Today we have decided to have a Puja of Virata in the land of Shri Krishna, as you know in the growth of Shri Vishnu’s manifestation he comes into ten incarnations and ultimately he manifested himself as Virat, Virat is the brain of the being which can call as God Almighty. so the the whole central nervous system is worked through by Shri Krishna as Vishnu then all this incarnations, then Shri Krishna and ultimately as Virata, this is the development of our brain and when we are worshipping Virat we have to know that within us also we have got brain, manifestation of this power of Virat, that manifestation that we have we can call it as Virat if Shri Krishna is Mahavirat. you all know about Virat much more than I can tell you today because is the whole, is the totality and the totality of everything if that is Virat then that is in your brain but reality is in your heart, so the totality you may see, you may witness, the reality is the subtlety behind it, so the brain which is not ruled by the heart, which is not nourished by the heart is a very dangerous thing because it creates a diversion and such a person who is without any heart tries to do things, becomes very worthless and can be very dangerous, it could with other way also within us, that if you allow our heart to rule us only live with our emotions and not to use our rationality then we can become really dangerous people to ourselves in the sense we become lethargic, we become indulgent into wrong sort of things and today what one feels that in America there’s more dominance of the left side than of the right.

Right side is our attention and the right side of attention is you can say is the liver of God Almighty, so now when we have to talk of totality, when we are part and parcel of the totality and now we are awakened to that existence of ours as the part and parcel of the whole, then we have to realize to become the whole we have to do something about it, especially in the land of Shri Krishna we have to work out this tremendous task of creating Viratas out of Sahaja Yogis, after going through the various experiences of American Sahaja Yoga. I have reached the conclusion that we have to talk more frankly about things than we have been talking before, why there’s such a failure of Sahaja Yoga in this great country while there are so many seekers, the main point is that we do not realize that the left side is overpowering this is very low because of too much of affluence, too much of freedom, the idea of, what’s wrong in anything, people are going towards shamelessness, immoral life, self indulgent and this self indulgence, to protect that people always develop a kind of ego which has no dynamism in it.

So now the problem lies with Sahaja Yogis, not with Sahaja Yoga as such, when you see that the land is not so fertile and here you have to work very hard, the responsibility for all the Sahaja Yogis in America is to go deep. you can see wherever the land is not fertile the trees go very deep down. They dig very deep into the mother earth for the sap to be sucked in and the same way they grow very high because the strength of their deepening gives then this great height. So they grow very tall and also they are very deep, in the same way the Sahaja Yogis of America have to work out because here it’s so much superficiality and so much of frivolousness and also no meaning to their lives. They have no meanings at all and they are just frittering away their lives with all nonsensical ideas about their emotions and their love and all those things. So what we need today are Sahaja Yogis who are right sided, those who will produce results, those who will be dynamic, they don’t have to worry that somebody is right sided and he’ll become right sided. Actually that is what is needed today, unless and until you have people who are dynamic we cannot work it out.

It’s a reaction in this country as well as in England in many countries who dominated other people, like you see in this place which was actually originally belonged to some tribes of Indians and the English, the Spanish and all these Europeans came, killed them and occupied here. It’s a highway robbery absolutely highway robbery, because of their arrogance and their aggressiveness they could not see that they were doing such a horrible thing. I mean why call any names of Hitler, their even worse than Hitler, because at least Hitler was taken to task, he was condemned and people know that it was a mistake but what about those who came all the way from there and killed so many people from here and nicely having a very nice time everywhere as great Americans and now they are trying to show off everywhere.

Actually it’s such a sinful thing that is done that all these souls which have died I think have possessed then and now today America is on the left hand side. The right hand side of Americans is finished now. They are on the left hand side, guilty, feeling guilty. They are taking to indulgences, once you go to the right side. You see you are very disciplined and you become very aesthetic by temperament. I should say and you want to dominate others and you want to capture, but today the situation of England and America is just the same. In England the same thing I find with Sahaja Yogis. They are just lovely dovey types you see and all they love me and love me and love me and I just don’t understand. What’s this going on? They all love me and they’ll bring flowers for me, finished. Is this the way we are going to work our Sahaja Yoga in that England and in this America? Mother I love you very much, So what? So to become one part and parcel of the whole a drop has to become the ocean, you have to become great people, you have to be responsible and this lovey dovey business that you have has to go out of your mind completely otherwise Sahaja Yoga cannot work out in these two countries and you’ll be cursed one after another.

