The evolution from amoeba to present human stage.

An Extract of Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi February 1979.


…. In this lecture I should talk about the creation. I would switch on from the time, when we were just amoeba. Every scientist who is open-minded can see for himself that this universe is a beautiful cosmos, is very well organized and has run very smoothly and can alsodeduce that the creation of this particular universe has led to the creation of this Mother Earth. About five billion years back, this Mother Earth, which was in gaseous from condensed and well cooked down, how was it cooled down to the extent it did? Scientists accept this fact just as it is. They cannot find out because they have limitations. Why this thing happened? How it was started? It is easy to say there is no God, but very difficult to explain many things without saying that there is God. That is, the time that was taken for this universe to create a human being, is so very short, that nothing else can explain it. If you use the law of chance, we can find out how many times the permutations and combinations have to work to create even a living cell. For example, in a test tube if you have fifty red pills and fifty white pills, all arranged in such amanner that all the red ones are at the bottom and that white ones are at thetop. You have to go on shaking them and the arrangement of the pills gets disorganized completely. Then to organize it back fully into the originalarrangement, how many times one has to shake? They have discovered a formula, that isn’t raised to power something. According to this formula, if human beings are created by chance, it seems an impossibility because the time that is taken so far is so short that only, at the most maybe,some living cell could have been created. Why a complicated human being has been created and so beautifully it is organized within him, that it is hard to believe that some juggler was not behind the show. There must have been some scientist who has achieved these results. It could have only been possible by some special hand to do these things. I mean if there was no organisation, no thinking, no planning, no powerful personality.

The Almighty behind it, it could not have been possible. As science has its limitations, of course, we cannotfind out how was it expedited, how it took place? Because we can see that wehave achieved something in the field of science, by one method, perhaps similar to one that was used to trigger our evolution so fast. When I was a young student in school, at that time I could never have believed that we could ever reach the moon; none could have believed. If anyone would have said that, the people would have laughed at such a conjecture. Even today if you tell my grand mother, she does not believe it. She thinks it is just a story you are telling. But we have reached the moon, no doubt. In this system, we have used a very wonderful system of putting 5 capsules one into another & the first capsule, the lowest one explodes and triggers the movement of the rest of four capsules. When the second one explodes, it gives an acceleration many more times than that with which it was already moving; the speed increases in such a tremendous way that suddenly we find that the acceleration is a very high multiple of the firstone; then the third one when it explodes gives another push to the capsule.Next, the fourth one explodes; then the fifth one which contains the spacecraft. Through this kind of explosions from one to the other, through that built-in mechanism, we have been able to achieve a very high acceleration for the spacecraft. In the same way our evolution has taken place.

We got this idea without even knowing about our evolution from the UNCONSCIOUS. We have come to know how it has happened, but we cannot correlate both these together. So, in the same way human being was created out of amoeba or amoeba was created out of all the elements. In the same manner we can say that we were made again of 5 capsules. The first one is the physical or physical being. Inside the physical being was kept the emotional being. Inside the emotional being was kept the spiritual being & inside the spiritual being was kept the Spirit or our attention. We can say, KUNDALINI is the one that triggers, thatis the one that explodes. So Kundalini force is in everything, but in the most effective, the best, the highest form, it is in human beings. It is this force which exists in everyone and evolves everything, say from carbon to the amoeba stage and from amoeba to animal stage & from animal to human stage. Even in elements it exists because the elements also evolve. We do not know how they evolve but it happens in Nature, that elements start changing their forms &mass and they become different elements; we have no idea of this because wehave no way of measuring the quantity of this change that is taking place. Then the animals also change, from fishes, many become reptiles, out of reptiles many become mammals, from mammals many become primates,monkeys and then human beings. All this happening takes place. How many are destroyed, how many remain, how many are transformed, nobody has kept any account of it.

Today, we talk of population problem, perhaps many animals have taken birth as human. You can see the effect of that, the way people are behaving; you can be sure that many animals have taken human formand they have yet to go through lot of evolution & amp; training as a human being to understand the value of human life. A human being starts evolving within himself. Now we have been human beings, as they say, for 14,000years and we have been growing inside through our freedom. Human beings are the only people who get freedom to evolve themselves to understand what is wrong& what is bad. This freedom is granted because without freedom you cannot go any further. For example, when you start studying in a school, youare told to learn tables 2×10=20; you learn by heart and do not question why itis so, but just go on and on. But when you reach a certain standard of education, say graduation or post graduation standard, then you are given freedom to write on this subject — why is it that when you multiply 2 by 10 itis 20? It is because you have reached a certain stage of development. At this stage you are given freedom to find out for yourself. That is how you are developed and then by this development only you can teach the other people whoare coming up. This is the way the evolution has been. So far you have not felt your evolution from amoeba to this stage. You do not know how you became a human being, you take it forgranted. Even if you see your eyes, they are so complicated. It is much acomplicated organ that if you start studying them you will be amazed how thingsare made. If you just prick a pin in my finger, immediately there is a reflex action. It is so nicely built, it is so nicely arranged; itis so efficient, that one is surprised and amazed at the wonders of this kindof organization that is this human body. But you see what human beings are,they are inefficiency personified. I sent four telegrams to my daughter andtoday she says, she received one telegram after one month. Human beings have been given freedom to understand, to develop their own efficiency, to receive the ultimate knowledge of the Creator of this creation and the powers of the Creator. That is why, the Kundalini is placed in the human beings alone though there is Kundalini force and there is Kundalini in another form in everything that exists. Only in the human beings, this force is kept in the triangular bone in dormant state, to trigger their last jump into the unknown. Now this Kundalini exists, this is there. But to begin with, if I say before starting all this creation, who was created first, it is most interesting & may not be very congenial to the mind of a scientist. It is much beyond science I am talkingnow, that much before anything was created on this Earth, Holiness was created,that we call the Pavitrata. Shri Ganesha is the deity of that Holiness, God has created this Holiness to protect this creation. This atmosphere of Holiness he created to protect all the people and all the creativities which are there and which are being created by Him, otherwise nothing would work out. Just think if one of the Oceans was deeper even by 10 feet the balance of Earth would have toppled down; just imagine what a speed this

