The Knowledge of Self Within

“Now when do we say that the Kali Yuga is over, we should know something about Kali Yuga. Kali was one of the deities who was supposed to bring in Kali Yuga and all the problems of Kali Yuga. Firstly, it creates illusions, bhranti. It creates illusions. People will not understand who is a real person, who is a unreal person. So we have many false gurus as you know, we have many false propagandists, we have many people who talk big – but there is nothing in them. This is one type of a bhranti that Kali Yuga creates.

Once it so happened that Nala and Damayanti, two were in love with each other, they were husband and wife, and Damayanti was separated from Nala by this horrible thing called Kali. This Kali-fellow has been doing this kind of work, is to create problems in the minds of people, disturbing families, disturbing nations, disturbing all the good wishes and the good feelings among human beings. So once this gentleman, what we call Kali, was caught up by Nala, Nala, the one who hated him. And Nala said that: “Why don’t you allow me to kill you? You should be killed, because you are such a horrible person, you create such bhranti, you create such problems for people.” He said: “If you want to kill me, you can kill me, but first listen to my importance, to my mahatmya.” “What is your mahatmya, what is your importance?” He said: “My importance is, that when I come on this earth, when I rule on this earth, I know there will be bhranti, there will be chaos, there will be problems – but people will be so much fed up with that, that they will seek the truth. And those people today who are going to the hills and dales to find out the truth, will be there as ordinary human beings, as householders, and they will find the truth.” Definitely they will find the truth. It has been already predicted by Kali himself. So as you see, lots of chaos is there, lots of problems are there – and when you see people, you can’t understand how such people who are educated, intelligent, supposed to be at the helm of affairs, can go about with wrong ideas, with wrong things. The problem is this Kali Yuga, this creates this funny situation in our lives.

Firstly it creates a situation where a person starts thinking he is very insecure, and he must take to some way of protecting himself. And then where he goes to is a place where he will be destroyed before he knows even that he will be destroyed. The second point is that we have a great sense of jealousy. That sense of jealousy is even more hidden by this Kali Yuga. We feel jealous for everything, which shows our inferiority complex, or I don’t know what it is. But we start feeling jealous and out of jealousy we start hating people without any rhyme and reason. So many countries have this problem. It’s said the top politicians, they indulge into this kind of a hatred for other people, without understanding what is the achievement of the other person, is a, how he has achieved, and why should I be jealous?”

Speech after Birthday’s Felicitations, New Delhi ( India ), 19 March 1999

“It is written in one of our scriptures in India , called as “Nala Akhiyan” when Nalah, one of the tortured souls by Kali, got hold of the Kali. Now, they said, this is the ruler of the Kali. Kali is the sinister fellow, is the one who brings all confusion, and confuses people. He confused Nalah; by that he was separated from his wife. So, when Nalah got hold of this Kali, he said, ‘Now I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you once for all so you do not create confusion into people any more.’ So Kali said, ‘All right, you can kill me, I accept, but first you know my importance, Mahatmya, know my importance. I too have an importance.’ He said, ‘What importance can you have? You create confusion in the minds of people; what importance can you have?’ He said, ‘That when I am ruling,’ means when he will be in these modern times, ‘ruling’ means creating confusion in our minds ‘everything is become relative.’ (Not sure whether “everything is become relative” is a continuation of what Kali said.)

We talk like that: ‘Yes, may be alright, may not be alright, may be good, may not be good.’ That is a time when the confusion will be reining on this earth, that’s Kali Yuga, the modern times. Those great saints, and those people, the seekers, the Sadakhas, who were searching God in the hills and dales, and in the caves, will come back as ordinary householders and they will get the Reality. In this confusion only, they are going to get the vision of Reality. They are going to become the Reality; they are going to get their Self-Realization. And Nala forgot all his vindictiveness, and his anger and what he had done to him. He said, ‘On this point I forgive, because I respect them so much. For that collective good I give up all my personal problems. Let this happen, that only in Kali Yuga, the son of Satya Yuga, the world of truth, the Age of Enlightenment, is going to come.’

And those saints who were seeking the Reality in the forest are born today in this world. You can see them. They are saintly; they can see the joke of the artificial life so clearly. They know it’s all absurd, but then they don’t know what is the real. But the time has come, and it has to be worked out, and it will be worked out. It has worked out in your great country. Now, I would say at least thousand people are there, very much in it, we can say, who have understood it. There must be about at least three hundred people who are actively working it out at different places.

And I’m very happy to come to this old city of Kingston , where the stone for the enthroning of the King was put – must be something special about this place. But people have lost their sensitivity to reality, everywhere; not only in this country, much more in India, you’ll be surprised, they are all getting sophisticated. They are getting ‘developed’. They do not know what you have found by your development, and, anybody tells them, they think that, ‘Oh you are – just want to enjoy all that fruit of development and you are just telling us lies.’”

Public Program, “The Knowledge of Self Within”, Kingston-on-Thames ( UK ), 11 June 1980

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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