Mahalakshmi power you just see the roots of the person in this age of the Aquarius.



Yogi: You carry others. You can carry others.

Shri Mataji: You can, very gentle and also drown some of them. Drown into the love, into the ocean of love, all right. But you can also push them with two running jumps, all right. That also can be done. It has another very great quality that water permeates into the smallest particle. It goes the roots, I mean suck into the roots So Mahalakshmi power you just see the roots of the person. You just know where the problem comes from, just, actually it is the awareness, it is the intelligence, suck the truth part of it which gets enlightened. And you understand that now where is the problem, you just go near the root and you suck and you can be easily sucked, you permeate. You see, when you are sitting near a person then you tell Me, “Mother, this is catching at the back, the person doesn’t know.” You have permeated. Your personality has permeated into that person. He doesn’t know. You have permeated into that person and you are feeling the roots, where is the problem. The water is flowing into that being. The divine water is flowing into that being and the obstruction is felt through that divine water and you can say that this is catching that is catching. So permeate, permeating and the another one is the glistening of the water is so your glistening your skin becomes very radiant.

And the last of all is the reflection. A person, who sees you, sees his own reflection. He gets frightened. This happens sometimes. I don’t mean anything bad to anyone but people are unnecessarily frightened of Me because they see their reflection. So when they reach you they see their reflection can be very aggressive because they see their reflection. They can be very hard on you because they see their reflection and if it is clear-cut water, then you see the depth of that person. If you are clear-cut sahaja yogi you feel the depth clearly and they can see through – the spirituality. These are the qualities of water. If it is enough, more of that I would say specially in My body the water I have as buffer because it protect the charkas. If I don’t have water in the body I may have problems. So it acts as buffer also it soothes your epidermal cells; you can say it soothes your blindness. You see, if you don’t have moisture its all being blindness/dryness in all. It soothes everyone and there are other types of powers of water, which we know about when it comes out of your eyes it expresses your compassion, your love, your emotions. That is the only thing out of all the elements which expresses emotions, water power.

Water has other qualities also which many people know hydrostatics water, the pressure. It was the pressure and a person who exists like a sahaja yogi will definitely put a pressure on others. He will not, he will not aggress but there will be a pressure and pressure. And another person if he receives one then he will gets the advantage of you, but if he doesn’t want to receive it then he feel pressurize and feels little bit dominated. You may be aware of your family people at the beginning they feel a pressure because the body achieves a kind of a weight and that’s how the Guru Tattwa is formed out of you. And if there is fault in Guru Principle then the weight is even more. So today for water should really know that the water is a very holy thing and in our pujas also we use specially this dignifies the Kundalini that means the Kundalini is the water jar the carrier of Aquarius. And this is the age of the Aquarius.

So how important is this water and the water is the carrier of divine love, is the best carrier. And this is the time of Aquarius means the Kundalini is made of divine water. So the whole idea of celebrating today the Lakshmi’s day is to understand that in us She has become the Mahalakshmi. By that we have so many powers of which we are not aware; I mean we do not know that we are realized souls. Some of us, we do not know and that we have those powers within us that we can permeate into others. We can project our personalities to others. We can find out what’s wrong with them. We can find out about ourselves. We can go into ourselves, we can go into – our permeation is like water is moving, is flowing all the time. And this is a very important thing that we should be aware of: our powers that we have achieved.

Then we will start respecting ourselves then the Rajalakshmi comes in and then the Gruhalakshmi comes in and everything comes with in when we become aware of what we have achieved of our self-esteem, of our dignity. So it gives us dignity, Mahalakshmi gives us dignity. And that’s how we start understanding the value of human dignity. We should have also the idea of human dignity that we cannot insult human dignity, like people who are nagging others all the time. It’s against or all the time asserting themselves about something making everybody’s life miserable. It’s against human dignity. You have to decorate another human, you have to make it beautiful, you have to make it enjoyable and happy, make everyone happy, not to nag all the time. And if you nag that’s not a Gruhalakshmi; that is not a Gruhalakshmi. You should not nag, “Do this, do that, stand up, what are you doing, stand this side, do, go that side.” It’s all a nonsense. You leave the person to be; the human dignity is the most important thing. But respect everybody. And that’s possible because now you have the Mahalakshmi principle. Those who do not have the dignity also will get it from you because you are dignified now.

If you have sense of dignity, you will never insult other’s dignity…..



We have our own self-esteem and we live with our own dignity, and that’s how we should be pure, transparent, honest, within ourselves we should be honest, absolutely honest. Water is so honest with itself. We put anything to the water it will show. Put any color into it, it will show. Put any mud it will show. You have to be so honest, honest to yourself. And the whole thing should work out to be a personality and be congenial, beautiful, permeating, no doubt but very beautifully enlightened because Mahalakshmi Tattwa itself is enlightenment in our awareness. ………….

That doesn’t mean that. He gives with generosity, known by his generosity. He is not known by how much he grabs, does he? [He is a king?], giving. Then he should be cool personality. He should not be frozen. He should be cool personality, not hot- tempered. Those who are hot-tempered, I have seen people, you see, they first take to violence. I mean violence is something out of question for sahaja yogis, no question. If somebody beat you also you are not to beat him back. We have ways to beat them but you are not to beat them back. You are not to resist them, but if you are a sahaja yogi you have no business to be violent to anyone, even with your tongue. Some people are more with the tongue provocating them.

You must know that you must correct all these points. It is important because tomorrow if you are going to show to the world what Sahaja Yoga is […….]. So we have to dedicate ourselves to our purification, to our glorification because water glorifies, gives you glory. You are all looking so nice and glistening on the face and I can see the Ganti Rupena Samasthita. He said that “Ya Devi Sarva Butheshu Ganti Rupena,” the glistening, the light and that’s there I can see you in you all. It has already come but it should be inside also. And that person who is a realized soul one doesn’t have to know for it. You can just give realization. You don’t have to tell anyone people just know the way it is.


May God bless you!

( Source: An Extract of H. H.  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on  Shri Diwali Puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, London, U.K. ,1st November 1981.)

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