“The Vishnumaya shines through your eyes.”



Today we have assembled here to do the Puja of Vishnumaya. Vishnumaya is created through human effort, also. As you see the clouds, when they rub against each other, then the electricity is created. So first the clouds have to be created. The sun acts on the sea. See how many chakras come into play. Sea is the Void, and the sun acts on the sea. Also the moon acts on the sea. As a result of that, clouds are created. This electricity is not created in the ocean – that would create problems. Is created in the sky so that everybody can see it, can hear it. They see it first and hear it later. It’s all well organized, well calculated. That is Vishnumaya. But it was created, also, with some understanding by human beings on this earth.
First of all they saw the two clouds rubbing each other. So in the primitive stage, human beings tried to rub two material things to create electricity. So two material things, that is two parts of matter, when rubbed created the electricity. It’s very significant to see: matter can be used to create electricity. The spark of the electricity comes from the matter. Without matter, they could not have started cooking the food. So how it has helped the Void. First from the ocean, it went into the sky, gave the message to the people to create the electricity. See the love.
Then people learned how to cook the food for the digestion to be easier for human beings. How it comes back. From nature, how human beings learn and do it for the good, betterment, hita, of human beings. This benevolent energy, which was meant for the benevolence of human beings, again was utilized. As you see, this is the creation, all this is of Vishnumaya. That’s why it’s a maya. With electricity you can create a maya, you know that very well, how you can create it. So many are here, luckily in such a spontaneous way, so many who are dealing with this electricity in creating maya.
America is so much helped by this electricity, by Vishnumaya. You’re not thankful to it. Like you have got Niagara Falls, you have so many falls here. Again, the water when it falls – it’s come from water – when the water falls on the lower level, very lower level, then it moves the turbine and those movements can create electricity. So you have hydrostatic electricity. Also the electricity is produced, as you know, through coal. Now here, again, the Mother Earth works out for the betterment of human beings to create the coal in Her being. I think She must be taking all the baddhas, absorbing all of them in Her stomach, and must be burning the stones inside Her to make the coal. And then that coal is used for making electricity.
How much the Nature is working for our betterment. Your New York would not have been there but for electricity. It stopped for fifteen minutes and you knew the power of electricity. You cannot move without it. We cannot exist without it. That’s why it had to be used and created – given you so much of benevolence. You cook with it; you see with it; you listen with it; you enjoy with it. You wouldn’t have your televisions; you wouldn’t have anything without electricity. You won’t even have these “Exits” here written. You’d have walked into the walls.
So much of this Vishnumaya has worked, but She is a maya. She can create a maya. And this has created a big maya in the minds of human beings that we are on top of the world. You are not. If electricity recedes from you, you’ll become again the same primitive people making electricity out of rubbing the stones – take it from Me.
This flow of electricity is available to you for your good, and not for your destruction. But what has happened today is that using this electricity for your destruction. I remember about, say, thirty, forty years back, or even earlier when we saw the films, they were not colored films, American films were beautiful films with substance in it. They wouldn’t show one married man running after another married woman. None of these stories. Very pure form of beautiful family life. Everything nourishing was shown. We don’t hear of any such thing where they showed evil winning over. Now you find they show a thief, and the thief becomes the hero. Then the people see those films, and the children specially I’ve seen have that thief as the symbol of something great. So they are going against the Void completely, against the religion that is within us, absolutely. The thing that was to nourish the Void, the one that was to sustain you in your valencies, is now disturbing the Void completely. That’s the maya part of it – the same electricity which was to give you the right path, the light in the darkness, is now sucking you in like a magnet towards your destruction.
This is the Vishnumaya who came to this country in such a big way and then spread all over – has given ideas to everyone. People picked up all your techniques, all your styles, I mean you have Hollywood and all these very famous people here who have thrived on this electricity. But without thanking the Vishnumaya, they started doing things which were against Vishnumaya. This Vishnumaya is the one who has helped you because She is the Sister of Shri Krishna; and because this is the domain of Shri Krishna, She came down here to help you.