There are shocks after shocks that are coming to this country as well as to England, but people are not learning any lessons from that, still it is alright, till we get this disease, alright then we glorify it. If we are suffering from ecological difference, still we are glorifying it. If you are using too much of machinery out of balance, still we are glorifying because they just want self indulgence. Just for self indulgence they don’t want to see the point that, what is going wrong with this country is that. That they do not see anything that is reality and the reality though it is in the heart, though it works in the heart, it has to act, this has to act and if it does not act this kind of a passive behavior is not going to help you. Now at this old age I’m traveling from places to places and I’m doing so much, now let us think about it. What have we done for Sahaja Yoga, those who see you, see you just some times as just as some hippies with disheveled hairs and something that kind of a thing. This is the report I have from people who came to your centers and things like that. Oh they are a set of hippies, you see, just like that, so the first thing a Sahaja Yogi has to do has to make up something of his personality, in America it is very important.

They are studying, they are out of job, they are doing this, that, that sort of people are not going to help Sahaja Yoga at all they’ll be liabilities on Sahaja Yoga. If you really want to do something you have to become something. You have to study. You have to become something. You have to have some sort of a degree diploma, something attached to you, you have to mean something, hippies cannot run Sahaja Yoga in America. They may run better in India but not here, so one has to realize what has gone wrong with us is that we are now following in a very subtle way of the same trends that we have taken, after realization, (open the door) after realization. We think that we are realized souls, that we have become yogis now. That we are realized souls, but one should see that we have become realized souls no doubt, but whatever bindings we has before coming to Sahaja Yoga have become subtler. They have not expressed themselves as lights, just we believe that we are Sahaja Yogis. We believe that we have vibrations and also we can feel the vibrations, but still we have not reached that state where we have become the totality. We have to still grow and if you are settled down with your vibrations and thinking that you are alright. You are sadly mistaken, whatever were our conditionings before coming to Sahaja Yoga. Say you were a hippie so the enlightenment has come but then the idea of this love business is there. Supposing you were a business man, so the enlightenment has come to you and think that Mother should help you in your business, that’s what it is. Supposing now if you were unmarried and now you are married in Sahaja Yoga. Then you want that your marriage should be successful in Sahaja Yoga. If there has been a problem in your health or something like that, then you have become a subtler person that you think.

I asked help from Mother for that, but we do not think that what have we contributed to Sahaja Yoga, we had certain things which we thought were wrong maybe that, but in Sahaja Yoga we do not see those things are with us, still continuing with us, to become Virata we have to really examine ourselves without any anger malice or anything but see for ourselves. I know people who are small minded who have jealousies and their jealousies continue, supposing there a good musician they’ll not appreciate if the other person is a musician. He will not appreciate, he will not encourage that person that really. I am a musician he’s also a musician let me help him, so the small mindedness that existed before still becomes in a glorified way. The person will think that alright, I am a musician and I sing very well and I am singing Mothers praise. But anybody else who’s singing will not be appreciated to that extent as you should expect that you are a part and parcel of the whole, this hand if it feels hurt the another hand immediately helps it, in the whole body you see the system is so totally connected as soon as you eat food the digestive system starts working. But we should watch ourselves if you have to become deeper we have to watch ourselves where are we lacking, now how does a tree grow.

I have told you many times the story that there’s a little cell at the end of the root and it knows. It knows one purpose that it has to become a tree. So it goes round it sees a boulder or something, stone, goes round it, doesn’t fight it, because ultimately what we have to achieve is to become the tree. So we have to keep that in view that we have to become the tree and not some sort of a small little frog here and there croaking about Sahaja Yoga. No that’s not going to work out and this is what I find and also very true about people in say England, same thing, the leaders are fighting, the leaders are trying to find out ways and methods, how to improve the qualities of Sahaja Yogis. But the Sahaja Yogis have to know the responsibility is theirs, they have to grow, they have to become Viratas and this is America where I told you is the place of Shri Krishna. Where Shri Krishna became the Virat, unless and until you see for yourself that we have to do this, we have to become this, you are still busy with our little, little silly problems.

