Realised Soul have a capacity to enlighten five elements which can works to establish religion within others.

……..It’s such a wide subject that I cannot cover it in one lecture, you could write many books, but the most important thing about Void is that, that once you are enlightened you become dharmic yourself. The Dharma starts flowing through your hands. These vibrations have a capacity to establish Dharma. So, when you put your hands now towards the five elements. Say you put your hands towards the water or you put your hand in the water. The water gets enlightened, vibrated, but if somebody takes that water it will establish Dharma into that person. Supposing somebody is a drunkard, now you put this vibrated water to him, give him to drink. He feels nauseated after drinks. He’ll throw away the drinks, then he will stop.

Some of you have noticed that when you came to me first you felt terrible nausea within you and you felt like vomiting, sometimes you felt uneasy, you see. So these vibrations through the water now pass into your stomach and they establish dharma there, the proper relationship. It so happens that if you go on taking this water the right-side is that physically you feel alright and the water can give you such a power, that you can never get cancer of the stomach, cannot get any trouble with the stomach. But left-side side, which has greater power, this water, that it cleanses you, your sins – and puts your attention, fixes it up on dharma.

So, your attention doesn’t do- you’re not tempted, that’s how you’ve seen people who come to Sahaja Yoga can give up drinks easily. Because it turns your attention towards dharma, then if you want to take drinks, you just don’t feel like after some times. You feel like vomiting, you feel like headache and all that. And it happens so easily. Now we know somebody here he gave up all his drinking in no time. Otherwise it’s not possible to do that, but because of this happening in the stomach, now you cannot drink.

Just imagine. This is the great thing about Void is that once you are enlightened you can give something to the nature. You have been drawing everything from nature so far. First time now you start giving something to the nature. And what you give to the nature is so nourishing to it also. Supposing you give vibrations to, say, fruits, or to trees, or to flowers. You will find they will be ten times more, the growth will be much more, they will be lustrous. And they will be very juicy, very tasty and the whole atmosphere will be different. Maybe after sometimes these trees if they will be standing there everybody passing that way if he touches that tree they will get the vibrations also.

So maybe a tree may become a curer, something like that. All those waters and all that, we talk of curing, water are nothing but vibrated waters. They are vibrated. So, if the vibrated water goes inside, you get cured. So, this is on the left-hand side it works that it establishes your religion within you.

All the problems we have had is all completely cleansed out by them. In the same way if you enlighten a light now here. You have seen so many times how you can enlighten a light. So it starts going, see, both are there but this one is working a bit. That one also is going a little bit but this one makes a … taking out the blackness. It is because it is enlightened. That is also enlightened, now we also ?. But this one actually in the hand is taking away the- If you see these lights you can feel they’re like pulled out like this. As if, you see, the realized lights are pulled out like this, straight.

And, I’ve been to some of these churches where they have these lights and as soon as I enter these like they’re all going like ‘kakakak’. It is interesting to see how they start suddenly glowing like that. But people do not notice it because they do not understand why it has happened, but you can understand that. So, if you put the light, enlightened light – Say, yesterday, the other day, we had that Havana, is the enlightened light. Havana we had made it enlightened, Jagrut. Then whatever we put into it, you see, our badhas, it burns whatever we wanted to burn away. What is the beauty of fire is, that, say, if you have some mixed up gold and you put into fire, you find the gold will be separated and the filth or dirt or whatever is inside, it will be separated.

So, this quality which is the right hand side quality of the fire is becomes in the left hand side is that when you go near such a fire or you use such a fire or a light, then what happens that whatever is unwanted in you is burned away and you get the pure thing. So it purifies. Fire is a purifier and it is a melter, it melts your heart. This fire melts your heart and you feel the compassion. So that’s how every element can be enlightened and this is the work done in that Void by your Kundalini. Kundalini goes to various places and She enlightens all these elements in your stomach.

In the stomach the basic principle is of water. The Void is covered with water, and in the water there is salt and the salt is nothing but is the Dharma. Is the Dharma, the salt. That’s why when we give you salt what happens the salt that is vibrated goes and helps you in the stomach. And salt shows it’s own nature there by absorbing all that is in you which is, we can say, in the mobile there. A person – supposing is, hum, has got a cancer of throat, then he should take salt. If he has a right hand side problem he should take sugar. So these are the two qualities, you see, the five of dharmas are done by salt and five by sugar. And these are the best solvents in the world as you know. So, all these three things put together water, then salt, and the sugar, they solve the problem of the Void.

That’s why we use these two things. If you remember Christ has said that you are the salt. That means you are the Gurus. Salt is the Guru. That’s why he said : ‘You are the salt. Because you are the Gurus. And salt dissolves into water. Water is the Dharma. They are the absorber, always have a water of crystallisation. The- it cannot without, the salt cannot exist without water. So, the water and salt put together means the ocean. So Void is the ocean within us. That’s why it is called as Sagar. That means all the oceans of the world are in our stomach..


So this is all the times socially churned and out of it comes out all that is good and whatever is bad is burnt away or washed away or made to – with the air – it is made to be swept off. So the air element is also there, air element that we see all around. {..}
So the vibrated air is a very important thing and it helps a lot.
So I’ve talked to you about all the [?] of the fifth Akasha, the ether you can say. That works out when you are a realized soul. Then you, you also vibrate the Ether. That’s how our, mean, collective work is done, through the Ether, you see.

Ether, is the…, when it is enlightened, you see, then it communicates the ideas, the things that shall be done, or the desire, divine desires are carried out. And then you are placed in His hands sometimes you are surprised : How am I here ? How are you here ? How do I meet you ? I mean, I was not to come this side and then now how did I come ? All these things can be done through the Ether which -even we get our television and everything through Ether. But on the television, if the Ether, if you, say, enlighten then it will so happen, that a bad [..] program won’t materialize. It won’t materialize.
It can work very dynamically. You cannot imagine how these miracles take place. And real miracles are felt- of course we do feel the miracles of all the other elements but it’s not so obvious as that of the Ether because you’re suddenly surprised : How this… ? Why ? And it’s everybody’s surprised at it :  oh, here in the plane, you get all this. So, this is done by Ether and it is so miraculous. It is so miraculous that it is hard to believe that it is possible.

Now, this Ether works day time and night time. It doesn’t take rest anywhere, you see. It’s all the time working for us, means it’s all the time ready to work out the divine work. All the time it is ready to work out the divine work. It doesn’t wait. It doesn’t wait for anyone to give orders or anything, it’s just, just waiting there. As soon as it sees that this is desired, alright, nothing is to be told, just to desire and you’ll say that :  Oh, what will be happening to such and such person ?  Finished, it’s done. It is being transmitted.
The same Ether that transmits the – what you call ?  The air transmissions which you receive on the radios, radio transmissions. The same one, when enlightened, does all this job. He works it out everything. Everything that you want it works it out. And there’s how the angels show their  miraculous feats. But it is worth noticing all that and watching it, and witnessing it and noting it down : Oh, how it helped and how it worked out !
It also, ether when enlightened, brings people closer to divine power. ……

(Source:An Extract of Talk  of H H  ShriMataji Nirmala Devi on Dharma ,London U.K., 5th  October 1978.)

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I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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