Cold is Due to Emotional Problems ,So Take a Balanced Attitude of Whole thing.

…..Now those people who have not been careful about their Vishuddhi Chakra get the disease settled within themselves, but when this disease is settled, what happens actually? What is the reason, as we said that it is the left hand side problem. Cold is a left hand side problem. That means cold has something to do with your emotional side. That means there’s something also wrong emotionally with you. So it indicates that you have some emotional problem. According to Sahaj Yoga*, to overcome cold one should see into this emotional life of oneself. What are you doing about your emotions? For example as soon as you’re affected by emotions, you will start crying or sneezing.[Laughter]
This is a fact. If these are girls, they’ll start crying. If they are men, they’ll start coughing or sneezing. They’ll cough for nothing at all. You see [Shri Mataji coughs] they will go. [Laughter] Isn’t it a fact? Unnecessarily they’ll be doing like this. Is an emotional thing to attract the attention maybe or whatever it is. To say that how pitiable they are, you see, is a thing by which we show our pitiable condition. Is a thing, we reduce ourselves to a position by which we try to, you see, excite the pity in other person. So this cold is due to our emotional problem. Now so we should see what is our emotional problem. We should find out how much Romeos we are. How much delight of life we miss by that. Once you start understanding that you are your own Romeo and you are your own Juliet, most of you will get rid of your colds. Take it from Me.
It is some sort of an emotional problem. Could be with your father. A person who is very attached to his father. “Attached” is the word best is, gets also attached to cold. Attached to mother is even worse. If somebody is very attached to a mother, see, then all reasoning fails and then the mother misbehaves or something and the child feels very hurt, the child cries, he gets the cold. Any such attachment which makes you foolish should be given up to get rid of your cold, I mean to say. Whatever makes you stupid, foolish or hankering after someone creates troubles like colds. Romeos specially. Then very beloved children, beloved fathers, beloved mothers, you see, the ones for them their daughter is important, their son is important. Some people just don’t love their children and if some love they’ll dump them onto everybody else.
So these two types of it. You must know that you are just a trustee of your child and as far as your Romeoness is concerned, you are just to see drama of your Romeo, that’s all. Then this detachment will take place and a simple disease like cold which looks so horrible, incurable, can be cured. As long as you people have cold, without having any romantic feelings Myself, I also get it. So I request you to rise above these things and become more sensible, and your attitude should be of enhancing mutual understanding, mutual love, and not romantic feelings.
But worse than that is dry feelings, on the right hand side you know. Then if you have a dry throat you cannot even speak. Suddenly you find [Shri Mataji does something to make the yogis laugh]. You just can’t speak because you are dried. So the other side is where some people try some psychological tricks with their wives or husbands – like will not speak. This I’m telling you just an emotional side life. “I’ll not talk to her. I’ll not speak. I’ll behave like this.” Dryness. That also kills the delight. The one is overdoing of it and one is not doing of it.
You see, either you’ll take sugar which is one ton in one glass, or you’ll not take sugar at all. You will not take one spoon of sugar. Not more, not less, you see, to have the optimum delight of tea. In the same way our life also, you should not take too much of something and too little of another. Now somebody who’s married now, for that person, Indian women specially, husband becomes last one. Then everything else is zero, then such women are useless. Or men that I’ve seen here they are just mad on their women. For them also, life is useless.
So take a balanced attitude of the whole thing is that it is in you is the person who is loving your wife who is also within you. You are your wife, you are your husband. Now the wife who is your wife outside, if she just does not tally with the wife that you have within your mind, that should not upset you, because that wife is always with you. Once this understanding develops, you see your partnership – by the way I found your letter – the partnership of husband and wife will be absolutely perfect….

(Source: An Extract of Talk of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi , Old Arlesford, Hampshire, UK.)
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I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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