It’s a vicious circle, as soon as you’ll start worrying about your silly problems and your old stuffs still becoming glorified in Sahaja Yoga then you find the vicious circle starts working, it doesn’t achieve anything, it doesn’t give you good chances, it doesn’t give you confidence, is such a thing is like packaging as they call it, but as soon as you decide no. I am going to do it, you people are Sahaja Yogis, you know all about kundalini. You know all about awakening. You know all about higher stages of attainment. You all every one is capable of giving realisation to people. You know where the thing is stuck, everything you know, but now just think about it. How many of you have to be able to do something about it? when people see you their idea about you is very poor. They think that you are stuck up with your wives, the wife is very dominating, so this is happening, suddenly you will go off, you see your child worried about you. Sometimes I am surprised that once they are married they have a child then they become nothing but the parents of the child, finished. Sahaja Yoga is finished, then the child becomes important, but the blessings become the bindings.

So you have to watch within yourself, that we are here for liberation, for complete freedom. But in the subtle way all these things go on binding you and you are attached to it and you don’t know how they are still tagging you down, dont allow you to fly. They don’t give you the freedom that is your own right to have it, so even if I make an aeroplane I do everything put the fuel into it, I say everything but doesn’t want to fly, now what do you do with such an aeroplane that doesn’t want to fly, this sort of a situation is there and this situation makes you so limited and so dwarfy, how will you grow? Unless and until you grow and you show that in your day to day life into your personality into everything. I assure you nobody is going to be impressed by you. Sahaja Yoga is not going to work by advertisement, nor by my photographs, it’s going to work by your work, by your responsibility, by your shouldering Sahaja Yoga, it’s your responsibility to spread Sahaja Yoga and to establish it, but first of all your shoulders should be strong. You are still out of job. You are still something somebody hanging in the air. You are still somebody who will not even look at you, then how can you carry on your shoulders. So first thing is to build yourself inside as well as outside, but such a vicious circle. I tell you, if you do not go deep into yourself you cannot also get doubts. I think, so it works hand in hand, as soon as you start building yourself inside, you will be amazed how things will work out. How you will become dynamic? how you will become great, but you get involved into things which are very small and transitory.

So as I told you before we are seeking the eternal, so the transitory things are to be only used very temporarily what we need is not so important. If you can understand this thing clearly, that we still are not free, not detached from all the things we had before Sahaja Yoga and they have become subtler and subtler and subtler. We are still only using Sahaja Yoga for that purpose and not for spreading the light. So what’s going to happen? This is absolutely, absolutely to be really to be understood within yourself. Sometimes my lectures you see are little harsh. You see people think that Mother had to say these things. This is also my love for you and out of my love for this, We are not going to end up because Sahaja Yogis, we had were subnormal people in the society. If you see the gurus how they spread themselves, though they are false. They are useless but everybody knows about somebody who comes up in two months time all over the world you can hear about that person. What they do? they go and first of all see the people who are successful, who are prominent in the city. They never bother about people who are drug addicts, or who are suffering from diseases. No nothing doing, they have no business with them. They’ll just attack the people who are very successful, who are very rich, because they are on top of the society, so they’ll go and meet people and make contacts with them and ask them and this and that and then they call them for the programme, give them all the importance everything, then people start thinking. Oh God! What a great thing is is to be here then pamper their ego a little bit, this and that’s how they spread, but there’s no reality in it, there’s nothing, nothing special about it.

It’s all useless, it’s all artificial, but that is how they sell themselves, though we do not want to sell ourselves. We have to know that unless and until we have some remarkable qualities people are not going to look at us, because whatever has happened is within ourselves, and nobody sees the light. Its like a light which is burning which is covered completely. So I have seen that.

I went to Columbia, In Columbia you will be amazed that people has never known me they had never heard my name, but I don’t know why the crowds were so much I couldn’t enter into the compound and with some how or other I was pushed into it. Then in the hall was impossible people were hanging on the side I thought they were hanging from the top, just sitting on the thing to watch me of what, so many people in every direction, in every aisle I found people, I found people there, I did not know how to settle them down, but they listened to me very carefully. Two days were the programme, two days the crowds were there and then when they had the follow on, they came. Next day they disappeared, same thing in Greece, same thing is Turkey. So there’s definitely something wrong with us. Now there is a course coming up. People are trying to do the course business, but one should know that it is not a knowledge without love, it is love and knowledge. So how you talk to them how you deal with them is there. But your dynamism is going to impress them. You can see the film we saw yesterday in which the music was there, now what was it there the energy was dynamic, the energy was dynamic, with the music and everything and that was showing, so you see you got engrossed into it, so the movement of that energy, the dynamism of that energy, the really got engrossed.