Mother Earth has, it revolves with such a tremendous speed goes round the Sun regularly in a proper way, not in a round way, but in a special style as you know. She creates day and night for you. Day to work and night to rest. How she herself has created this beautiful atmosphere for you and has maintained the balance and the temperature that was given to Her, is only done by power of Holiness that was created first.

Now, man in his foolishness is challenging that Holiness. He thinks he can challenge God that is the sign of his awareness. Ifhe had risen to that height where he could feel God pulsating in every thing he would never have done that. But before he could reach that state of perfection he has started talking about God. Who is going to challenge his authority of this stupid man, who does not want to achieve his perfection and wants to talk big. All pervading power is of Holiness which corrects,which guides which co-ordinates, which loves and which organises everything for you to get this awakening within you. So one must understand how Kundalini awakening is the most important thing that has to happen. Kundalini awakening is the only way you are going to know your Spirit. This is the most important happening in the history of creation. It is like laying out the garden, then you plant thetree, the trees have flowers and now the time has come, the fruit must appear.It is the most important thing and has to happen. Every individual who is seeking the TRUTH will know it. The trouble with truth is that you have to seek it with all humility in your own being. Nobody can hypnotise people for seeking truth,those who are hypnotised cannot understand.

In all your awareness, in all your dignity you have to get the knowledge of truth. But it is not just giving you a lecture that you are going to understand. It is not brain washing that has been done by all nonsensical people throughout. It is the happening, the actualization by which you reach that state of awareness, by which you develop the dynamics of collectively conscious, is an awareness which develops within you – is real actualization. As you are a human being, you know that when this capsule of human being was triggered you got lots of things, e.g., your awareness is more than that of animals. The University itself, animals do not have any universities. Animals don’t understand gardens, they don’t understand dirt and filth, they don’t understand beauty. All this has come to you, deepwithin you manifested as soon as you become human beings. So, as soon as you become super human being through Kundalini awakening you become aware of yourself within and you become aware of others within. This is the collective consciousness, this is what Sahaja Yogais. Sahaja Yoga is the system of nature. The way this creation took place isalso Sahaja. ‘Sah’ means with, & ja means born, Sahaja means born with.

Everything is built in within you like in a seed. If you see a seed it has a primal within it to sprout. Seed has the complete power of the tree it is going to be. The whole thing is in the seed, in the same way in the human seed the whole picture of what he is going to be, is built in the whole mechanism, is placed within. Now there are the under currents of your being, which I will be describing to you. What are the forces built up inside human beings? Only thing I would like to say that you are like a computer, you are already made like a computer, only thing is that you have to be put to the mains. If you are put to the mains then the computer starts working by itself, but it is the way you understand a machine. You are human beings, you know what is love.To a scientist I cannot talk of love, I am talking of Divine Holiness, the love of God which has created you, which wants you to know Him. Through science you cannot do that. Every scientist must be loving somebody if not his children atleast, his dog. He must be loving flowers, if not flowers he might be loving his horses, but he knows what is love. And if he can understand that spark oflove, from where it has come, love that I am talking about is a synthesis ofall these powers. Science deals with only a very little portion, I willalso tell you which part of this power deals with our physical being and out ofwhich how much a scientist knows. You will be surprised that if knowledge is an Ocean, the scientist knows only a drop. And to know the Ocean, the drop is to be dissolved in the Ocean. But a drop cannot by its own effort become the Ocean, the Ocean has to dissolve the drop. And that is what Ocean has to do, if flies creation has to have its fulfilment and His beautiful creation ismanifested in the human beings. The human being must find out his fulfilment. If he cannot find out his fulfilment, he cannot reach perfection in anyone of his endeavors. God, Himself will not rest till he does that. For, who would liketo destroy one’s own creation. In thousands and thousand of years of time this has come to its fulfilment and if it is to be done by me, if I am the person who is supposed to trigger your Kundalini, why should you have any objection? Thank God, I was not a scientist, otherwise I would have finished my life making an atom bomb.

Thank God, I am not a psychologist,other I would have gone mad, listening to mad people. Thank God, I am not a politician, you know how they are. Thank God, I am none of these, I am just your Mother,concerned, absolutely concerned, about your ultimate will beings and not about superficial things.

May God bless you all!


About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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