Disrespect to the Mother earth causes the Collective Disasters Which Can be Controlled by Making Sahajayoga Collective.


There are many incidents in recent past of earthquake and typhoon etc. in various parts of the World about which shri Mataji Nirmala Devi explained the causes of disasters and protection given to saintly persons such as Sahajayogis. Some of the extracts of talk of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is given below:


1.       So to respect the Mother Earth people do Bhoomi Puja, many people, when they are building a house, they will do the Bhoomi Puja, means they will respect the Mother Earth. Because if She is not being respected maybe there could be an earthquake – which means that this Mother Earth understands, knows and acts. It acts in such a manner that human beings don’t understand why such things happen.
Now, we can say that, in a place called Latur, it was Shri Ganesha’s 14th day and they had to submerge the statues into the sea or into the river, so they went all out, singing and dancing. After coming from there, they all started drinking, and drinking is not liked by Mother Earth at all. If you are drunk and you are walking on the road you will fall down. It so happened with their drinking that a big earthquake broke in, and all those who were drinking, all of them were engulfed into that earthquake by Mother Earth.
Only our centre, which is there, was surrounded by a big gap but nothing happened to our centre, and not one single Sahaja Yogi was ruined by that. We can understand because we are Sahaja Yogis, how the Mother Earth has acted to save those people, who were Sahaja Yogis. So the understanding of Mother Earth about saints is very great. She knows who is a saint, She knows the feet of a saint and that’s why – you know, so many things were created – like Moses went to the sea and the Mother Earth came up for them to walk through. If all the Jews had walked, it would not have worked out, but it was Moses and his saintliness that the Mother Earth herself came up and helped. In the same way when Rama was building a big bridge between Lanka and India, the Mother Earth came up as a bridge.
So we should not try to curse the Earth for any mishaps on this Earth. If people are saintly they will be always protected by Mother Earth. She will always try to give them whatever they want. You can see in a minute way, that supposing now, in our Cabella here, the roses are of such a big size, such a big size roses, you won’t find such a big size in the whole world but we have here, such big ones. In Pratisthan, we had flowers of sunflowers so big as that – one man could not lift it. Now, how is it, all this is happening in particular places? It is the Mother Earth who knows, who is living here, who is walking on Her back, we should say, or on Her soil, because Mother Earth understands vibrations.

( An Extract  from Shri Adi Sahakti Puja, Cabella, Italy,25th May, 1997 )

2.      Another way is to worship Shri Ganesha which comes from the Mother Earth. The principle of innocence. The Mother Earth is so innocent. Whether you are good or bad, she gives you fruits, she gives you tree?, she looks after you. Whether you are telling lies or you are deceiving people, still she does it, of course up to a point. And after that she may bring forth some sort of a calamity like an earthquake or something like that. Now, the earthquake mostly is expected suspected always in the Los Angeles and practically every year there is a shake up there. The reason is the media of cinema is in Los Angeles and they are generating all these funny ideas about insulting the Shri Ganesha within us. This is the reason why all the time there is a complete danger for these people who are living in that area, who support that. Also, America seems to be quite in danger as far as the nature in concerned. The reason is from America all these ideas ooze out and people accept them blind folded. I don’t know why they accept these ideas. These ideas have come to us say we can say Freud has brought them. Now Freud could not prosper in Germany. He was here, he was in Austria, he could not prosper here, people didn’t listen to him. But when he went to America, he got all the support and with that support, he prospered. He got that support because he opposed completely the idea of leading a chaste life. And he said this all absurd, this is all nonsensical and one should not listen to all these things. And he started the whole theory on a very very demeaning principles. And people accepted them. Then same Germans, same Austrians, same Europeans accepted Freud blindfolded. Because somehow, when it comes from America it becomes collective. Because as you know, America is the country of Shri Krishna, who is for the people, who is for collective. And that’s how whatever comes from America becomes collective and if it is poison it spreads very fast and it really paralyses the whole world.

( An Extract  from Shri Ganesha Puja, Berlin, Germany, dated, 21st July, 1993 )

3- Another thing about Shri Ganesh is that he is created out of the Mother earth. He is absolutely created out of the mother Earth. So if he doesn’t like people of some country, who are doing black magic, or who are doing fundamentalism and where people are also having very bad morals. He creates problems for them. What happens that He tells the Mother earth to create the earthquakes. Earthquake takes place in places where there is no respect of chastity, also where there are fundamentalist and also where there are people who are worshipping the black magic. This kind of people are attacked by him through his Mother. So the Mother earth also understands. Now we have so many earthquakes, one in Turkey you know, one in Taiwan, but not a single Sahaja Yogi has died. So he protects them. He has discrimination and only such people, who are of this kind, he tries to destroy them, and he has destroyed many like this even before. Also, the Mother earth’s powers he has got, is that he is magnetic, he attracts people towards himself, people take to him very easily as we take to children very easily. So that is magnetic power that he has got within himself.

( An extract from Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella, dated 25th September, 1999 )

4.   So this Vishnumaya shows Her strength. She does lots of things by which people are frightened. She can enter into any, any element. She can permeate. Supposing She enters into a water element, She can create a typhoon. She can create a – any kind of disasters. She can enter into Mother Earth and She can create earthquake. She can do anything because She has a power to enter into anything. You know that She can enter into Mother Earth very easily. She can enter into water very easily and when She gets into it, She becomes the catalyst and all these problems that you are facing today in America are because of left Vishuddhi, because of Vishnumaya.
I’m happy today’s program has been arranged for Vishnumaya because this is the power which you Sahaja Yogis should be able to harness and should be able to worship so that she sees all of you there and She looks after you and She maintains your life and looks after you.

