The Relationship Between Kundalini & Kalki, Christ.

A Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Bombay, India – 28 September, 1979
Today’s subject is the relationship between Kundalini & Kalki. The word Kalki is actually an abbreviation of the word ‘Nishkalank’ which means the same as my name ‘Nirmala’. It [Nishkalank] means it is spotlessly clean, without any spots or marks. This incarnation has been described in many Puranas and will be coming on this Earth on a white horse in a village of Sambhalpur (as they call it). It is very interesting how people take everything literally. The word ‘Sambhal’ means ‘Bhal’. It is the Forehead. It means that ‘at that stage’, Kalki is situated on your Bhal or Forehead and he is going to be born. That is the real meaning of the word.

For us, in between Christ and the destroying incarnation of Mahavishnu called ‘Kalki’, there is a ‘Time Given’ for human beings to rectify themselves to enable them to enter the kingdom of God. The Bible calls this ‘The Last Judgment’…. that you will all be judged on this Earth. The population of the world is maximum, as practically all those who have aspirations to enter into the kingdom of God, have been born in the Modern Times, or are going to be born very soon. This is the most important time because Sahaja Yoga [union with the Divine within] is also ‘The Last Judgment’. It is fantastic to have this, but that is a fact, and it is the Truth. You can understand though, that Mother’s love makes it very easy for you to get your self-realisaton and that the whole story of the Last Judgment, which looks like such a horrifying experience, has been made very beautiful, tender and delicate, and does not have to disturb you. But this is the Last Judgment, ‘I tell you’ and you are all going to be judged through Sahaja Yoga [through your Union with the Divine], [as to] whether you can enter the kingdom of God, or not.

When we talk of Kalki, we have to remember that between getting our Realisation and entering into the kingdom of God, we can falter very much. This is called as ‘Yoga Bhrasta Sthiti’, where people take to yoga [to union], enter into the yoga [the union] but are still enchanted by their Pravaruttis. Examples of this enchantment are an ego-oriented man, or a money-oriented man, who wants to dominate, can form a group of people, whom he will dominate with his ideas, and therefore he can go in for a fall, and the rest of the people will go with him also in Sahaja Yoga itself. In Sahaja yoga [in spontaneous union with the Divine] it is left to your freedom to understand that you have to keep to the mains; you have to keep to the growth, you have to keep to the whole and not to one person here and there, who is trying to overpower the rest.

‘Kalki’ means there are eleven powers which are guarding the beauty of sahaja yoga [the beauty of your union with the Divine]. Anybody who tries to play around with Sahaja Yoga is harmed very badly. So today is the day of telling you about the dangers of ‘playing around’ with the Divine. So far people have been taking them [saintly persons] for granted. They have tortured great saints. All the time human beings are tortured. Now I am warning them in almost every lecture of mine, that don’t try this trick today, because Kalki is already on. Don’t try to trouble anybody who is a saintly person, who is a good person. ‘Be careful’ about it because Kalki is on. And once this power comes on you, you would not know how to hide yourself.
Not only to the sahaja yogis, but I am telling to the whole world today that “Be careful”. Do not try to harm others. Do not try to take advantage of others, and do not try to show off your own powers. Because, if once this destruction starts in your life you won’t know how to stop it. This sort of life we have been leading ‘of compromising’, not understanding what is Truth, and what is not Truth. One side is complete ‘blind faith’ into all these things that are going on, not only in India, but all over the world. We are simple innocent people with a lot of ‘Havikta’ within. But that does not mean that we should be stupid and be fools.
It is so common with us that we see with our open eyes what is happening, yet still we will be ‘going on’ with the same things in the temple. Even in the name of God we are doing sins after sins. We are adding sins to our sins, and instead of clearing it out and understanding it through our developed brain, we just go adding to it. That is why I call people “tamasic” who do not use their brains. They are Moodh Buddhis [dull intellects]. They just fall on somebody because there is some sort of hypnotic influence, or some sort of charismatic movement. And people are running after them like madmen and adding up to the destruction by piling up sins after sins, instead of cleansing themselves.
This “Time” that we have got is a most precious time and one has to be very careful and alert about oneself. One should not depend on any other person for help in this; but should try to completely consolidate one’s own being into the kingdom of God, and occupy the highest seat in the heart of the God Almighty. Because when Kalki will come, He will slaughter all these people, without any compassion. He is devoid of any compassion. There are ‘Eleven Rudras’ in Him. This means that there are eleven destructive powers, absolutely powerfully settled in Him. When I see all that (because I can see all that) and this emergency grows into Me, and I tell you ‘Beware of Him’. Don’t play ‘the fool’ with Him. Don’t take it easy and do not compromise, with these nonsensical people. Stick on to the right. Otherwise, the day is near when Kalki is going to come.I have to warn all the sahaja yogis who are here. Because sahaja yoga is the last judgment. It is not only that you will be judged and that you are entering into the kingdom of God, but that you become the citizens of God, is correct. Apart from that you are capable of being there where you have the complete surrendering and understanding of divine love.

