The Principle of Brahma

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

A Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi — Caxton Hall, London, UK 11 September, 1978 –

Today I want to tell you about something, perhaps I have never touched that point before. I’ve not talked about it, . It is about the principle of Brahma.

What is principle of Brahma? How does it exist? How is it born? How does it manifest? And how, it is detached and also attached. The principle of Brahma is different from Brahma itself, in description; like the principles that I follow is different from what I am.

It’s a very subtle subject and requires real meditative attention. So all criticism of your minds please . Have you put off your shoes, please. And just listen very carefully, a subtler attention. Can you come forward, you all can come forward so that those who will be coming later can come later, come along forward. I think better is to come forward, because we have no mike here. It’s better to come forward.

As the principles on which you are based are different from what you are, in the same way, the principle of Brahma is different from the Brahma itself, but is the Brahma and contain in the Brahma. But the Brahma itself is sustained by the principle. In dimension, you may say that Brahma is wider, larger and, you can call it, even deeper. But the subtler is the principle.

This principle exists with Brahma at the beginning of the universe, of creation. At the very beginning it exists, but as it is an eternal play of creation, destruction, sustenance, , and in Sanskrit we call it Stithi, state of performance, you can call it. In all these three stages, Brahma principle changes, according to the container that it has. Like here the light looks like, the shape looks like, outer shape of the globe that is covering it. Looking like is the maya, is the illusion. Something that looks like something which it is not; this phenomena is the maya, is the illusion. So the principle acts, pulsates the Brahma and in the Brahma exists all the powers which later on manifests the creation.

So the principle which is the Divine Power, the aura of that, or the thing that is sustained is the complete Brahma and that Brahma has got three powers, namely, one of existence, second of creation, third of sustenance. The principle is the pulsating power of the Brahma. And it is represented as Om. When we say Om, is used also in the Christian prayer as Amen, is the same as Om, there’s no difference. When we say Om, actually the action of this principle in the form of Om, like this, which is written on your forehead, if you can see, inside, in that way here.

This principle is the, you can say, the foetus, this principle is the foetus of the Divine

Power. Then the same principle, or you can call the seed, then it divides into three channels and enters into the creative, sustaining and the existing power of the Brahma Tattwa and manifests it. We haven’t got any , but it permeates; just like the river flow and permeates in the soil and nourishes. In the same way, this principle of Brahma flows, permeates, pulsates and nourishes the surrounding area of Brahma.

So when the attention, which you call as Maha Chitta or the attention of is on this principle then Brahma doesn’t . Are you following Me? When the attention moves from the principle, it doesn’t leave, when the river flows, it doesn’t leave its source. When it permeates into the Brahma, it starts creating. This principle is detached. As the light or the electricity inside this globe is detached. But it permeates. It may permeate through it, it may permeate into this room but still it is detached. say there could be any proper simile for Brahma because that’s an absolute stuff and an absolute cannot be compared, then you call it Atula, cannot be compared.

So now people think then, ‛What is God?“ Question comes in. Where is God, what is He, what has He got to do with Brahma and the principle that is Brahma. God is the principle. He is the attention, He is the joy and He is the truth. And the Brahma that surrounds it is His power permeated, enlightened by His . The same Brahma has got the capacity to get itself transformed into the creative, sustaining and the, you call it, existing or destructive powers. We can see a small little thing, how it manifests a tree; we never think from where does the tree come out, from where does the root comes out, what creates the flowers, what gives it the fragrance for the seeds to not have an effect. But there is definitely a mechanism which is very microscopic inside the seed placed there. And seed is the form where there is no movement, no manifestation, no creation. In the same way Brahma can be in seed form.

So the sustaining power within us or the creative power within us, or, what you call, the destructive power or theleft-side power which we call as the , is the existing power. All these are manifested by principle of Brahma but by themselves they are not. So Sat Chit Ananda, the truth, the joy and attention. The nature of Brahma which is this, is God.

Why, what is Shakti then, the question comes. The Shakti is the complete Brahma plus the power of God. Like the cotyledons in a seed, the primule in a seed, the cotyledons support it. Through the cotyledons the primule takes all the powers and creates beautiful flowers and all the beautiful fruits. The roots also are created. The fruit is given by cotyledon, it sustains. Out of this, the principle that does it, the generating power, the germinating power that is in it, is the power that we call as the shakti. But in a seed which is a material thing, it has no awareness to do it. It’s a very subtle point, try to understand. The seed itself cannot germinate itself. It has certain other power within it which is placed by God that germinates it. It cannot do by itself. That power is the God in the seed and also in the ground. The germinating power is the shakti, that power which makes it do it but the seed is not aware of it. When you reach to the human stage, you have to know that power and you have to be aware of that power. And that is self-realization.

