Ekadasha Rudra Puja -1983

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

A Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Ekadasha Rudra Puja 17th September 1983, New York City

So today is a day, according to the Indian calendar, called as Parivartini Ekadashi. Now, today is the 11th day of the moon. 11th day is Ekadasha. Also, in Sahaja Yoga you know about Ekadasha Rudra, which is here (forehead), which will ultimately destroy all those things which are not requ…ired anymore. That is Ekadasha here, that is the 11th. But today is a special day. Where we are going to use the power of Ekadasha to do the transformation. It is not for destruction but for transformation. Is such a day to be here in New York where we use the destructive powers for the transformation of the universe. So it’s a very great day today that we are going to transform people by the manifestation of the Ekadasha’s powers. And they are 11 placed over your forehead here and you know how they work out. So that these 10 come out of the destructive powers of the Void. Void has got 10 destructive powers also. Out of those 10 the destructive part settles down here. So when a person is on his destruction, say for example a cancer has set in, then you might feel a throb, here at the apex of your Void, the throb. And it doesn’t logically mean that if there’s a throb there’s a cancer, but if there’s a cancer there’ll be a throb in here going on. That means the force of life is trying to push it. But the obstruction there starts accumulation on both sides and in the centre is the centre of Vishuddhi, of the Virata. Shri Krishna has become the Virata, the Great Primordial Being. So this is the 11th power of destruction. He has the power called ”Samhara Shakti” by which he kills people. So before killing them and finishing them off, in the compassion of your Mother, we have to first try to transform them. If they cannot be transformed then its alright, then let Ekadasha take over. So these 11 very great destructive powers will be used by the Kalki, the One who is going to manifest on a white horse. Before that, today is a very great day that these powers we are going to use for transformation. Now how can destructive powers be used for transformation ? First of all, when people know that there are destructive powers manifesting, they start fearing. They get afraid. That we’ll be destroyed, so we must take to God. That’s one of the ways. Secondly, if a person comes to know about any destructive disease like cancer, he wants to find out a method. And there is no method available on a human level. So then he thinks of God and wants to come nearer to God. The fear brings him closer to God. He depends on God more than on his rationality, than on his ego, or superego. And he wants to depend on God’s powers to cure him or to save him from this destruction. Because he is now on the brink of destruction, as soon as cancer is set in he knows that there’s no end to it and he has to be destroyed. So, this is another way people take to transformation, change their attitudes, change their value systems. I’ve known of many husbands and wives who got cancer and their counterparts became very mild, gentle, kindly, romantic. They tried to give all the love, all the protection, all the good things to a person who is going to die now of Ekadasha. So a kind of a transforming temperament starts coming in a man that he sees that a person with whom he has lived all his life is now going to be no more. So a kind of beautiful feeling towards the person, of giving whatever you have beautiful within you, starts. And that’s how people develop a new kind of personality which was never apparent before. So all harshness drops out. And all the sweetness starts pouring in. So the compassion in a man is awakened by which he gets transformed. Many people who lost their relations, kith and kin, become much more gentle, kinder, because Ekadasha has expressed its awe. And also another kind of a fear comes into the mind of the people, ”that tomorrow this can happen to me also ! So I must do something about it.” So at this time Sahaja Yoga helps them a lot. They come to Sahaja Yoga because such an emergency is created within themselves and thus they are thrust for their transformation to Sahaja Yoga. But there’s another subtler way that this destructive force helps: by destroying all that is negative within us. Because unless and until that negative is destroyed within us, we cannot become people who can enter into the kingdom of God. We have our ego, we have our super ego and both can be represented here. When you have your ego very much great ego, then you’ll find a big blob-like ego coming out on left side, a very big one, here. Or if you have a super-ego you can see another big thing jutting out on the brain on the right side. So on both the sides you might get both the things if both the sympathetic are overactive. If you are not a very collective person also you might get a blob here. So you might get all the thing filled up with your ego, superego and this Virata centre again blown up in a way that a person develops a face like a monster sometimes ! This portion becomes too big, thick, jutting out. There’s a character I’ve seen like that, I think it is Frankenstein or someone. Is it ? Frankenstein; yes, that has come from the Unconscious; Frankenstein character. Is all this is swollen up, jutting out, and this place like that. That’s really the one that happens to human beings when he becomes a devil himself. So this is how the Ekadasha works within us, to destroy our negativity within us. In India, so many people fast on this day, for atonement, on 11th day is very common : ”You must do Ekadashi”. All the Hindus and all these people do Ekadashi. That is, the 11th day they don’t eat anything at all. But you shouldn’t do it after the Advent of your Mother, because, I’m the Ekadasha Myself ! So why should you do it now when I’ve come ? It was done when I was not here, just to call me, so now I’m back here, you need not do this anymore, the penance of Ekadesha. But you have to be careful. Now Ekadasha comes, as I told you, from the Void. So firstly, it comes when you accept someone as your guru, say, who are false, who are anti-God, anti-Christ. So you develop a kind of a thickness on right side, it is the person who you are worshipping as a guru, respecting as a guru; who is a guru to you who is not really a guru, so you develop a superego which shows on this (right) side, this part. Now the other side of it shows when a person says “I’m my own guru, I’m practicing my own meditation, I’ve nothing to do with anybody’s guidance, I’m quite alright as I am” – Such a person develops the left half.
