Sahaja Yoga Enable You To Fight Negative Forces.

An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on
31st March1983
Hampstead town hall, England

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Today I would like to tell you about God’s will and how as human beings we go it against it all the time. God’s will is extremely simple. He is Divine Love, Compassion, and the Ocean of Mercy. In His compassion He created this world, and then created human beings just to give them the highest thing in life: joy. Joy is a singular state. It does not have duality like day and night, or sorrow and happiness. But as human beings we are so anti-joy and anti-God. Why does that happen? As you know, our awareness grows from the brain downwards, and whatever grows downwards, in a way, takes us away from God. Ultimately we have to reach God, but first we wander away a little from that awareness of being one with God. This is just for us to understand that freedom has to be exercised properly. Without such training and such education, it is useless giving freedom to human beings. Look what so-called free countries have achieved with their freedom. They have created enough nuclear weapons to kill us all. When we think about it, it is all so foolish and absurd,yet we are all responsible for it and are proud of what we’ve done. We are still busy making the situation worse and worse. This is how we move. The awareness that was our own human awareness was given to us for freedom to be tested, to be experienced, to be seen and then for our ultimate freedom, to become the Spirit. We have to become the Spirit ultimately,but as we start growing in our so-called awareness, our concern is not for the Spirit. Our roots are in the brain, and we should start growing upwards, up and up like a tree until the leaves are created, then the flowers, then the fruits. But before reaching the fruit stage what happens to us is that we start creating artificial leaves, and worse, start enjoying them. We take so easily to artificial things. Once this identification with artificiality starts, we move away from reality towards negative thoughts, or conversely towards over-positive thoughts which let us make atom bombs and the like. These are so-called positive thoughts which are actually anti-God. So there are two directions in life into which human beings branch off:(those with a negative attitude veer towards the left side where they cause)trouble and injury to themselves, contract all sorts of diseases, torturing their bodies, and do all kinds of things which hasten a most miserable death; the other group go to the right side where they overpower, torture,and destroy others. Both paths are away from God and His mercy and His grace.

Throughout, the concern should be for the Spirit, then the movement is in the right direction. But this concern for the Spirit evaporates very easily. Because they are free to do so, human beings, acting from ego,just break the connection with the Divine. They break it so completely that having developed artificial ways of enjoying life they even lose the consciousness of God, that He exists even, that He has created them, and is the One running the show. We then become so conscious of ourselves that we think nothing is wrong.We do this, we do that, we plunge into all kinds of problems, and don’t understand that what we are doing is against ourselves. Acting against ourselves means going against God, because He created us and He loves us.We don’t even love ourselves. If we did, we would not have ruined our own bodies, our own environments, everything that we have with the excuse,”what’s wrong with it?” Why don’t we love ourselves? You must love your body, your mind, your society! You must love everything because God has created you in His love. But nowadays, love itself has become such a perverted word. You may say what is wrong with promiscuity? It’s love.But I tell you it isn’t because it goes against nature, and will cause you troubles and you’ll end up in a mess. Listen to me, it is not right! Of course people think I am very matronly, very old-fashioned, even Victorian. It’s true, I have been called all those names. Why do things which are destructive? You cannot create anything yourself – not a nose, let alone a whole body – so why are we so anti-ourselves first of all? Then why so against the society we have created? Then against the country we have built, then against all other countries??? What are they up to those politicians? What are they fighting for? When I see them I just can’t understand what’s the matter with them. They are fighting to create more destructive forces, to make more horrible things to destroy innocent human beings. The innocent ones are very worried. They don’t know what to do. They don’t understand why they have to die tomorrow because others have gone off their heads. And those who have gone off their heads are the ones sitting at the helm of affairs. They are all selected and elected by us.

That is how the negativity grows within us and how we become negative.Both these things are negative attitudes because they negate God. Negation of God is the first crime we have invented. We are not afraid of God nor for Him. He is compassion and mercy, but in His mercy only He will destroy the world. He won’t allow us to commit more sins against Him. He destroys from within.