Now She’s the Sister – this must be understood very well. Now sisterly relation is a pure relationship. Now, of course, everything is so confused, but that’s the purest relationship between the brother and the sister. The brother is protected by a sister. And the sister’s chastity is looked after by the brother. A brother who doesn’t feel hurt if his sister – chastity is in danger or she plays about with her chastity, he is not a brother. He is not a brother anymore. He’s responsible to see that his sister keeps her chastity. Only her chastity can protect him – it’s a mutual working. This feeling, if it does not develop that “She is my sister and that I have to look after her chastity, for that I have to behave myself well, so that she doesn’t find faults with me.” It’s such a cleansing process this relationship has, as much as the electricity has the cleansing process for you.
Everywhere what the electricity does, a sister does for her brother – she cooks for him, she tells him the right path, she enlightens him and sometimes shocks him, also. They have to have certain shocks; otherwise they will not know how to work it out. And the best of all, she’s the one for whom you have to be very careful to know the technique how to handle your sister. If you do not know how to handle your sister, you can be absolutely wrong and you may get it – something that you would never expect to get.
So one must understand how to handle a sister. In this case, we have to know that the same was born again at the time of Shri Krishna as Draupadi. She took Her birth as Draupadi. And when Draupadi was attacked by the Kauravas, they wanted to remove Her sari. To remove the sari itself is a symbol that they challenged Her chastity. Now if you see in the Maya Nagri, women have no sense at all that they should cover this part of their body. In this Maya Nagri, the other way round. When I heard the very responsible person saying that “In our culture, women must expose their body.” What is this culture? Is anti-Krishna, completely anti-Vishnumaya. Such people will get into trouble, I’m sure, with electrical problems. The brothers who do not bother about the chastity of the husband of their sister, and also support him and ask him to do wrong things, hide his things, are also equally responsible. Like in Sahaja Yoga, you know that a sister is to be protected; and the sister husband, if he’s doing anything wrong, he’s to be told off by the brother.
Like once in India, one newspaper passed some remarks about Me. My brothers were up in arms. I thought, “Now, it’s going to be terrible. How am I to manage it?” It was a big problem.
They were going to go to the courts. When I told them, “I’ll not go to the courts.”
“All right, don’t go. But we’ll go.” They told My husband also. My husband and My brothers put together was formidable!
I didn’t know what to do. I wrote to one Sahaja yogi that “Go and see the editor of the newspaper. Tell him that these are My brothers, be careful. They are very powerful people in India and from here My husband. It’s terrible.”
But they would not apologize. So I thought of another Vishnumaya that there was a big strike and the paper was closed for exactly six months. And they had to go in for a big, very big losses. And when they started, the people who were working there came back and said that “Why did you write against Shri Mataji? We’re not going to come back.” And they had to apologize.
So how the brother’s love can compel even Adi Shakti to do things that She would not normally do. In the same way, when Draupadi was challenged, Shri Krishna was not in Hastinapur where it happened. He was thousand, at least more than thousand miles away from that place. He said that “Shankha chakra gada padma, Garuda lai sidhare.” He came on His condor with all His weapons – shankha, chakra, gada, padma. All these He brought to save the chastity of His Sister. There are many incidents in our history, I don’t know if I can cite anything in your history. But I would say when I see Abraham Lincoln I think he was a great brother to the Statue of Liberty. The way he fought for women in such pure love and without taking any money, without charging them anything, to punish the husbands who were drunkards. That’s just like a very good, powerful brother to behave. But those feelings are now dying out I think.
But, say, in Russia, when I went, went to see Lenin’s house and throughout, apart from his wife, was his sister who helped him – to type for him, to do all his official work. He has written volumes and volumes of books in that small age of fifty-four years, volumes. First of all he was in Siberia and just imagine, this sister of his has typed most of it. Throughout in the whole tour, we felt the presence of the sister and the way she has helped her brother.
This relationship is so pure which doesn’t want anything. A wife may say that “If you don’t give me a coat, I’ll divorce you.” May in England and possible in America, they say so. But a sister cannot divorce. She cannot divorce it. This time in the newspaper, they published the name of My brother. So I said, “What can I do? He’s My brother, so he’s My brother.” Good, bad, anything, he’s My brother, I cannot divorce him. Is something, a relationship which you cannot break. Nature has given you this relationship. But when you come to the collective, is very important that we must respect this relationship.
