“Virata’s powers are tremendous-it act Globally”



Tonight we are going to worship Shri Krishna as Virat. First is important to understand the incarnation of Shri Krishna. Krishna word comes from the word Krishi. Krishi means agriculture. He’s sown the seeds of spirituality. And for that, first of all, He had to think, “Where are we as far as spirituality is concerned, how is the land?” So what had happened at the time of Shri Rama that He created lots of maryadas and by these maryadas people started mentally thinking about it, “I am not supposed to do that, I am not supposed to do this.” It was just a mental binding – it was not spontaneous, it was not sahaj. As a result people became extremely serious. They wouldn’t talk much and they wouldn’t laugh; they wouldn’t enjoy anything.

So Shri Krishna decided that “First of all we must remove them from this conditioning. And this conditioning has to be removed in such a manner that they enjoy themselves. …

… the divine Discretion of Shri Krishna, which is instilled within us. As you know that this is a part and parcel of the Vishuddhi Chakra, where Shri Krishna resides; but when He rises to your Sahasrara, when He rises to that level, then He becomes Virata. So Virata’s chakra is placed in the head, here above the Agnya, and this Virat is the form of Shri Krishna who has risen above the Agnya. When you are risen above the Agnya, you become a part and parcel of Virata’s land, we can say. Because, unless and until you are above your ego, you are still involved with yourself and with wrong ideas of maryadas. But when you rise above that and you become the Virat, the great, then you are in the land of Virata. And Virata’s powers are tremendous. Has been seen by Arjuna – the form of Virat. The power of Virat becomes so tremendous that it acts globally. It acts in such a manner that you sit here and anywhere it can act. You have seen that now. Many a times people say, “Mother it’s a miracle. My mother was sick and she was not here and I just prayed and she got all right.” This is all the power of Virat.

The power of Virata is that it can penetrate into the subtle side of human beings in such a manner that everything we are connected with. We are not separate. And every drop is connected with the ocean. We are connected with the whole universe. And when you become a citizens, I should say, of Virat, then all the things with which you are connected also get your vibrations, your ideas, your ambitions. Everything passes through that and it works – it works.

You have seen how many miracles have taken place in your lives. It is the Virata Shakti that works. Now for that we have to know how to do worship of Virata. First of all you have to rise above your ego – very important. Otherwise how can you worship? There is your ego standing in between and how can you rise up to the point of Virat? You have to pass through that. Once you are above your ego, you enter into the kingdom of Virata. There the King is the Virat and you are the subject who are looked after completely by Virata Shakti, by the power of Virata.

But at that stage you become really a universal personality, in a way, because whatever are problems universally – now not necessarily that they should be attached to you or connected to you. Supposing a person is of that level. Now there may be a war in some other country – it can stop. Somebody who is being oppressed can win over. Anywhere your compassion moves it works out. Whenever your attention will go, it will work out. And sometimes you are surprised as to how it works, “Mother, how these things work out? How coincidences … how these coincidences have taken place?” Only thing is you have crossed that state of your ego and have gone into the state of Virat, which is a very important thing to do – is to enter into the area of Virata. Then you don’t think, “This is your country. This belongs to you, that belongs to you.”

This belonging business finishes off. Then you belong to Virat. And He uses you for His own purpose in the sense that when your whole thinking is different – becomes global thinking, then He acts. And then His powers are many-fold. And Krishna’s power is that He uses a conch to call people. I have given conches to all the leaders. So we have to now announce and call people. But at the level of Virat, you don’t have to do all that. At the level of Virat it just – people see, they’ll know. Just they will watch you and they will know. Just they will think you are human beings and you are so sweet, so good, just like gems shining all the time. So, they’ll be impressed. This comes through the Virata’s blessing.

When you become that, then you forget about other things like you have big positions or anything, you come from a very rich family or that – all these nonsensical things which are actually not true. And all these things on which you want to exist are no more. People like to show off their wealth, some people like to be very sort of demonstrative of what they think they are. But in the case of a person who rises above his ego, and he’s a part and parcel of that Virata shakti, enters into the kingdom of Virata, he knows he is very small. He is very small compared to that and he just dissolves into that Shakti. And this should happen to us that we should humble down. We should humble down and know that our powers, whatever we have, if they give us ego, we should get rid of it. We should not have that ego. We should get rid of it and we should actually achieve that state where you can be called as citizens of the Virata’s Power.

May God bless you all.

Now when you are entering into the kingdom of Virata, you have to be like children. You are children there. As children you enter. As Christ has said, “When you enter into the Kingdom of God you have to be like children.” And that’s what you have to be today, all of you to be innocent like children. You have to be innocent like children


H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extracts from Shri Krishna as Virata Puja, 1999

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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