But to be afraid that you will become right sided is nonsensical, now you are in the centre, how can you become right sided? This kind of argument is only to support lethargy, then not to have any discipline. I was surprised that in Shuddy Camp where we have established a school for meditation. People come every week end just to spend the week end. They get up at 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, whenever they feel like they are on holidays in Shuddy Camp and two day. They will stay there without any meditation, without anything. They have come to Mothers house, finished. Mother has to do everything. Mother has to do all the job for them. I mean for a Sahaja Yogi it is a minimum of minimum that they should get up early in the morning have their bath and sit down for Pujas, is a common thing all Indians do that way. It’s a practice, suddenly this country or these countries have gone into a lethargic nonsensical life, otherwise this country used to do the same thing and sleeping also you have to sleep early if you want to to but one has to think that we have to change our life style. We have to change out attitudes, so many things like I said simple things, like I said the day you want to wash your hair put lot of oil in your hair and then wash, will become bald, imagine all bald only Sahaja Yogis walking. They will think your Mother has so many hair and what about your hairs, in food also too much like I dont know here what is the situation but in England I find they take so much of tea all time the tea is, the kettle is on the thing.

I mean people are amazed when they, people come to Ganapatipule also in India, we dont take tea so many times, I mean twice at the most, the whole day people want tea there, that I don’t understand how can they want drinking tea at one o’clock in the night. It’s like the alcohol has become subtler, tea, otherwise how do you explain. You cant take alcohol so lets have tea, then settle down nicely, we are having cup of tea, in England very common sit down nicely, cup of tea, cup of tea, what work have you done that you are settling down like that, then whenever they’ll come, haaa…….., as if they have dug up something, or they have done the English Channel, they’ll come at, even on the television you will see people, they come down, haa… I don’t understand, they’ll never fing any men doing that after all in that heat also, he’ll never say that, because you think, think, think too much, just think don’t do anything about it, like you fight you see, like a fight, tomorrow is Mothers Puja, alright we will have this, this, this, fighting at the Puja it is not there. It is in the fight and anything that is before your realization, like people have an idea, like this how to avoid work. You see labour saving, labour saving is a very great asset of the western people. So the labour saving how they will do. You will say please telephone to such a person. Mother I think he may not be there, Babba you telephone and find out.

So the explanation comes from the brain, it may not so nothing can be achieved, so first the labour saving was that oh, this is anti culture, we should be this is so bad, everything is so bad, we should start a very natural life we should lead a very natural thing and that we should become primitive and all that, from that if you grow in, from that area if you grow in Sahaja Yoga. You become subtler, so the subtler things that they become is this way that now as it is. You see ahh……. we should not do too much of everything is too much, you see, it is too much, if you talk to somebody about Sahaja Yoga as I say it’s too much for me. You have no brain or what is it? What is too much, cant take it, oh it’s too much, it’s a very common experience with me, that when I talk to people they would say it’s too much. I mean your brain is it a limited brain or what is it you cant listen to me what I am trying to tell you and once you start developing this kind of attitude the nourishment cannot reach you, supposing the trees say, oh is too much, then what are they going to do, nothing is too much. I have to grow I have take all the nourishment, I have to become something I have to do such a lot. what have I done? Nothing so far, never be satisfied with yourself.

I mean some people who saw my programme they were all shocked they said how is Mother going to do it, I said I am going to do it, if I have to do it I will do it. So this is what should be attitude when you love me I am your ideal. You must know that, if you love me then what are you doing about it, I am your ideal. You have to reach my style, otherwise Sahaja Yoga wont work out in these countries which have taken to lethargy as a great culture.

I asked somebody what about your bathing, why didn’t you take bath? He said these days it is out of fashion to take bath, everything seems to be out of fashion, whatever is in fashion is alright. It’s very fashionable is another thing people say, it’s very fashionable and what ever is fashionable looks so ugly to me. Now if you have to take to the Sahaja culture you have to know that we have to have a discipline in our lives, we have to have education, we have to have a place, we have to have a position in the society, because we are not sitting in The Himalayas. Somewhere lost in The Himalayas sitting there and just ah just doing your work, Tapasia, Tapasia is here, where you live. Otherwise if you say that alright we have to go to Himalayas and there we have to do Tapasia in the cold winds, oh! that’s very good, because that looks like something, you see you might have a name, or something like that, but Tapasia is here. The detachment has to be worked out here, you get involved into all these things, in a way sometimes surprises me, the amount of involvement you have in the things that existed in gross form they have they become subtler and you are still bound by them.