If you do not respect this relationship, you cannot work out collectively. Like in a party I go and I feel something very funny happening. Somebody’s wife is entangled with somebody’s husband. All sorts of funny things happen. But in collective if you know, except for my wife the rest of them are my sisters. The purity settles in like that, you don’t have to worry. They’re my sisters. And your eyes steady out. Innocence starts pouring out of your eyes. It’s a very, very simple thing.
So in the eye, when you get your realization, you get a glint – must have seen, there’s a shine – that is Vishnumaya. That is the Vishnumaya which shines through your eyes. And She’s the One Who makes you through the maya of Vishnumaya. This glint in the eye you must have seen in people who are realized souls and this glint in the eye is the one that makes you understand and feel the beauty and the power of sisterly brotherly relationship. In the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, I found it impossible to establish this. So I said, “Let’s try the Vishnumaya.” And it worked. Actually, naturally we know this is wrong. We know that it is wrong, naturally. We don’t have to have a law for it.
One lady came to America with her brother and she told Me when I had not come to America, “It’s a funny place.”
She said, “I went to America and we wanted to stay in one room,” because they wanted to save money.
They said, “No. If you are brothers and sisters, you can’t stay.”
She said, “Why? I mean in India if you are brother and sister you can always stay. If you are not brother and sister, then of course you can’t stay, you don’t stay together, the other way round. If you are brother and sister you cannot stay in one room here, in a hotel, under law. And it’s a father and a daughter you can’t stay in one room. Absurd. I mean for us Indians it’s a shock.
I said, “But why?” I just couldn’t understand. Now I know what it is, that it has become now a law, to that extent. To us, it is absurd to have such a law. And, as we have learned so many things from you about electricity, you also better learn from us certain thing about Vishnumaya’s powers. There’s no harm in learning something for the roots, because if the tree has gone wrong, it has to learn something very much essential from the roots and that is it, the purity of relationship between brothers and sisters.
The sister relationship always gives a very big cementing force for the husband and wife. I know if My husband tries to trouble Me, his own sister will be after his life. And he’d better be careful about it and same with Me. If I do anything wrong, My brother will side with My husband and not with Me. So it cements the relationships very well.
In the history that I know of two very beautiful incidents I’ll tell you which come to My mind today is one of Shivaji. When Shivaji – it’s twice it has happened in his lifetime which is very remarkable. He was once presented with a lady – was very beautiful. And people had plundered her things and all her ornaments, because she was a daughter of a Muslim courtesan, as you call the courtier. And they tried to plunder him and they brought this beautiful woman before Shivaji.
So Shivaji looked at her and said, “Please remove your veil,” because Muslims have a veil. And when she removed her veil, he said that
“If my mother was as beautiful as you are, I would have been equally beautiful.” What a thing to say – what a poetic thing to say: that is that “If you were my mother, I would have been as beautiful as you are,” means you are my sister. And then he got very angry with all these people and asked them that
“You’d better take her away and never do such a thing to any woman.”
And not only, but he gave lots of ornaments and lots of things to her to say that she’s a sister going to the husband with all respect and regard. And this gentleman, her husband, was a very deadly enemy of Shivaji. How he solved the problem with such purity and then this gentleman became sort of a milder person with this gesture of his.
Second in his lifetime we hear about a fort which is now very close to My house in Puna was … there was a Rajput lady called Kamal Kumari, who was entrapped by the man who was the officer of that fort, who was a Muslim. And he was telling this Kamal Kumari that “You must marry me.” And she would not accept. They had brought her from somewhere sort of by force. And she would not accept; she was Rajput. And he said,
“By tomorrow, you’ll have to marry me.”
This lady didn’t know what to do, so with someone very secretly she sent a letter to Shivaji with a rakhi. But it reached the mother of Shivaji. Mother sent a letter, sent a message, to Shivaji on a horse that
“Come here as fast as possible – if you are eating your food, then come here to wash your hands” to that extent.