Today’s lecture is going to be very sharp for you, because the Incarnation that you have asked me to speak on is a very sharp one. It is the sharpest of all. We had Krishna’s incarnation, for example. He has Hanan Shakti. He has killed Kansa, so many Rakshasas. You know also that as a child, He killed Putana, but He had ‘Leela’ also. He had love and He did give concessions to people. He forgave people.
Christ is the embodiment of forgiveness. Forgiveness of Christ is nothing but ‘the power of sustenance within him’. If He Explodes, the whole forgiveness will come on us as a big disaster, if you are not able to understand the value of his forgiveness. He has said very clearly that ‘anything said against me [against Christ] will be tolerated’ but a word against the Holy Ghost won’t be tolerated”. Now you have to understand that the Holy Ghost is the Adishakti. One has to understand that such an Incarnation is imminent, and Shri Krishna’s Powers are given to Him, which is only Hanana Shakti. Brahma Deva’s Powers which are only Hanana Shakti are given to Him. Shiva’s Powers, which are also Hanana Shakti, i.e. a part of his ‘Tandav’ is given to Him. Similarly Bhairava’s Khadaga Shri Ganesha’s Parshu, Shri Hanumana’s Gada and the Siddhis which are going to destroy are given to Him. Buddha’s forgiveness and Mahavira’s AHIMSA, are going to turn upside down. All these Eleven powers are going to come on the top of us when we will be finished with Sahaja Yoga, when we will be absolutely sorted out, and the last killing will be done by Him. I wish it is just a killing [but] it is not going to be an ordinary Hanana, like even the Devi has done. The Devi has killed all the Rakshasas, thousands of year back, but they are back in the seat again.

Now the problem is very different at the present moment, which you should try to understand. The problem of Kali-Yuga, is that, there are not pure and simple persons, such as Sadhus and Rakshasas. So many Rakshasas have entered into your brains. You side with so many people, who are wrong and who are doing all sorts of wrong things in the name of religion, in the name of politics, progress, education and all that. Once you have sided with them, then they are in your brains; they are within you. When they are within you, how to destroy them?
You may be a good person, but you may be destroyed because you are having them in your heads. So there is not a hard and fast rule to say who is a real negative person, and who is a real positive person. Only Sahaja Yoga [spontaneous union with the Divine] is going to cleanse you and make you absolutely positive. This is the only way when your Ankura (sprouting) starts giving you Realization and you feel your Self.
And with that Self, you know that you are Yourself and not this Mirage. You start enjoying that Self. When you start enjoying it, you give up all the things that make you compromise and make you a ‘horrible mixed-up person’. All this confusion will then go. So it is essential that we take to Sahaja Yoga [union with the Divine] in a most dedicated manner and free ourselves and others, of all the wrong doings.
Kalki is a very big subject. If you see Kalki Purana, it is such a big book. When is the time coming? If this is a living process, when will the work be finished? When you see that there is not any more chance of having any more people coming in this “Time”, then Kalki will come down. So today is the day of warning you, because you have asked me to speak on Kalki. He is placed on our forehead. When the chakra of Kalki is caught up, the whole of Murdha, which is on the top goes out of order. In the Kundalini awakening, we find that if the Murdha goes out of order, the Kundalini doesn’t rise. The whole head becomes blocked. Such people do not allow the Kundalini to rise above the Hamsa Chakra. At the most they might try to raise it up to Agnya, but then it drops down.

There is another reason also, as I have said that if you put your head on the feet of wrong Gurus, you suffer. Too much thinking also creates problem at the right hand side and one of the aspects of Kalki gets spoiled; and there is an imbalance created on this side. The whole forehead, if it is full of lot of bumps, then we must know that the Kalki Chakra is out of order. If it is out of order then what is the thing that one should do to keep the Kalki alright? To keep your Kalki Chakra all right you must have an Awe for God, and fear to do wrong. If you are doing something wrong, and in your Heart of hearts, you know it, then please don’t do it. Otherwise, your Kalki will go out.
When you have that awe for God, and know that He is All Pervading, All Powerful, that He has the Powers to raise us to this state of higher being and also He has Powers to bestow all the Blessings that He has. He is the most Compassionate God or we can say, the most Compassionate Father that one can think of. But in the same way as a father, He has a Wrath, and if that Wrath falls upon you, nobody can slip from under it. Nobody can stop it, and the Compassion of the Mother will not be listened to because He may say that “you have spoiled your children by giving them too much looseness”. But if you do anything for Him, or for your own being or for your Self-Realisation, you will be placed in the highest position. Today, you may be the biggest millionaire, you may be the richest, may be the biggest political leader and all that nonsense. In the presence of God, those who are dear to God will be placed at the highest position and not all these worldly things, which looks so interesting and enchanting to you. The most important thing is where are you as far as God is concerned? That relation you must establish, by first finding out your Self (your Atma) to Sahaja Yoga your union with the Divine and then relating yourself to that..
H H Shri Mataji Nirmala devi

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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  1. Deo says:

    Jai Shree Mataji,
    Let all the people of the world be lucky enough to go through this divine words of Adishakti Maa, understand them, cultivate them and prepare to welcome the Kingdom of God on Earth.


  2. draupadi16 says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great words!


  3. Amy Chua says:

    Thank you for the sharing. Indeed we are all so bless by Shri Mataji Maa.


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