before the photograph. Or you can take the breath in, deep breathing and releasing it for a longer period. Cleaning it, all these exercises are there. Then you see the mantra is of raksha, is the protection, to ask for the protection is all with the air. All right?

Then we come to this one is here is the akash, must be firmament. [….] So this is sky; that’s why it is Virata this thing. And this is your light. So for Agnya chakra you have to use the light, for this you have to use the sky. If your hands put up like this if you say Allah hu Akbar put both the hands towards the sky. ……

Now supposing you are suffering from say left side problem, is sort of you’re possessed or something, then you can use the sun you see because the sun will give you balance. But if you have the right side problems, like ego and all that you should use the moon, put the left hand towards the moon. [….] So these are different centers, which must be cleansed and meditated onto and or to be dissolved into their own. I mean if you dissolve them into their own element, then you get more strength you see into that particular body. It’s like that…

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Dollis Hill ashram. London U.K., 24th April 1980. )

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