And Shivaji was so obedient to his mother, very obedient. One has to learn from his character. He rushed there, because obedience was his power.
He rushed there and asked, “Mother, what is it?”
So she said, “No, I want to play chess with you.”
He said, “Why now?”
“I must play chess.”
Couldn’t understand. And she played chess and she won something. She could have told him, but she just wanted to sort of put a Vishnumaya on him. He lost.
“Mother, what do you want?”
She said, “Today I want you by night to capture this fort.”
Then she showed him the letter and the rakhi. Rakhi was so powerful that a mother had to ask her son, who was responsible for the deliverance of Maharashtra from the clutches of the Muslims, that he should go to this fort and capture it. Such a powerful message out of that string. So. All right. Came out. He was quite upset how to do it. Suddenly there was one gentleman called Tanaji, had come to invite him for his son’s wedding with his uncle. And he saw him so upset; he said,
“Why are you so upset, sir?”
He said, “My mother has asked me such and such thing.”
He said, “All right, I’m going. You don’t have to go, because we’ll have many Tanaji’s like me but we have only one Shivaji. I’m going to do it.”
He said, “But your son is going to marry.”
He said, “First let my sword marry this fort, then I will marry my son.”
Such people we had also. Such sacrifice. Only on that rakhi. Think of that, only one rakhi. All right. They didn’t know this girl, they didn’t know her father, they didn’t know anything about her, they had never seen her. Can you think of somebody who will do like this in modern times? We are supposed to be very evolved, powerful, great people. Even in the pictures we need not show it. Nobody will come to see such a film because they’ll feel so low. And he went there and he used a kind of a big lizard which went and fixed the nails. With a rope he climbed up and they conquered and won that fort.
It was decided that if they are successful they should lit fire which Shivaji can see and come down. He saw the fire early in the morning so went there. And under a tree the dead body of this Tanaji was lying. He looked at it and he said,
“We have got the fort but we have lost a lion.”
That’s why it’s called as the Fort of the Lion, Sinhagad, which you can see from My house very clearly. But these are the monuments of a small thing called a rakhi. A small symbol of expression that can capture forts after forts.
Another one where – I’ve told this story before but I’ll repeat it today – was when Alexander the Great arrested one king called Puru. Alexander had married an Indian lady and the great Alexander was in jail. That was the day of Vishnumaya. So she sent – this lady was very clever, his wife – she sent a rakhi in a small, little thali covered nicely to the King Puru. And, as the rituals are, that day this was presented to him. So he had to accept. If it is sent, you have to accept. The sister sends it with deliberations but you have to accept. And he accepted it, and it was tied.
Then he said, “Who is my sister?”
They said, “Your sister is the wife of Alexander.”
Said, “Oh God, that means I have arrested my own brother-in-law.”
Immediately becomes a brother-in-law, immediately. No marriage took place, nothing. He’s a brother-in-law. He rushed to the jail, fell flat before the great emperor. He couldn’t understand,
“What’s happening to Puru? Why did he do all this?”
He said, “Sir, I am sorry,” in his own language, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you were my brother-in-law. I’m sorry whatever I’ve done. Will you forgive me?” and all that. And he brought him, asked him to sit on his throne. He couldn’t understand,
“What’s this going on?”
Made him sit there, garlanded him, did his aarti, gave him ornaments, gave him big garlands of diamonds and rubies and things, and touched his feet, washed his feet and then, with great honor, sent him home. Couldn’t understand.
“Has he gone mad or he’s possessed by someone?”
He must have thought some Greek has possessed this fellow, the way he was surrendering. When he went home his wife was smiling. He said,
“Why are you smiling?”
She said, “I knew the trick will work with Indian mind.”
“What was the trick?”
She showed him one string. “This was the trick.”
He couldn’t understand, started looking at it. “What is this?”
She said, “This is the rakhi. This is the thing I sent him. This has the symbol of a sister, that’s how you’re released.” Alexander sat back. He said,
“Oh God, these people can release their enemies on a string? I can’t capture these people. They are too good. They are too subtle. These subtleties we cannot understand.”
