Sahaja Yoga Public Program in Rome-1984

A Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Public Program in Rome,
Aurora Theatre, 20th September,1984

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

I bow to all seekers of Truth.
Yesterday I talked about the different facilities that exist within us, of how a person acquires a spiritual personality, and what happens to this person. On a personal level there are three systems, three channels that work automatically, they are in humans, and are called the autonomic nervous system. But if you ask what this “independent” medical science does not know to say. They say simply that it is independent, but does not explain. But what we get in our evolutionary process, is expressed in our central nervous system, as I said yesterday.

So, if you ask a dog to go through a dirty alley, he will do it without any problem, but if you ask a human being, he does not want to do. Because the human being, in his consciousness, he developed a sense of the dirt, the dirty, or the colors of music. But for an animal is all the same thing. Likewise, teach the Truth, the Spirit of Joy, who is not a realized soul, or a researcher, has no meaning. To make something right the nature of man, we must reach a state that is “self-realization.”

We have within us three channels: one on the right side, one on the left side and one of the center. The channels of the right side and left side, representing the sympathetic nervous system, and the center channel is the parasympathetic nervous system. When we want to increase your heart rate, for example running, we can do, and this is the work of the sympathetic nervous system. What gives a place beats is the parasympathetic nervous system. We have control of the sympathetic nervous system, and we can use in emergencies, but we have no control over the parasympathetic nervous system.
The left channel represents our past, and all the constraints that are within us. Apart from this the left side, lies all that is the collective past, which is called Sahaja Yoga collective subconscious.
For example, as you develop cancer? I saw a film made some years ago by some doctors in London. They did some research and discovered that we are vulnerable by cancer, when they enter our consciousness two types of protein, which they called 58 and 52. Therefore, a person develops cancer when he goes too in the collective subconscious. What is this collective subconscious? It ‘s all the dead from the beginning of creation, all the dead. You can call 52 or 58 protein, but it is a dead soul. This means that when a dead soul enters our attention attorney cancer. For example, when the energies of the left and right sides flowing within us, and in this state are integrated in the center will form a Chakra. If we use one of these channels too nice, it breaks the connection, an entity enters into our awareness and trigger cancer. This is because you are not connected with the All, the All does not control this, and so one of us begins to develop his ego and becomes alienated from the rest. But this is a psychosomatic illness, and with these diseases, the doctors, who are men of science, do not know what to do. Even psychologists, for various reasons, do not know what to do.

Then the only problem is how to return the person to the center. All diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, or venereal disease caused by lust, or angina elect of the heart, are from the left side, as well as all mental disorders. Even the bad habits, like taking drugs or alcohol, take us on the left side. For example, when there was the revolt of youth, they were very naive, they knew what they were doing and began to destroy themselves, because people on the left side, taking the other drugs but does not destroy itself. I have seen so many people accustomed to these things, and leave all these habits after the Creation. All the loopholes are in the middle and accept the reality, because reality after the Creation is beautiful.

The people on the right side are projected into the future. They are too active, they think too much and never reach the central point that always go beyond. They plan everything before you start, and when the plan fails, all starts. The forward-looking people are those who attack others and destroy them. And destroy themselves or others is the same thing, in the eyes of the Divine is the same thing. We have no right to destroy it ourselves or others. All the people that stress too much the physical side, but how do you indiscriminately in Hatha Yoga, Jogging, or in, where people run continuously, they are a super activity to the right. These people can become very dry, and in this way, divorce can happen in families and things like that. If their ego is inflated feel happy, but this does not happen if they are unhappy. They have no joy, I can give is very boring and people often have physical problems. They may have diabetes, liver problems, paralysis, heart attacks. The reason is that we have within us a center called Swadisthan, which has two main functions to be performed: the first is to take care of all the organs located in the abdominal area, ie, kidney, pancreas, intestines, etc., the second is to produce fat to use it to the brain, which is just made of fat. If a person thinks, thinks all the time, the brain needs food, fat. Where did it take? From the work of Swadisthan. This center is what gives us the creativity, if that is OK you are creative, but if you use too much going on that you do only a mental projection, as in the styles of modern art. The fashion for example, comes and goes, that’s because it costs so much. This center will be damaged if it has to work only for the brain, should not neglect the other components are also important. For example, the pancreas, which is an organ that needs to be helped by this center, there may be out of place, and a person with this problem may develop diabetes. A simple person, who lives in a small town, farm, can eat a pound of sugar, but not be diabetes. Instead, a bureaucrat, a politician, this type of people will come with diabetes, a teaspoon of sugar, because they think too much. It ‘s all a waste of time, their brain works like a machine all the time. People who think too much, also have liver problems, have the guts too active. Become tense, they start drinking alcohol, liver conditions worsen, and because the liver is responsible for attention, it began to be continuously stable. People just become so aggressive. I’m so nervous because their system went off-center, and can not bear anything, and the height of folly is that they think they are great personalities. In fact only have a big ego that swells up to head out. God save you from such a person. Apart from this, the ego has a lot to do with stupidity.