So you have (left) half developed because of that, and this half developed because of the superego that you get from these false and fake gurus. Now what happens sometimes that when you get involved into this kind of superego behavior, at that time, it so happens that you might take over from there and start using it for your ego. That’s the worst time for it. At that time what you do is to act like the devils yourself. And once you start doing that, your Ekadasha is completely finished. And then I don’t think it’s easy to get rid of it. It’s very difficult. Like if it is one-sided it’s much easier. So today is the day which is called as the Ekadashi which is going to bring the transformation. When you are transformed, so many things are automatically destroyed within you. As you can see very clearly that all your misidentifications drop out. The misidentification that “I’m an American, I’m a Christian or I’m a Jew, I’m this, I’m that, – all these false misidentifications drop out and you become a naked human being ; first of all you are a Human Being. And then a super human being, without the ego, WITHOUT the ego. So your ego is destroyed, your superego is destroyed, your conditionings are destroyed and all your false ideas about knowledge are destroyed. So what remains and emerges out is the reality. Now see when a flower becomes the fruit. Everything practically drops out of the flower, we can say. Like the calyx is dropped out, then the petals are dropped out and then the epicalyx is there, that is also dropped out. But what remains is the seed, actually if you see. Around the seed all these things developed and the fruit remains, the rest of it drops out. In some fruits some part is used, in some fruits nothing is used, a very little growth comes out as fruit and becomes a fruit while the flowers are there. So in us also whatever becomes Spirit, remains. The rest drops out. And that is what it is when we call it the Ekadasha which brings forth the transformation. And one has to understand we have to drop out many things. Some people I’ve seen they say: ”What’s wrong ? I’m smoking, still my vibrations are there”. Some say, ”What’s wrong ? I’m drinking, still my vibrations are there. I’m going to this guru, still my vibrations are there, I’m having the same type of licentious life, still my vibrations are there.” Now it goes a very long way, the vibrations are still there. But suddenly they stop, and you find you’re out of the bounds. You’re thrown OUT completely. But you do not feel how you’re thrown out. Gradually you find, like a tangent you go out. And so one has to be careful about it. So within us lies a force which is centrifugal and a force that is centripetal. So Ekadasha’s force is centrifugal, by which you are thrown out. Sahaja Yoga doesn’t fall onto anybody’s feet. Doesn’t request anyone, doesn’t flatter anyone. If you want to be there you have to be POSITIVELY there and if you don’t want to be there it throws you much faster than what you want. That’s the trouble with Sahaja Yoga is and this is the loophole of the Sahaja Yoga which I have to tell you as a Mother that it’s very anxious to throw you out. I’ll tell you when Christine – just now she told me – got engaged to Michael, half of them were thrown out. Because they had a conception that you must have a romance before marriage. Without a romance, if you have a marriage, then there should be no marriage. I don’t know on what conception it is based. But if you have the romance before the marriage, what’s the fun of having the marriage ? I mean it’s like – if you have to give somebody a present, you hide it, you see; keep it to that date, and give the surprise to the children! In the same way if you have the romance already done, what’s the marriage ? What’s the celebration for ? It’s absolutely illogical. There is no romance in such cases. Actually you have seen that after the romance, the marriage and then the divorce. It’s always like that. Because you become stale, and you find that the romance you had before marriage was something, a fantastic fantasy that has dropped out, and now after marriage there is nothing left to enjoy so you are fed up and next month you are now in the divorce court. But the marriages that skip this without the romance kept all reserve for a particular day. Just for that day when you are going to have the real romance, and real feeling of oneness, everything. In India it’s a very big thing, you see, the first night of the married people. And that’s why your marriages lost. You know – I would say I’m an old woman of 60 years my husband is 63 years and you can see how romantic he is still. You see the romance never finishes. Because it starts on the auspicious day with the sanction of the collectivity everybody taking interest in that romance. It is such a big thing to be married, all the people enjoying the marriage, and enjoying. So now this kind of thing when happens to the people who are western people think romance is very important. But I don’t think one can learn anything from the marriage system of the western