And he turned back. But he took some poets with him who sang his praise, how he was, what a generous man. But I must say it’s rather surprising to see such a subtle man in Greece. But maybe that was the time for them to understand subtleties, but today I don’t have much hopes. As I’ve seen them, they are not that subtle. They only have people like Onassis who are their heroes, whom they worship. From where to what we have come? How we have used the same good things from horrible things now. How far we have gone. And I would say the same Vishnumaya has now put into this maya that you go to hell now, finished. It is She who has arranged this point. She doesn’t think that Americans deserve to be in Sahaja Yoga. It is She who’s fighting Me. She says, “Mother, forget it, forget it, forget it.”
See the films – one worse than the other. You see the recent pictures, the modern ones, you can’t even see them, you have to close your eyes. The same power now is for your destruction, used by you only. You are using it for your own destruction. All these films are working you out to fight each other, destroy each other, how to kill each other, how to be violent, how to be ugly, how to be shameless, how to have no self-respect, and no respect for others. Is all coming through these medias. Your children are so rude. Nobody listens to anyone. Nobody respects their elders. If somebody is a simple, honest, intelligent, brilliant man, they think he’s a fool because he doesn’t know how to outwit you. He doesn’t know how to talk sharply, because he doesn’t know how to insult you all the time. The whole film industry is now working out how to coin more insulting words. The more insulting words there are, the better it is. And that’s what the public wants, because now it has become a economic thing to use films for economic purposes.
When money becomes everything – what is prostitution, you get money, what’s wrong? What is wrong in destroying your family? You get money. It’s all right. Now, are you going to take this money with you, or are you going to leave this barbaric children on this country? What are you going to achieve? And the money orientation is so much that people say that Americans are the most miserly people, they are very self-indulgent and the most miserly people, while here it is the Vishnumaya which is the most generous thing. She burns Herself up to give you light. And the miserliness also comes with money-orientation.
They are also very mischievous, sometimes they try to play such tricks which are very heinous and horrible. Then electricity has to work and I don’t know, I don’t know about Her, how She’ll work it out. But She’s very angry, with Americans specially, because this is the country of Her brother. This is the country where Her brother rules, and She wants everything to be all right, because from here is generated all these nonsensical films – nonsensical things which are destroying the whole world.
AIDS is one of the blessings of Vishnumaya. It comes from Left Vishuddhi, people do not know. You start perspiring on the Left Vishuddhi to begin with. When people start feeling guilty, they should face it and get rid of it. Of course it starts, as you say, with right sidedness. But this right sidedness ultimately ends up into Left Vishuddhi. And then the residual part of it starts generating this kind of a weakness in a human being, because it is also the pure form of motherhood, is the Center Heart, is the pure form of motherhood.
You see a child, you see a girl who is innocent. What interests her is her little dolly. She’s a mother, out and out. If she’s properly brought up, from very childhood she’s a mother. And motherhood is the epitome of womanhood. There are some Sahaja yogis also who are so stupid they don’t want to have children after marriage. They should get out of Sahaja Yoga, immediately. We have not done all this to have people here who cannot produce children. If they can, they should. The reason is there are so many great souls who want to be born. These are the great fruits which are going to be prospering on the tree of your family life. And if you do not want to have any children, then what are you doing here? So the Vishnumaya’s main thing is that a woman has to be a mother. Then that motherhood gives her that special capacity to shine.
Now it starts with the Left Vishuddhi, the AIDS goes to the Center Heart. The Center Heart is challenged. The motherhood is lost. That’s how the antibodies become weak. Once they are attacked, they become weak, they cannot fight the disease and that’s how the person who gets AIDS has to face things in such a manner that it has no antibodies, so he becomes allergic to everything and he dies. To fight the AIDS, the sisters’ and brothers’ relations must be established so that sisters can look out for men, the way they are behaving, and they should look out for sisters, the way they are behaving. In this whole satanic movement I find the men become physically attacked and women become mentally attacked. And it’s such an attack that women are difficult to get out of it.