There’s no freedom and that’s why when you see something absurd happening, you see something funny happening in Sahaja Yoga, it’s just the symptom of that thing becoming subtler within us and is expressing itself, like sometimes you may not see fire but it exists and suddenly you find a blast, so transformation of course means evolution. It also means that whatever basis you had you have to evolve out of it, like a flower blossoming and then becoming the fruit, but it has to drop out many things and then with the nature one has to see such a unigen, in the nature if you see. It sucks the water then the water is evaporated by the sun, then it becomes a cloud and then the cloud waits because the leaves drop out, in the winter time they nourish the tree, with their nitrogen, when the time is ready then these clouds pour down and again nourishes this.

Such a complete balance is in the nature if it was not I tell you they would, we would have said all bald headed ah lads here, if you go to any, any, any forest, any forest, its so clean, you never have any bad smell anywhere. Whatsoever, there are animals, there tigers, there’s this, never get any smell anywhere. You never even get the smell of the tiger but if you put the tiger in a cage then he starts smelling, he’s so much bathed with the nature, lives with the nature. I mean such balance it’s such an understanding among all the animals, everything I don’t know how they keep it so clean, but as soon as you get some smell you will find out there must be some human being somewhere, or some untidiness, so organised how the leaves grow according to the suns rays, how they organise themselves, how they bring up themselves.

So if you really have to get to nature of Sahaja Yoga we should get all these blessings by which we should prosper, not I mean in money and things but in every way, so it should not be a set of people who are just sort of parasites and I wish for you that you understand what I am saying today and I request you, all of you to be alert and dynamic and work it out. Each single person has to come up, it’s not going to work out if you wear some saffron clothes and go on singing Hari Rama, Hari Krishna on the street, No! That’s not going to work out, nor it is going to work out if you say we are Sahaja Yogis. We are such people and this and that, nothing, you have to be something, so on one side the dynamism is to be used for yourself and the dynamism is to be used for Sahaja Yoga, you need not now worry about right sidedness, is very common even in this happened I found in Holland. I married one girl, very dynamic girl to someone and the husband said Mother, she doesn’t help me, I said why? because I am afraid I’ll become right sided. I said but why did I marry you this left sided fellow, that you become left sided, left sided is a very good thing na, because you don’t have to do anything. Just they have to say I don’t want to become right sides that’s all, but right sidedness means you have to look, you have to be alert, you have to be clever and you have to know everything, you will sit in the sun, burn your skins, but look at the sun, are you on the sun line or on the moon line.

So the swing of all the western people is on the left hand side, drinking pubs, like in twenty four hours they sleep, say maybe fourteen hours, say maybe eighteen hours, rest of the time they drink, that’s all, we have one house being built next to us, when we shifted there they said this practically finished now still finishing and she’ll take at least three years more maybe, maybe they will finish. It’s like the mathematics you see you have this that there was a work and somebody he did one tenth and then ran away, then somebody came did one twentieth and ran away, then somebody came he did one fortieth and ran away, when will the work finish? It will never finish, with such a running away people, never finish, same thing with Sahaja Yoga, if you put mathematically, Sahaja Yoga can never be established in America if you add up more and more of this kind of people, so much is happening in this country, but you have to see those people you have to meet those people who are at the helm of affairs, who are the people who matter, who are scientific who are talking about something sensible. You have to talk to them, get to them, we don’t need cinema actors and actresses, but we need people who are dynamic and this may work out if you put your minds to it and we have something to show them.

I would say that Austria is one place where Sahaja Yoga has worked very well, Milan is another place and where most or them are professionals. Its very surprising, in very modern times, we are living, we are not living in those ancient times where the Rishi Munis is used to sit under a tree and the kings used to come and touch their feet, is the other way round the Munis have to go and talk to the kings. So when we believe that we are Sahaja Yogis we have to know that in a subtle way we are still caught up into the webs of our own understanding about life so that we have to change, life for us is nothing but Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yoga is nothing but enlightening ourselves and others.

