God’s work is blessed by God

An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala devi
31st March1983
Hampstead town hall, England


……I realize that when something is very important from God’s point of view, all the negative forces work out their plans on how to delay, how to put obstructions, how to deviate or how to put hindrances. It is very surprising. Today, it would be best if I tell you about God’s will and how, we human beings, try to go against it all the time.

God’s will is extremely simple. His is divine Love; He is compassion and He is the ocean of mercy. He created this world and then created Human beings just to give them highest thing in life- ‘Joy’. Joy which is a simple thing, does not have duality like borrowed happiness. But how are we anti- God and anti-Joy, and why does it happen?

Our awareness, as you know, grows through the brain downwards. And what starts growing downwards takes us away from God. Ultimately we have to achieve God. But first we go a little away from that awareness of being one with God; just to understand that Freedom has to be used properly. Without that training, without that education it is no use giving freedom to human beings.

The awareness that was our own, human awareness, was given to us for our freedom to be tested, to be experimented and to be seen. And finally, to have ultimate freedom by which you become the spirit.

You have to become the spirit ultimately. But on the contrary before reaching the fruit stage what happens to us is that we start creating artificial leaves and enjoying them. We take to artificiality. Once this identification with artificiality starts, we begin to move away from reality to negative thoughts which are anti-God.

So there are really two branches into which we branch off. Some people like to go towards the left side or the ‘Negative attitude’. They destroy themselves, trouble themselves and do all kind of things by which they can die and in the most miserable manner. They get all kind of diseases upon themselves. They torture their body; they torture everything they have.
Then the other side is right hand side in which they move to torture others, to destroy others, to overpower others. Both the ways are away from God, His mercy and His grace.
The concern throughout should be towards the Spirit. Only then is the movement in right direction. But this concern breaks up very easily in human beings, because they have the freedom to do it. In their ego they break it up so much that when you develop the artificial way of easy-going life, then even the consciousness of God is lost, that He exists, that He is the one who is running the show.

Negation of God is the first crime we have committed. We are not afraid of God.

What is Cancer? What are all these diseases coming up in our body? They are nothing but our own destructive forces we have built within ourselves. There is no fear from outside ourselves or any star or extra-terrestrial attack. No, there is none. It is within us that the attack is built, of which we should be aware. In the name of freedom we have gathered within ourselves all the germs of destruction. It is such a built in process that we are not even aware that these attacks are coming, that they are there. We are quiet satisfied with ourselves, our artificial life, etiquettes and superficial mannerisms.

Some people are in such a bad state that they see a black picture of everything. They are so disappointed that they have given up. They have just given up. They say, “ now we have just finished with it, we have done everything and now we don’t want to do anything more” It is so desperate! I can understand the desperation of those who are thinking about, of those who are concerned about it. I am bothered about it.

So, all these sahaj yogis who get frustrated at certain intervals, I have to say, you should not be frustrated. You have to keep your courage and understanding if you have feeling for others and if you show concern for them.

The only snag is that you will feel so many are still lost. It doesn’t matter. You have to work hard. We have to understand that there are ‘Negative forces’ which are pulling them down. They are ignorant and they do not know that there is life beyond this mundane strife. The eternal life of beauty and glory. Especially for this meeting. They have lots of ups and downs and the whole thing was discouraged.

But one must understand that God’s work is blessed by God. He will bestow all his blessings and help on you so that you will perform your desired duties of Sahaj Yoga. The desperation itself has brought forth the advent of Sahaj Yoga on this Earth. And you should feel more strong to ‘fight’ these obstructions that you feel, are around and work out the Ultimate Goal of this Creation.

May God bless you!

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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