( An extract from Shri Vishnumaya Puja, Pennysylvania, USA ,19th September1992 )

5.  But still, one has to understand the powers of Shri Mahadeva. It is not very easy to describe about this great God in a few words. But the first power he himself has, is that he is a very forgiving God. He forgives! He forgives us so many of our sins, so many of our destructive activities, our horrible minds that try to create problems for everyone – up to a point! But he has the greatest power to destroy. His destruction comes so suddenly because he rules all the elements. All the elements he rules – he rules the Mother Earth, and he rules all other elements. Through their causal he rules, and he can destroy everything that he wants to if he finds there is a problem.
I have to tell you that earthquakes are managed by him, not by me. I am not there for destruction. He is the one who sees what’s happening on this earth, what’s happening to the human beings. I’ll give you an example of Gujurat: apart from anything, Gujurat people are very money-oriented; they are worried with the stock-exchange, this, that, all the time money, money, money, money, money. Even if they are abroad, they are extremely money-oriented. Sometimes I am surprised, it is impossible to talk to them about Sahaja Yoga, and they like artificial type of things like some gurus or somebody.
I don’t know from where they get like this. But whatever it is, you have a state called Bhavnagar in Gujurat. Bhavnagar people came, they brought for me those silver slippers, padukas, to be vibrated; I was surprised, happy at least, that these people are thinking about it. So they did a Puja, they did a Havan in Bhavnagar and also in Baroda. These are the two places that were not touched even by bookambh (earthquake), touched even, by the earthquake. Can you imagine. And Surat which is very distant, was absolutely shattered. There are Sahaja Yogis, very few, all of them were saved, and their houses also did not move. This is between the protection of your Mother and the wrath of God Almighty.
One has to understand this very well, that he has powers over all the elements. I went to France, and there some people in France tried to trouble Me. And all the media got after Me. And on the television, everywhere, they were saying all kinds of things against me. I knew something would go somewhere and suddenly from the sea a big – I don’t know what to call it – a big storm started, suddenly, no-one knows why. And two ships were completely sunk, and those people who went to rescue them got cancer. Then it came, this storm started moving fast and all the churches lost their top – heads I should say. All the churches lost, so many priests’ houses were ruined and it travelled and came up to the place where I had purchased a very big castle. It just stopped – and just stopped at the brink of it. Now, it is not my doing, I must tell you. But this is what he does – though he is very forgiving, he is extremely kind, he’s peaceful, but you should be aware of his powers.

( An extract  from Shri Mahashivratri Puja, Delhi, dated 25th February, 2001 )

6.    So at this juncture, what is lacking? What is lacking in Sahaja Yoga? That I have to tell you. There are so many collective disasters we have – all kinds of. We had many earthquakes, we had many floods, rain, then the muds – mud came down like a river; and so many disasters in the world and sahaja yogis are saved from that. All the sahaja yogis are saved from that, no doubt, but after being saved, what is your understanding? What do you know? Why these disasters are coming? Because Sahaja Yoga is not very collective. It has to become very collective. It has to spread much more, all over. It has to go to many people, which we don’t do. We are at a standstill, or little bit we do it. But go all out! Look at Christ’s twelve disciples! Of course the people went into wrong things. But how they worked and how intensively they did it.
That intensity if you don’t have, and if you do not completely dedicate to the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, then collective problems cannot be solved. You are busy with your daily mundane things, and your other jobs and everything; it’s all right, in Sahaja Yoga no objection. But you should have your attention more on to this side of life that – ‘What are we doing for the collective? Are we talking about it? Are we spreading Sahaja Yoga? Are we making people know about it?’ I was surprised, once I was coming by plane and a lady sat next to me and had very bad vibrations. I put myself into bandhan, and I asked her what is she doing for her spirituality, and she gave the name of ‘Bahai’ people. “My God” I said. If these people spread out, they are so spread out, they are so many! So, what will happen? Disasters! They are such negative people, impossible that they can do any good to the world. And like that you see, anybody, false guru, how people are driven to them, how they take to them, and how they spread their message. I have seen people singing on the road, singing the praise of their guru, and also wearing funny dresses – we don’t want that kind of a thing.
But of course you have got the knowledge, of course you are realised souls. But what have you done for Sahaja Yoga is the point. You have to spread Sahaja Yoga…everywhere. For example, you wear a badge, then they will ask you “What is this supposed to be?” Then you have to tell them what is it, something. You start talking about Sahaja Yoga only! Talk nothing else but Sahaja Yoga. You have to go on talking about Sahaja Yoga, spreading Sahaja Yoga: unless and until you do it, it won’t become collective, and all the disasters, which are due to collective nonsense, you get it.
You are saved from so many things. Say even if there’s pollution, for a sahaja yogi it won’t matter. Even if there is a disaster of an earthquake the sahaja yogi will be saved. But why not save the whole world? Calamities after calamities are coming, and if you have compassion you must think of the people who can get into any calamity or into any trouble. Of course I can cure many people, no doubt. But I don’t know how to make Sahaja Yoga very collective.*

( An Extract  from Shri Guru Puja, Cabella, 23rd July, 2000 )

God May Bless You All


*To make Sahajaoga collective , Sahajayogi should spread Sahajayoga in collective manner and all seekers may get self-realisation at free of cost from any Sahajayogi or may visit http://www.sahajayoga.org or any other sahajayoga website/TV channels available.


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I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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