So I hope you will listen to my lecture today, you will take the tapes home and listen to them again and again, also there’s a warning from people that Mother what they do is to take one tape for one centre and everybody listens it and then finished. I mean you all should have one tape each, even that people don’t, not only now that but now it might be after some time only one, one tape in circulation in one country, they circulate say today in New York, tomorrow in Boston, like that, you have to listen to it again and again, sit down with your paper and pencil see for yourself what I am saying, every tape should be with you. I mean these horrible gurus tapes you can hear them in every car, in every place, everyone may have it and why is it Sahaja Yogis don’t have any tapes with them. You can make copies, but if you can get it free then better, that’s the first thing, what we can get free, cheaply, easily.

If you try to save money, the money tries to save itself, it a mutual understanding. It’s as simple as this supposing you open only one door, no air will come in you open the other door the air will start flowing its the circulation. All this can be your own knowledge too. I need not say anything this is all in your brains, only open out yourself you are not free people, if you are free like me you will see all these things coming from your own brains, especially for America, really as you know I am working very hard and I want to work it out because, if America is not alright my Vishudhi is not going to be alright. It’s going to trouble me throughout, so you have to take it up upon your self I don’t say take the cross.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything but you have to be just aware what are we? what are we doing? where are we? and on top of that Sahaja Yogis think they are obliging Sahaja Yoga and me too, this is something is to be explained this way, I don’t need Sahaja Yoga. You need Sahaja Yoga and everybody needs Sahaja Yoga. You had in this country, people like I mean such great people you had and you have not mentioned, persons like Abraham Lincoln who gave such great ideas to the whole world. Why not you people be great? he was a realised soul alright, but he didn’t know anything about Ida Pingala and Sushumna. Why cant you become great like him.

So on a Virat Puja we have to decide that we are all are going to express the conception that was once the Virat as reality in our lives, this is what we have to pray, from our heart and it’s a very good occasion today to do that because we are sitting in a place where there were so many of these aboriginal people as you call them anything. They were so sensible as in America you say brass tacks, they knew the principle how to lead a real spiritual life. They were very free people, extremely free and so detached, so if you do not correct yourself then there will be problem on collectivity.

If there’s a problem on collectivity it will reflect on you, because you are part and parcel of the whole, if there’s a problem in the whole wing there’s a problem for you and if there’s a problem in one part there’s a problem for the whole wing. Even Roosevelt who was president once said, that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere. He could see these points so clearly, you see all these things show us that this is a country of Virat, where they talk of collectivity. They have all the communications, these are important, every sort of communication is important, but for Sahaja Yogis it has to be very subtle very dynamic, very beautiful, very loving, very impressive, magnetic, then only the communications will work. There’s no harm in wearing very nice dresses. There’s no harm in wearing nice doesn’t mean expensive, but means which are sensible dignified. We have to build up our personalities that people should feel this is something eh, and your children will also learn from you its no question of feeling that you’ll be driven into ego or anything, thats finished now ego is finished here.

There’s no ego what I find here is a justification for doing nothing that we do not want to do anything because our ego will come out, very clever. So with all this one has to know that we are selected people, we are chosen people of God, he must have selected us for some purpose otherwise there are so many people in this country. We are the foundation and you have to be solid people, to be the foundation, must know our own glory, our own speciality. That why we are selected, of all the people why are we there? Then what are we doing about it, normal life you do see that way, like if somebody is selected for a post or something, out of many many things, must be something about me. I must show my worth, I must show my value, I must show my worth, you see and he works hard, to prove that the selection was good but in Sahaja Yoga is the other way round. You take it for granted, oh we are something great, so now settle down with yourself have a cup of tea.

I hope it has been understood why I am saying so because I am really concerned about America. So may negative forces are working here and we have to improve, so many things such a big responsibility, such a big country, such a vast country, so much perversion, so much nonsensical ideologies. I mean endless, even if you get fifteen Gorbatchevs you cannot change this country. It has gone amuck everybody an individual, this is a mad place. One Gorbachev can change that country which has much more population, but no one can change this country unless and until you people decide to do something about it.

So I am told some people are frustrated because there are not so many new Sahaja Yogis are coming, but may be something wrong with you, maybe that you are not deep enough and that you are not so much impressive. You have to change your lifestyle, you have to be smart people and spartan. I hope, I hope again and again that after this Viratas Puja you all will come up on the stage as great Viratas.



About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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