What do you think cancer is? What do you think all these newly discovered diseases ravaging human beings are? They are nothing but our own forces of destruction breaking out, forces that we have built within ourselves. We should not fear external invasions, or attack from any planet or extra-terrestrial force. It will not happen that way.The attack is built within us. We must understand that. In the name of freedom, we have stockpiled within ourselves all the germs of our own destruction. It has been so built into us that we are not even aware that the arsenal is growing, that the seeds of destruction are even there. We are quite satisfied with ourselves, with our artificial life, with our so-called etiquettes and superficial mannerisms. Innately, within us, resides the Spirit which wants to enlighten us, which wants to give us peace, bliss and the joy of our being. This beautiful lamp of ours has been created with such a great purpose: it has to be enlightened. We must respect ourselves. The word ‘respect’ is not in the dictionary anymore; to respect ourselves we must respect this lamp which holds the light of the Spirit.

It has to be enlightened, and we can then be the lamp that illuminates the path of our own glory. In that light we will be able to see God’s glory also. He has created such a beautiful world for us. He has given us everything, but in our ignorance and in our so-called freedom, we have ruined so many things. It is shocking to see how people are just sliding straight to hell. For a Mother, it is very worrying. How can she stop this slide and get people off it? How can she make them understand what their real worth is, what their real value is? Human life is not something to be taken for granted. It is a very precious thing created out of so many processes. It was created with great difficulty.

Never forget that you are to become the Spirit – without that your life is just a waste. The whole of creation is just wasted if that doesn’t happen because you are the highest creature, the epitome in creation. And what are you doing about it? We have to form groups that will talk about the Spirit now, talk openly about God. I was amazed to find in this country that people don’t like to talk about God. It’s impossible to talk about God, because as soon as you start, people say, “God? Oh that’s religion, and we don’t talk about religion. That’s a no no.” Can you imagine such a place where you cannot talk openly about the Creator? So you form a secret organization with restricted membership, and call it a cult. How can God suffer cults? How can he have separate churches, temples and mosques? How do we become so fanatical in the name of God? This is what we have reduced God to! There’s a legendary stone called ‘the Philosopher’s Stone’: everything it touches turns to gold. I think there’s another stone for human beings:when it touches them, they turn into ivory prison towers. That must be why there are so many fanatics. It’s such a problem today to break through the walls with the news and the message that they are the Spirit, and have to become the Spirit. I was born in Maharashtra, a state in central India where many thousands of saints have been born and lived. Spirituality is a tradition in Maharashtra: “Maha” means ‘the great’, and “rashtra” means ‘the nation’. I don’t know why they thought of it, but I feel the name fits so well with their tradition of spirituality, rather than one of alcoholism, or drugism or any other so-called ‘ism’. A very simple poet called Nandev was born there. He was a tailor, just an ordinary tailor, and he wrote a very sweet little poem that I would like to tell you about. It is the story of a little boy who is flying his kite. Although he talks to his friends, walks up and down, his attention is up there in the sky on the kite. Then he notices a lady who does her housework while carrying around her young baby. She fetches water for her husband, she sits down to cook a meal, then gets up again to wash some clothes. The child through all this is at her waist, but her attention is always on the child.Another lady walks along with a water-pitcher balanced on her head. She is surrounded by many other ladies who chat with each other as they go, but her attention is ever on the Spirit. It is on that pitcher of water. In the same way, although we have to lead a life here full of other things, it is absurd that we do not have our attention on our Spirit which is the giver of joy, the ultimate in life. As soon as you start talking about something like that, other people think it is something stupid not to be listened to.

Most surprisingly, they are willing to listen to the same unimportant things over and over again. If there is a broadcast on politics, people will listen to it for hours together. And that is such mundane stuff, you hear the same things year after year. But on the other hand, if I say, ‘this is all artificial, you have something much more precious within you, rise to that point’, then people don’t want to hear about such things. ‘What is this Mother talking about?’, they say. But it is time to wake up and rise onto a different level. We have to rise above this petty, mundane existence and see over the horizon that there is a star shining within us, and that star is our Spirit. People have talked about it and formed a sect; talked about God and formed another sect. I recently saw this program on television. It was about a secretive Catholic sect, called Opus Dei, which means “God’s Work” in Latin, and that was what they claimed to be doing. The female members tie up their thighs with thorns and other sharp objects to hurt themselves, to cut into their flesh. Both males and females believe in self-inflicted pain. They explain this as mortification of the flesh, and all done in the name of God. They were asked why mortification was necessary, and replied: “Because Christ did it.” Are they trying to be Christ? And doesn’t this mean that whatever Christ did was a waste of time if these people feel they have to add their contribution to His suffering? Whatever Christ suffered was more than enough for the whole human race. He was the Prince, and it’s a very great thing for a Prince to go through mortification. There is nothing special for a beggar to suffer, but a Prince is something very different.So Christ has already suffered for all of us, He has worked it out for us. He just has to be enlightened within us, and that is how we have got to the point of Self-realization. It’s very easy to sit and ask questions about all this, very easy indeed.But the best and the most important thing you can do today is to get your Self-realization.

