H H SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVIToday we are going to understand the centre of Agnya. Agnya Chakra, which is placed on the crossing of the ‘optic chiasma.’ The nerves that supply the eyes go backwards in the opposite direction and wherever they cross, this subtle centre is situated. It has a continuous connection with the other centre through the ‘medulla oblongata.’ This centre has got two petals. And this subtle centre on one side acts through the eyes and at the back of the head where you have some protrusion. This is the physical side of this centre is. Now the people who talk of the third eye, this is the third eye. So that we have two eyes with which we see and there is a third eye which is a subtler eye through which we can see. If you see this eye, that means you are away from it. For example, if you can see your eyes that means you are seeing your reflection, not the reality. If you see anything that means you are looking at it. So those people who say they see an eye-for example people who take LSD and all such things, they start seeing another eye. They just see this eye and they think their third eye has opened. Actually you are very much away from the eye, that’s why you can see it. You go to a supraconscious level on the right side and on the left side to the subconscious level, you can see the eye. But in Sahaja Yoga you .have to see through that eye. Like a window, you can look at the window, but if you see through the window you cannot look at the window. So this illusion that people have that ”we can see third eye and that ‘s why our Kundalini is awakened”, they are sadly mistaken. And Agnya Chakra, if it is spoilt at the back, that means you are definitely possessed. At the back if the AgnyaChakra is caught then one develops blindness, with the eyes open. Now, in India it is very common. The reason is we have very funny ideas about the Devi or the God coming into the body of human beings. How can that be ? It is again the same thing, supraconscious business. A maid servant who is all the time using bad words, who has no sense of cleanliness, who has no sense of holiness, suddenly becomes agitated, “Ho Ho Ho…” she goes on. And all the women, in Maharashtra it is very common, they will go and fall at her feet. ‘The Devi has come, the Devi has come’ and now they fall at her feet. And then ultimately they are caught up. Because they get the possession by a spirit. We had one very bad case recently where a man, he came to me and he told me that he cannot help, he has to touch the feet of his sister-in-law because she is a Devi. I said why ? ‘Because she gets into this agitation.’ So I told that if you think that she is a Devi and if you want to touch her feet you don’t come to me again. But he became blind, absolutely blind ! And when he became ‘absolutely’ blind then he came to me and then we had to put the Agnya Chakra alright. Now how do you do it in Sahaja Yoga. As you have the photograph you may use it, put a light before the photograph. Light is the way you cure your Agnya Chakra. Always. Light or the sun. Because Christ resides in the sun. So what you do, is to put a light in front. Take another light behind and give an Aarti to your Agnya Chakra at the back. It is resided by Maha Ganapati and Maha Bhairava. So you just give it an Aarti and Agnya Chakra will open. But how do you open this ? Very simple thing is that, any thought comes to you, you should say ‘I forgive’. This is the greatest weapon Christ has given us. You just say ‘I forgive, I forgive’, and you can overcome your ego. This is the mantra for this Chakra in the front, where you just say ‘I forgive, I forgive, I forgive’ and you will find your AgnyaChakra will open out and you will find your ego will go away. Forgiveness is one of the ‘biggest’ weapons human beings have got. But they are so stupid if I tell them ‘Forgive. Now what is there not to forgive ?’ They say it is very difficult to forgive. I say what is so difficult ? What are you doing ? Are you doing something when you are saying, I am forgiving. Do you do something ? Nothing. On the contrary when you do not forgive, then what is happening is, the person whom you do not forgive, is actually torturing you, while you are not torturing that person. So this is the mantra of the Agnya Chakra in front, and at the back, as I told you, you have to move the light. Now somebody will say one day they will do, two days they will do,-that is not how the Sahaja yoga is to be worked out. You have to really go all out to do it, and I have seen people who had eyes which were all bent like this, they could never raise their eyes, are now, have open eyes, proper eyes with this working. It is ‘very’ simple to be done. There is one more thing that happens to our eyes. When the Swadishthana Chakra goes out of order. It is represented here at the back, which is around this back Agnya. So when you have diabetes or anything like that, people start becoming blind. Because this Swadishthana Chakra which is around, goes on pressing it and that ‘s how, that part which is surrounding this centre, oppresses and augments