The power that has created you, the power that has given you all these three powers; Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi or Kundalini Shakti, the one which is the desire of all that. We can take a simile just to understand it. The owner of the house, I hope it will work out sometimes , supposing the owner of the house walks into the house with his money and creates everything he wants to do about his house. Now the master goes out, he’s not there, when you see, you see a house , you see the power of all the workmen who have done the job, somebody who has established everything. But you don’t know whose desire it has been. In the same way you have seen your body being created, you even see the mind that you have got, you can see your emotions that are there, of course, you can also see you’re a human being, you can also see you’re much far away from the animals. And if you have some wisdom, you understand also you’re much wiser than anything that is created so far. And also if you have some foresight .

But the power of desiring, desiring power or we can say the projecting power or the one who is the owner of all that, the owning power. I mean, I don’t know how you understand a master of the whole thing. He is… And then his power of desire, Maha Kali’s power, is his desire, then manifests everything else. His desire, he manifests, his Maha Kali power, that you see here on the left-hand side, manifested in the human being as Ida Nadi, creates all the rest of the universe and everything later on. But first it’s only the desire. But the one who desires, in us He is placed in our heart away from all this. And He just desires. We do not know Him but He knows us. We know one thing, definitely, that He knows us. There is someone who is definitely watching us, as in the Gita, , the one who is the knower of the field. The knower of the field is that. Once you also become the knower of your field, you are self-realized. This is self-realization.

When people talk about self-realization cheaply, I’m really shocked. The way people have taken into their hands, such a revered subject and just tried to mould it for making money, just think of it! From that level it’s a bit too much. I mean, this only human beings can do, I can tell you. Nobody can do like this but human beings. Even if they’re are Rakshasas they know that this is divine power and you cannot misuse it by any chance.

So this principle works. Say in a, in a matter it works, as the electromagnetic force, you can say. But not as the electromagnetic force, it works, which brings about the electromagnetic force inside them, can you follow the point? Say, here is the electricity, but the one who sends the electricity is the person and he’s aware of it. Till you reach the state of self-realization you’re not aware of it, you cannot control it, you cannot work it out; it works by itself. That part the doctors call it as autonomous nervous system, and the psychologists as unconscious.

After realization only the whole thing becomes your own, in the sense, you change sides. So far you have been looking things from there, (now you sit with me…), but this principle of Brahma , it can be in such a mood that it has no , it has no duty, it just exists. It has no duty. It is not the duty of a owner of a house to something about it, it is his whim, if he wants to do it, he’ll do it, otherwise he’ll live like a hermit. He has no duties. I hope you understand the meaning of the owner because the human laws are funny. Whatever you may be the owner, still you can’t do many things. But if you can think of an absolute owner of the place, absolute owner.

Yes, very true, you’re smiling, but in Oxted we had a tree , we couldn’t cut the tree, we couldn’t plant the tree, we couldn’t do this to the hedge, we couldn’t do that, but he is an absolute owner, absolute owner. Understand the absolute word, where no law but his own laws work out. His laws operate, nobody’s laws can reach him. Then we may say, the question comes in, then how is it Mother it is said that we are free.

Freedom has been given to us, only the freedom is so far as to choose, for your betterment, you’re not going to better him, you’re not going to better Sahaja Yoga by coming to Sahaja Yoga, you’re sadly mistaken, no, Sahaja Yoga has no duties to you. It’s a whim. It has no problems. It is standing on its own mastery, it’s not bothered whether you come here or go there. It is Nishprayojam, it is without any faults, it is faultless, it’s not bothered. So it has to take a form in which it has to bother. Then it creates, like a master of a house, he’s not bothered about anything, he’s the master. Who’s going to criticize him, who’s going to argue with him, who’s going to challenge him, who’s going to put a quota against him. He’s the master of everything, absolute master. God means He is not only almighty but He is the master of all that He has created. He’s the master, if He wants He’ll do it; otherwise He will not do it. It is His whim that He’s done it. So He’s not bothered, but then He takes a form sometimes of a person who wants to do something. He wants to bother, just as a whim He bothers Himself and He starts creating. And He creates, and He creates this universe and He creates you. He creates because He wants to see with many eyes what He has done. So he creates His own children, grows them up, give them eyes so that they can enjoy what He has created. He gives them their powers.