Considering what human beings are like, of course, it is not going to work very fast. That I am sure of. I have tried My level best. To raise the Kundalini of some people is like moving a mountain.The effort quite tires me out sometimes. Even after that some don’t appreciate what has been done for them. However not to feel disappointed,not to feel hurt by it. Slowly and steadily I am sure people will see the light; people will see how your life is transformed into joy and bliss and understanding. They will see how loving and dignified you have become, and then they will believe that there is a better life after all. In France,

I notice many people sit at outdoor cafes and discuss how we must all stand together now, and all die together when this world collapses once and for all. What they are saying is, ‘let it all be over soon because we’ve had enough. Let the ultimate destruction come – be it an atom bomb or anything else. Let us be finished off, we can’t take anymore.’ I can understand their desperation to be so concerned and bothered about the state of things. Even Sahaja Yogis sometimes get upset and desperate, and say to me, “give up Mother!” But I don’t know how to remove My attention from the Spirit. If you can do it, try your level best, but you cannot now you are there. So to the last breath of your life you will fight to save as many as possible. To all those Sahaja Yogis who get very frustrated in certain endeavors I have to say, “don’t get frustrated. You have to keep up your courage, and understand that if you have a feeling for others, and if you really show your concern to them, the light will dawn and you will save more and more people.” Emancipated, they will enter the Kingdom of God as you enjoy the whole thing. The only snag in the enjoyment is that you feel that so many are still lost. Even that doesn’t matter, it can be rectified. You have to work hard; you must understand that there are negative forces that pull down people so ignorant they cannot see beyond this earthly life, let alone the eternal life of beauty and glory. Whenever the Kundalini has to rise, She rises – it may be today, tomorrow,or next week. It works out whenever you have to get your Self-realization.We can expedite things by working harder to cleanse the path of Kundalini, then when it works out we are able to go further faster. Just how it works out may seem very complicated but it is not. Don’t worry about the mechanics, just understand that it works. Kundalini is like that light switch, once She is turned on She illuminates your inner nature. You know of course that you can’t pay for this. People are so used to paying for everything – you even get charged for air nowadays! – that they cannot imagine getting something valuable for nothing. You don’t have to join our club to get it. There is no compulsion on you to come back to another meeting if you get it tonight. There has to be absolute freedom at all times. When I first started teaching Sahaja Yoga, for four years I laboured with six people in England. I started my work in England because England is the heart of the universe. Hampstead in particular is that muscle that stimulates the heart, and is very important in the scheme of things.

One day I expect many people with great poetic qualities and of great sanctity to come to Sahaja Yoga in Hampstead. For many people, England is just another country in Europe; to me it is not. They do not know the deeper side of England; I do, and that is why I have been working here for 10 years.But gradually I am sure it will work out especially for those here tonight.In spite of many ups and downs and other discouragements, we must understand that God’s work is blessed by God Himself. He will render all His help, all His blessings on you. This will enrich you and enable you to perform all your divine duties. Time is running out, there is very little of it left. The collective desperation itself brought forth the advent of Sahaja Yoga on this earth. You should feel stronger to fight these obstructions that you feel around you, and must work out the ultimate stage of this Creation.

May God bless you!

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala devi

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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8 Responses to Sahaja Yoga Enable You To Fight Negative Forces.

  1. Veni says:

    JSM, Prasad!!!
    Let Mother’s Pure Divine Love spread all over the world through you, and through all like you!
    From a SYogini, who was also born on 20th March 44 years before you:) also realized:)
    With Sahaj Niranand Love


  2. Lukas says:

    Jay Shri Mataji Prasad !
    Thank You !
    Can you please tell if there is a video available for this Talk ?
    Thank You Again !


  3. Rashmi says:

    Jai Shri Mataji, Prasad! This is quite encouraging article for the ones hoping against hopes. Thank you very much. It teaches us to be positive in life, come what may.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A.Madhusudana Rao says:

    jai shri mataji


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