First of all, we have to decide what is our goal – is to become the spirit, and not a sex point. This maya has changed your goals completely. It’s going to make you into worms or I don’t know what else. Actually, this is what the Americans have to understand: where are they going? Everybody thinks that Americans are half-mad if not full-mad. Any American coming into any organization, “Oh, beware, American.” Americans may not know about it. They never consider an American as a completely sane person. What is the reason? Because of this queer, weird, stupid ideas they have. But I heard that here the people claim that we have a fundamental right to be stupid and mad.
This kind of a thing that is moving today in the country where you live, and if you have to save it, you have to turn their faces towards God. You have to turn their faces towards Self-realization. And this is a very, very difficult task for which you all Sahaja yogis, I request you and I pray for you, that you develop that kind of a power which is the power of Vishnumaya that you shine with the power of Vishnumaya.
When I see your Statue of Liberty, I think she is the Vishnumaya here standing. Why didn’t they make a man stand there, why a woman? She is the symbol of the sister, of Vishnumaya, and if you have to have your liberty, have it – but liberty of wisdom, not of stupidity. And this is what I have to tell you today in this great country of Shri Krishna, that you’d better be on the lookout. Better be on the lookout. You can say that She really rules in a proper way in South America, and that was Her domain, too. And there electricity is not so prevalent. But the perversion has started because they started producing cocaine and other horrible things to spoil your Left Vishuddhi.
One feels guilty with one thing in the North America and another one makes it bad through cocaine, and is nicely transported here for you to spoil your Vishuddhi. This is an attack on Vishnumaya, another attack on Vishnumaya from the South because they are exporting.
And once I asked them, “Why do you export it?”
They said, “That is their lookout to save their people; it’s not our lookout.” In Colombia, officially, they feel that “If the Americans cannot look after themselves, how can we look after our people?”
And they’re making a big money out of you because, you paid so much attention to money. “All right, have it. We’ll also have money by giving you this horrible thing to spoil your Vishuddhis and take all your money, if you think money’s that important.”
It’s something, a very big play, it’s a maya, it’s a horrible maya into which this country has gone into. And you have to do it by shining examples to show how starkingly it is horrid the way we accept things so easily. I’m sure this Vishnumaya will crack certain nuts here and I hope it will create a new path for Sahaja yogis to follow, to get more people into Sahaja Yoga in a proper, dynamic way and settle them in Sahaja Yoga.
May God bless you.
Before we start the puja, I really admire the way you have created this maya here. I hope this will cover the blinding maya and put people into their right path. I must say I admire it, the way you have done it. It’s beautifully done.
May God bless you.
[Note: The following paragraph was on the reviewer’s video but not on the verified transcript]
One of the names of Devi is also Nirmala, because means pure, also these days people are talking of Khalsa and Khalistan. Khalis means “pure.” Khalistan is the place where the pure people have to settle down, that is Sahaja yogis. That’s what was said that only the Khalis people, means the people who are pure have to form Khalistan, not those who are violent or those who are stupid. Is meant for the people who are Sahaja yogis. Was said for the Sahaja yogis. The saints would never tell that those violent people should have their Khalistan. So, as they call it “Nirmalites” are the Khalistani people and they are the Khalsas. Such a misnomer under the influence of Vishnumaya.
Let the little girls come in first. Not very small little girls you see. Say, those who can walk on their own and can do things on their own.
[Reviewed transcript resumes from here:]
Yogi: Should we do Shri Vishnu’s names first and then the Devi’s … mantras?
Ah, all right, can do that way. So fifty-one and …
Yogi: There are twenty-four names for Sushumna, for Shri Vishnu.
“That’s not Vishnumaya. What you have to do is to … Vishnumaya is the one which is the Virgin. So if you take the Devi’s names is sufficient because we have done Krishna’s names here. What are the Devi’s names you have?”
Yogi: Yes we have the Devi Mahatmyam, Shri Mataji: “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu, Vishnumaya’eti shabdita.”
Those who have to read the names, you see, should not tell what is to be done; should sit down with this immediately.

A Talk of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Shri Vishnumaya Puja, New York (USA), 9 August 1987. 

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