The essence of Brahma is the Ganga Tattwa as in the Sanskrit it is called as the Ganga Principle. From here we have to understand that is the first principle and that is the principle of innocence. That is the principle of holiness, that is the principle of chastity within us, that is the principle by which we preserve ourselves, by which we respect ourselves. That principle has been incarnated on this earth, as I’ve told you, He’s created as Ganesha but He incarnated as Jesus Christ. He’s the Brahma, He’s detached and that’s why He could be resurrected. No other incarnation could be resurrected; He was not born, it was a conception, desire. And that’s why He was resurrected; you all perhaps do not know.

Then what is difficult for God; I mean, for an Indian it is very easy to understand that Ganesha was created by Parvati, yes, She created Him; we can never doubt it, because He’s God after all. He’s an absolute personality. He can do whatever He likes. Of course He does something that is intelligible to your mind, tries to. But if He has done something which is not intelligible to you, should not be discarded as something mythological, or something out of the blue, not to be believed. Because if you say that, then are you the most absolute people to judge Him.

Let us know that we are not, we’re not but we have to be. He wants you to be aware of Him and in this creation when He creates, He creates Himself into a One Primordial Being. He becomes that, He assumes that position of being a One Primordial Being. And then He selects His cells which have to play an important role which are to be awakened. Now the brain cells are the ones which are aware. Have you ever thought, that how these brain cells know, how? How come everything…

A little boy asked Me this question because he’s very much there, but very few people ask this question: How there is gravity? Why this becomes red? Why that becomes green? How it has happened? Who has done it? We take things for granted, everything for granted. That’s the only trouble with human beings, taking everything for granted. If we do not take for granted everything and just in all humility say, ‛O Lord, we know very little about it, we’d like to know,“ He takes you up and makes you sit in His brain, so that you become aware of the powers of His brain, of His heart, from where He loves, where He’s the ocean of compassion. You become a drop in that ocean. And you also with your waves, you jump up and down and you enjoy that compassion of His, just a drop you are but you are the ocean. This is what explains what Kabira says. You see, these great people have described him but it becomes absolutely ambiguous for him. The human rationality cannot explain all these things. So your rationality has to improve on to vibratory awareness. You have to go up to that level, minimum of minimum, to understand God. You cannot understand Him at this level. So don’t come out here with ideas that you are going to do something to God, no. You have to take, you cannot , but in your humility you excuse yourself. He likes it.

The master loves when a little child brings some flowers to him. When a little baby brings, say, flowers for the mother, the mother likes it. Not like, but in Sanskrit there’s a word, , I don’t know, there’s no word in English for that, I’m sorry. , it’s the happening, it’s the joy that one feels when he sees this child , when the person meets the child, returning the love, in a small way. After all children are, what are you going to do.

Like this one, you see, one day he brought two p for me. He says, ‛Grandmother, you can buy a sari with this,“ , you see, he found somewhere, he said, ‛I haven’t turned it, but I’ve got for you, so you can keep it and buy a sari.“ Then the feelings that come into mind, the feeling that comes within at that time in a mother’s heart is the , the sweetness of it, the beauty of that, you cannot understand by your dry rationality, it can be parched completely. It has no feelings, it has no sensitivity, nothing.

O God, this ego, I tell you this so-called ego containing parched human , all the beautiful things that I have been flowing, all the sensitivity and horrible books and horrible things that people have taught you have really finished all that is beautiful . Such beautiful flowers were created with such beautiful fragrance we emit them, have been parched completely by feelings, by this foolish ego of human beings which is so limited. It was given to you just to understand a few things but you have covered yourself completely with that mud and it’s such a difficult thing, I find such a difficult thing.

Some examples can be given. A boy came to see Me the other day with a friend who is a very great Sahaja Yogi, he’s not here today. And he is I would say, just to please the Sahaja Yogi, I said, ‛All right I’ll take him out.“ Because the boy had a terrible guilt with him, because he had done something horrible, absolutely horrible. But I told him that, ‛You have a guilt and it’s forgiven, so give it up. Try it, try it,“ But nothing worked out with him, so egoistical, so egoistical. And such small thing he got, I mean, if he was anywhere near the truth I would have understood also and he thinks he should get . But nothing of the kind. He goes back and tells this Sahaja Yogi, ‛Oh, I think She’s just a ordinary housewife, that’s all, you don’t take Her seriously.“ Then Sahaja Yogi said, ‛Really, what a pity. How many people have you cured. I’ve seen people suffering from cancer being cured. I’ve seen with my own eyes Kundalini rising, I’ve seen people getting realization. There so many I’ve seen with my own eyes, I have to disbelieve all that and believe you?“ , and this is his answer.

