Who are sahaja yogi ?

1 Sahaja Yogis are the people who have been enlightened, who have got their Self-realization.

2 They are not Sahaja Yogis till they have felt the vibrations of the all-pervading power (Brahmachaitanya) which does all the living work.

3 They are not Sahaja yogis if they have not got full knowledge of their inner being, the inner instrument and the residual power of Kundalini.

4 The Divine vibrations of this all-pervading power should flow all the time, but if they stop they should also know how to start them and how to raise their own Kundalini, that is how to be all the time in connection with this all-pervading power.

5 They should know about all the subtle things about themselves and also about others.

6 They should at least have the power to give realization to others and later on to clean their centres so that they can give them physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beneficial nourishment.

7 The outer being of a Sahaja Yogi should manifest the inner peace, the Divine compassion, the dynamism of ideals of Sahaja Yoga and a blissful life.

8 Sahaja Yogis become as a result of matured growth in their divinity, innately moral, law-abiding, very honest, discreet, wise and extremely loving.

9 If one is not collective, one is not a Sahaja yogi.

10 As all his ten valencies (innate universal pure religion) are awakened he develops courage to adhere to his ideas of Sahaja Yoga culture and emerges out of the condition of falsehood surrounding him like a lotus out of the mud.

11 He is bound by the Divine nature of real religion. He is no more like other persons who profess to a religion and can commit any sin against their religion.

12 He finds reality as a very beautiful, blissful and miraculous thing

13 He with Divine grace feels absolutely secure, peaceful and joyous.

14 His health improves immensely and he knows how to cure others with Divine methods of vibrations.

15 The Sahaja Yogi develops new talents to express his aesthetics, but does not use them to exploit others for his own benefit.

16 Sahaja Yogis become absolutely honest to each other and they have tremendous mutual love, trust and respect without any expectations

17 The Sahaja Yogis belong to one family and every member of the family, old and young or small, must be fully protected by the collective.

18 Sahaja Yoga cannot work out through regimentation or through compulsion nor through force, it has to work spontaneously through the living process of evolution.

19 Those who want to rise higher should not force others who are still honestly struggling with their lethargy, conditionings, egos and ignorance.

20 Those who, after coming to Sahaja Yoga are still after a period found out to be immoral, hypocrites, arrogant, ruthless and cruel without any integrity, manipulating, thinking of money, those who can be blown with the fashions of indecent behavior or dress, those who play into the hands of entrepreneurs, who use filthy language, flirting with men or women or having extramarital relationships, blinded by faiths without any proof or understanding, following cults and false gurus, superstitions or nay such mean and low level practices cannot stay in Sahaja Yoga, even if they come and try to establish themselves.

21 Those who try to make money in Sahaja Yoga, who are marketing God, go out of Sahaja Yoga by the centrifugal force.

22 Sahaja Yogis should not waste their energies with non-seekers of truth.

23 Sahaja Yogis should not feel hurt or upset, as their roots are deep down into the Divinity.

24 All the great principles of Divinity and Vishwa Nirmal Dharma must be respected
and be worked out in the individual or in the collective

25 The living process works in Sahaja Yoga. This is fundamental point one should understand, that the living process unfolds by itself and gives its own beautiful growth to the nature.

26 Sahaja Yogis faith is not blind, it is the faith which has been experimented and has been found out on your finger tips.

27 Keep yourself protected from negative forces and people who are negative because they feel challenged. As they have been carrying on with falsehood, they get angry with you and they would try to harm you

28 All the great principles of Divinity and innate pure religion (Vishwa Nirmala Dharma) must be respected and expressed in the life of a Sahaja Yogi and in the collective

29 The household, family work or daily life must manifest special qualities of Divinity, such as: Truth; non-violence; Divine love which is not possessive but nourishing; Respect for the respectable; respect for parents, elders, law of the land; respect for art and religions and their founders; respect for one’s chastity; nobility, generosity; self-esteem; courage to imbibe and stand by the truth. Selfless efforts to spread Sahaja Yoga; honesty; righteousness (Dharma); balance in the centre; knowledge of the Divine power and Sahaja Yoga. Gentleness, sweetness, forgiveness. Universality; non-competitiveness; satisfaction with spiritual comfort; dignified in dress, language, bearing and personality. Assiduity towards meditation.

30 Sahaja Yogis are always joyous. They do not get bored. Sahaja Yogis have sparkle in their eyes, their faces are fresh like flowers

“ Sahaja Yoga” by H H Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi (PP 49 to 67

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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