Last year I came to Rome for a program and I went to see a beautiful exhibition on the Tiber, and I saw what a beautiful produced in Italy and other countries, because it was an international exhibition. So we have arrived at the British pavilion, and so since I live there, I wanted to see. But to my amazement I saw that there were only “punks”. Some of them had their hair cut to zero, with a tuft in front, one part of a color, and another color on the other. They were so stupid that you can not imagine. All the Italians were laughing, and then I asked why. They told me that Italians have a sense of the ridiculous. This means that the ego of the Italians is not overdeveloped. This is what happens, you go to ridiculous limits of stupidity. I went to a hairdresser, and he asked me: “Mother does not want to because red hair? But why do all these things with my hair? These things are crazy, stupid! You know, these people are crazy, stupid, has no wisdom. It takes the glue to get your hair that way, costs more, and after a while ‘time becomes bald. This is not naivete, it’s stupidity. In some cases, some people began to talk as if they were great leaders, and maybe you are simply launderers, will be surprised. The ego is very destructive, Hitler used it, took lessons from Tibetan lamas, they teach you how to make people selfish. The extreme point of the right side is called sopraconscio, and after that there is a collective sopraconscio. They are extremely ambitious personality that counts, not being satisfied after death, they capture the ego-oriented people, and sit on their own horse. These entities, these people do so much running, so that after some time they are without power.

Maybe at the beginning may seem important, they are successful, but after some time are exhausted. Please understand that this is not a natural behavior is abnormal. It ‘s because of this abnormality of the right side that we humans have wars, because normal people are peaceful people. A normal person has peace in his heart, is a balanced and loving person, has compassion for others, does not have any kind of desire, lust, and love others because they are human beings.
Another problem we have is that we are very attached to our children, our house, the husband … … but then in some countries, kill their children, in others they kill other people’s children to help their children.

But God’s love is like the sunlight on the trees, which soothes, nourishes and gives everyone what they deserve. Does not stick to just one branch, a single flower, otherwise the whole tree will die. This detached compassion you can only develop if you are the Spirit.
When the Kundalini reaches the Agnya Chakra on the forehead, the superego is the ego that are sucked, and when the Kundalini rises, do not say “I’m doing, but you only see that happening. Understand that is not you who are doing this, you become calm and tensions disappear. What you build is only dead matter, you can not make a flower, nor a fruit from a flower. The ego is a big myth. One who created us, He who made us human beings, we will also make super human beings. Much more than human beings. You will see that he comes to take you into His Kingdom. The followers of God only want to enter into the Kingdom.

The first event is that you go to the next level, which is no doubt aware, since you know that He exists. In this state, the power begins to flow within you. Do not worry about things, your age does not occur, and become an extremely happy and joyful. Do not you sit down to complain and to cry, but instead you are a fearless and not afraid to tell the truth. Do not make any compromise with evil, and evil can not just attach a personality, an accomplished man. Because the power of Kundalini, is that if it is in front of a possessed person or an evil person, this person begins to shake.

Christ was crucified, this drama was being played, and he recited, because the place where he resides is very important, and only what he has done you can cross.
OM He is, He is Chaitanya, is the Logos, the Word, and the vibrations that you feel the power of Innocence. Such a person must prove that the body can not die, because Brahma, Chaitanya is. So, though his body He died resources, because he had to demonstrate that, as Krishna had said, that eternal life can not be destroyed by anything. This was proved by his resurrection.

To understand just how great we are, we become the Spirit, we must have the realization, otherwise we value ourselves, because we have to become the Absolute, and its exit from this world.
This is a very spontaneous and natural, simple, very practical. After realization, you might as well write a book about how this is practical. To know this great magic you have to become the Spirit, is the only and very simple solution.
May God bless you.

Now I will return to London, I hope to return next year and see so many people has stabilized in the realization that it can become like the great saints of the past.

A great English poet, William Blake, who lived in England about two hundred years ago, wrote everything on Sahaja Yoga. He described all the places where we have our Ashrams, described my residence, my home. But the biggest thing he said, is that men of God, the researchers, become prophets, and shall have the power to make the other prophets.

And ‘The time has come to fulfill the prophecy of Dante, the prophecy of Christ, the prophecy of John.
May God bless you.


About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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