But as I had told you that you can take a position when you’re bothered. And when I take a position like that, that I’m bothered about it. When I came that really you are still very, very ignorant. But at least see, at least ask for it, and it should be done because the creation has to be completed, it has to be fulfilled. And you have to know the meaning of your being, you have to know why God has created you and what are you. That is a must.

People waste their time. There’s no time to be wasted any more I can tell you. In the West such a wastage of time I find. Same in the East. They’re doing what you have done before, like they’re trying to build bridges and they’re trying to do now underground trains. And those who have done it are now committing suicides. Between these two ends where do I stand sometimes, I try to . What should I do, with these extremes that are there. So please also to put your Mr. Ego outside , so it will work out.

If it does not work out, that’s not My concern. Nor is it My problem. It is your problem that it has not worked out. If an operation is not successful, then the doctor can be blamed because he takes money for it, but not Mataji. Not because I don’t take money, but I’m not bothered about it. I’m only bothered that you should get your realization. But I’m not bothered if you have not got it. Can you understand that? I will work morning till evening, evening till morning to give you realization, but if you don’t want it, I’m not bothered. Neither if it does not work out, I’m not bothered, it is this simple. This is the only difference between a mother on this earth and I the Mother who has to really give you the keys of your kingdom, the keys of your joy, the keys of your truth. I have to do that, and I don’t give you by taking anything from you. This must be understood, because egoistical people immediately are on the guard, ‛What have you got to do with us?“ I do not take anything. I’ll give you because I have got it with Me and you can have it. Because that’s your right, so you better have it. But if you don’t want to have it, I’m not going to force you. And then I play My tricks which I’m , because I’m not bothered. And with the tricks people disappear, reappear and disappear, so be careful of all that.

This is the principle of Brahma which is detached. The principle of Brahma is detached, that acts and takes away the interest, the interest goes away, the attention goes away. You’re not bothered about it. This principle cannot be overcome. It is the principle itself. It cannot compromise, that’s the point, being absolute. Absolute things cannot compromise. For example there are some people who may say, you see, there are some people who do say that Mataji says that you have to lead a dharmic life. Indeed, you have to. I mean, I cannot give realization to Mr. Hitler if he comes to Me. There is something which cannot be compromised. You have to do something, you have to be in a position to receive it, and even if you receive it without that position it can be worked out.

It is also not the principle that goes out of the way to demand something, no, it doesn’t. To a point only, but it won’t. But it is such a living principle, the beauty of living principle , which perhaps you know it but you do not know it. When a principle is dead, like, say, this house is built, which has got a foundation, and it is built up and the house is brought in and then everything is done. Then once done is done. If the foundation is weak, it is weak forever, you cannot improve it. But the living principle is, whatever may be your foundation, it will penetrate into your foundations, into your backgrounds, into everything and then correct it completely. You just ask for it; whatever may be your conditionings and whatever may be your , whatever may be your problems, whatever sins you might have committed, whatever wrong things you might have done, living principle can penetrate into it and can inform the whole thing and transform it. You have seen it, . But if you vibrate it and you see the whole thing . So this is the living principle and that’s why Christ has said it, ‛I’m the living…“

This is the difference between the living principle which enlivens or awakens every part of your deadened chakras, every part of your deadened psyches. It awakens, it cures, it purifies, it absolutely neutralises all that is filth, dirt and ugliness, all that is called as sin. It doesn’t stop , but you have just to ask for it. That’s the beauty of the living principle. That’s why many people get cured in Sahaja Yoga, don’t be surprised — it’s just a by-product, nothing important. Even when the mad people become all right, nothing surprising, it’s just a by-product. Because it’s a living principle which penetrates into it, it breaks every bit and bit of it, cures it, . And that is what is promised.

But then people come down about Sahaja Yoga, ‛Mother, I have a problem.“ ‛Now, what’s the problem?“ ‛My friend has not written any letter to me, will you help me?“ It’s all right, even that can be solved. These problems… After all a mother has to solve the problems of her children. But ask for the highest. , you may come for anything. There is nothing to be asked for but for God, don’t ask for . The rest is all dust, is all that will finish off, is all chelaima, is coming and going, finish. Ask for the eternal, ask for that is stable, ask for that is the highest and the purest. Don’t make Me come down. I play with you. When My child Me something, I have them, ‛All right “ But when you mature, you must ask for the highest. Do not ask for a job. All right, if you have any problems… You can understand now from where…

But today it’s all right because I’m a bit too much in a nishprayojam condition. And I was telling just now these people what I’m going to talk. Well I have talked something and if you have any questions please ask Me. In the meanwhile I would like some Sahaja Yogis to see these people and then we’ll go in for meditation.
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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