Religion that is within us when it is enlightened then it becomes science of God’s Love.

…..we are made up of these seven centers which are subtle within you and unless and until you know about these centers you cannot know yourself and you cannot know others as well.

Now then many people who are fed-up and are seekers; I mean this is a special category of people as William Blake has said that, there will be men of God who will become Godly, and make others also Godly. These are the seekers. Seekers which are trying to find out why, when we have done everything that is prescribed, we have acted according to what is …

…….one has to understand, that the religion is within us. It is like a valency. As carbon has four valencies, we have ten valencies, which are, we know as the Ten Commandments. Unless and until they are awakened within us, unless and until we become innately enlightened by them, we cannot, cannot behave in the manner that the scriptures wanted us to behave, but not only that but this. Religion that is within us when it is enlightened, you become absolutely aware of what the mistake people have been committing, what the mistake you have been committing, and that this God’s love how it works. Also you become a witness; witness of the whole play. When the Kundalini goes through this centre of Agnya, you just become a witness. You start seeing the whole thing as a drama.
If you are standing in the water and there are waves in the sea, they come up and go and you are frightened of getting drowned, but supposing you are in a boat then you enjoy the waves and supposing you know how to swim you can jump back and get so many people on the boat. This is what happens to you that when you get your realization*  you reach a state of self-awareness meaning not selfishness but the awareness of these centers, awareness of your self, and awareness of others also. You can feel the centers of others on your fingertips, so you become collectively conscious. Then who is the other? You can feel anyone on your centers so easily.

It’s a fact that through this Kundalini awakening many people have been cured automatically by your own power which is there, residual, waiting for you. Because when She passes through these centers, She penetrates through them and She puts them right….

(An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ,Public Program, Christchurch ,New Zealand, 26th February 1992.)

*To Experience self realisation through Sahajayoga Meditation visit or any other website/Tv channel.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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