The Kundalini Yoga helps the individual soul to regain its identity with the divine mother.. -Adishakti(20.04.1980)


{when you do the Puja you recognize Me. By your recognition and your surrendering the deities get happy.}

…….This name stresses the excellence of Dakshinachara by implication, all right. It’s all right for them. The names 99 to 108 describe the Kundalini Yoga* briefly. The individual soul which has used a form of ‘Jīva’ loses its sense of identity with the cosmic soul and identifies itself with the body and mind. The Kundalini Yoga helps the individual soul to regain its identity with the divine mother, which is the cosmic consciousness. Individual consciousness in its lower state is the wakeful state. The Jīva’s name in this state is ‘Vishwa’. In this, the individual is mostly body conscious. It is normally difficult for the individual to transcend this state consciously.
The next one is the state of consciousness of the individual in a dream – ‘Sushupti’. Here the impressions are all mental. The body consciousness is mostly replaced by mental configuration or ordinarily an individual cannot get into this state or transcend to higher levels of consciousness through one’s will. The Jīva is here called ‘Tejasa’. Tejasa is the light. The next higher state of consciousness is one in dreamlessly. Here Jīva is beyond both, the body and mind and is called as ‘Prāgñā’, is enlightened. Here the body and mind are both inactive. The Jīva be freed of body and mental activity has reached a higher level of consciousness. But here, though this consciousness is nearer the cosmic, it is still limited. It is only when he transcends this Prāgñā state and becomes ‘Turīya’ – Turīya means the fourth – that he regains his identity with cosmic consciousness.
In Kundalini Yoga the devotee through the grace of guru and Shri Lalita as Iccha-Shakti – as the desire power of the guru. But actually here Shri Lalita is sitting before you. So it’s such a great thing for you. Sters (…) dormant Kundalini coiled up as body consciousness in Mooladhara and by conscious effort of will makes her pierce through the six chakras from Mooladhara to Agnya. Once the Kundalini rises and goes beyond Agnya the devotee becomes cosmic conscious or Turīya. The transition from one state to the next higher state seems to be similar to opening a difficult gate or undergoing a tied up knot – Granthi.
The body consciousness of Vishwa seems to extend up to Swadisthana and there is placed the Brahma-Granthi or –knot. Brahma-Granthi there. From this the next state of consciousness of Jīva called Tejasa extends above Anahata, where the Vishnu-Granthi is placed – see Brahma- Granthi and then Vishnu-Granthi is placed. Granthi means when two things bind together. So it is between Vishuddhi and Heart this Granthi takes place – Vishnu-Granthi. This state of consciousness of Jīva called Prāgñā similar to dreamlessly extends up to Agnya, above which is Rudra-Granthi. Between this is Turīya state, where individual and cosmic consciousness unite. Now see, all this three you cross and then the last Granthi you cross also. The Kundalini rises just like a jet as you know in this, because of Me. But the gurus have to do it one by one. The have to open every Granthi , they have to work it out and put it up there and keep it down, then again and this this.
……From this the next state of consciousness of Jīva, called – I hope you have not recorded My scolding – where the Vishnu-Granthi is placed. Give yourself a Bandhan. Give her a Bandhan. Every time she goes, she catches.
So, beyond this is Turīya state, where individual and cosmic consciousness unite. Now all this from 99 to 108 is Kundalini Yoga (Anm.: Lalita Sahasranama). You should remember this names by heart, it’s good idea. It’s not much from 99 to 108 how many they make? 9 names….

(Source: An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at Paris ,20th April 1980. )

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I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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