people. Because all their marriage systems absolutely dwindle down. There is nothing to be learned from them as far as that is concerned. We can learn many other things, for example we can learn how to operate a camera. But to operate a marriage is better you learn from Indians. They have a very solid system of marriage. First of all the way they are trained from childhood how to make a marriage successful, such a lot of importance is given. Then without the horoscope we’ll not marry, without the auspicious day they won’t marry. Everything they work out in such details so that the marriage cannot fizzle out. Moreover it is worked in such a collective way. For example, supposing my husband wants to trouble me. Say for example. So the sister of my husband will take him to task. Everybody can interfere if they try to do anything against the marriage. Everyone in the family will be after the person who tries to break the marriage. And so everyone knows that I’ll be left high and dry, you see, if I have a divorce. Nobody has place in the society. But in England when we went first we were shocked ! They had no shame about this, they said,” I’m already divorced thrice and this is the fourth woman I’m living with.” So shocking for us. Oh God ! To us a divorce means worse than leprosies ! ”Why are you divorced ? What’s the problem ? How can you be divorced ? Such an auspicious thing is the marriage ! How can you do it, is such a big fall !” And that’s how it works out. And in no way we are less than you people as marriage because we can produce much more children than you. And children only want to be born in India not anywhere else. You’d be suprised. That’s the problem we are facing. Our population problem comes from the point that the marriages are so successful, the people are so peaceful that children hate to be born in NIGHTMARES of NEW YORK. Naturally, because you don’t know where will be the mother tomorrow, where will be the father. Now we are blamed for a high rate of fertility, but what to do ? Children don’t listen, they don’t want to go to all such places where there’s no stability for them to exist. Especially the realized children, if they are of a very high quality, they do; I mean, they have to be like devils to get into this thing so they may try. Or maybe real devils – to take advantage of it. But normally, people who want peace in life, who want joy in life, and want the love of their parents, want to be born in India. And that’s why recently we find that India is growing so fast in population that we don’t know what to do. So this marriage system came in, which shocked them because they couldn’t understand, there has to be a romance, and this and that. Now the more understanding of Ekadasha that should be there that we should not allow it to he built within us in any way, because these are self-destroying things. It starts with doubting. When you start doubting Sahaja Yoga, the build-up starts. And. the doubting starts building up throughout the ”medha” – is the plate here, you see. And it can become a big plate here. Like today I saw that lady saying touch wood, you see touch wood means this wood. Touch wood means there should be no wood in here any more, you see. Or you can say touch stone. If you say something like a bragging you can say no, no, touch wood. I am not meaning that. People are quite conscious, unconsciously they say, but they are quite conscious not to say something that would sort of give an idea of postpone nature, or something bragging, or something big so that it may go wrong. When they say touch wood, this is the wood. You say touch, there. So we are quite conscious of this force building within us. And now we have to be conscious that this force is going to transform the universe. So today we are going to pray that this force has to transform America through its capacity to frighten people so that they come to Sahaja Yoga. Because when things have reached this stage of ego, then when people say ”What’s wrong?” -Like in England when I started talking first, they said this is Victorian woman, out of date, absolutely useless. I said alright, I don’t say anything. But you’ll have such diseases that you’ll have to come back. That was the time they pass the law that homosexuality should be allowed, permissiveness should be allowed, and all these things should be allowed. And now you have A.I.D.S. You have AIDS now here already operating. Now the AIDS has given the fear of the Ekadasha. Now have it ! What’s wrong ! What about that ? So this awe and this fear is very important. Is an extremely important thing that you must have the awe and the fear that God is Almighty, and we are nothing before him. Here we have to remember that we are part and parcel of that God, and that we have to awaken ourselves to the consciousness that He is the Whole and we have become one with the Whole. That’s how we are going to overcome our Ekadasha. So today I bless you all with the power of Ekadasha which is going to transform. May God bless you all, in your work which you are trying to do for the good of Americans. It is a responsibility to save America. You know it is the Vishuddhi chakra and all the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga rests on Vishuddhi chakra. So how important it is that this transformation is to take place. Unless and until the transformation comes in, you will see it will not work out. You cannot talk to people, you cannot communicate with them. So you must pray that transformation process must start, must trigger, and must gallop, and must go on spreading like wildfire. This should be your prayer today.

May God bless you.

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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  1. Hemant says:

    JSMJ, can you please share the video of the above Ekadasha Rudra Puja -1983


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