that centre, so that the eyes cannot see; there is no light. There is darkness and people have eyes open. You have seen many diabetic people get this blindness. So first of all cure your diabetes through curing your Swadishthana. And also you can use a ice around your Swadishthana at the back. But first of all if you improve your Swadishthana you will feel very much better. So the treatment of the front side is with the light. And the treatment of the back is with the water. But the best is also to use the light or the water whichever way you like. Because if it is Swadishthana you have to use the water but if it is just the possession, then you have to use-without diabetes, if it is a possession -then you have to just use the light. That is how we cure our Agnya Chakra. This is a very narrow passage, through which attention cannot pass normally, it is impossible thing. It is a very narrow passage, where, the ego and superego fit on to each other and cross each other just like this . And there is no gap in between for the Kundalini to pass through. This superego and ego go back, go down-ward and come to the Vishuddhi Chakra and circle round it and go in the same direction. So you find that they come up to this place, they start from this place, go up to the Agnya Chakra and then they cross-over. But here they are in the same direction as they went, here (at Agnya ) they cross-over. So when you have a problem on the left hand side, you get the effects of that on the right hand side. But the right hand starts from here up to this side and the left hand starts from here to here . But the left hand actually acts on the right hand side. So this third eye is to be penetrated through or we have to enter into the third eye, through Kundalini awakening. But it is such a closed passage which is the door to the limbic area, which is the kingdom of God, that anybody who tries to push their attention through this closed door, either goes to the left or to the right. And this is the beginning of the trouble of the people when they do not understand that whatever is unknown is not God, is not Divine. So, when they move on the right side, they go to the supraconscious area. And they start seeing hallucinations. Actually these are not hallucinations but actual things, because they exist on the right hand side. So they start seeing things of the right hand side. They may see colours and the formation of colours, and they may see also people who are dead, who have been very egoistical. They can see Gandharwas and Kinnaras, because they go to the ‘Gandharwalok’, to the right side, and start seeing those things in the unknown awareness of supraconsciousness. But that movement is very dangerous. Because if anybody catches you there, then you get an added personality sitting on your head, and you get possessed by ego and you become on your own and you actually become malignant. Hitler is one of the examples of that. He learnt this from the Tibetan lamas-how to go to the supraconscious ? And when he learnt it from them, he used it and made many people supraconscious, ego-oriented. You must have heard about the lama system, which was another big problem. They knew the future part, who is going to be the next lama. Where you will find him ? Where you will get him ? All the future things they knew and people thought this was Divine ! To know future is not Divine. It’s an area which we should never go to. Because it’s an imbalance. We are human beings and we have to know the ‘present’ and ‘not’ the ‘future’. Once you go through the present stage then you reach a height from where you can see the past, the present and the future. Supposing on the Mother earth, if you have a means of going higher and hang yourself there, then you can see whatever has passed through, and you can also see what is going to come; and wherever you are, you are in the present. In the same way, when a person ascends in reality, in the present, he goes at this point in the superconsciousness from where he sees the supraconscious right side and also he can see the subconscious; but he has no interest. He wants to rise in the present. And, this is what actually the kundalini awakening is……



About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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  1. frederick says:

    every now and then i feel a hard tap in the center of my forehead, sort of like bumping into something. Happens sleeping and awake. What is that?


  2. Anshul says:

    Jai shri mataji,
    I have been feeling strong pinching sensation in my right agnya finger for quite some time. What is the way to correct it?


  3. Radoslaw Oska says:
  4. shreya says:

    jai shri mataji
    I have been feeling strong pinching sensation in my left agnya finger for quite some time. What is the way to correct it?


    • Prasad says:

      This indicates left agya catch. You feeling it not bad , it shows your status of your agya chakra which you can correct by forgiving every one and your self and surrender all these thoughts in lotus feet of Shri Mataji


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