The Last Judgement Has Already Started, Be in Thoughtless State.

A Talk of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on Christmas Puja
25th December, 1998
Ganapatipule, India


Today, long time back, Christ was born. You all know the story of his birth. And of all the sufferings he had to go through. He’s the one who has given us a model of a sahaja yogi. For he didn’t live for himself, in no way. But he lived for others, working out the agyna chakra. You may be divine, you may be very powerful, but this world is so cruel that they don’t understand spirituality. They don’t understand the spiritual greatness. Not only that, but there are many factors which attack spirituality. They have always done it. Every saint has suffered a lot. But I think Christ has suffered the most. As you know he was endowed with all the powers of Shri Ganesh, as he is the reincarnation of Shri Ganesh. The first of them was his innocence. He was the eternal child we should say. That he couldn’t understand the cruelty and the hypocrisy of this stupid world. Still, if you understand what can you do about it? But with great courage he took his birth in a country where people had no idea of spirituality.

I read a book about him, saying that he came to Kashmir where he met one of my forefathers -Shalivahana. Very interesting because its all in Sanskrit and the writer perhaps did not know Sanskrit, so he has given everything in Sanskrit language; which is not very congenial, I’m sure, to the western people. Thank God he didn’t know Sanskrit, otherwise it would have been very dangerous. It’s written that he asked Christ, “Why have you come to India”? So he said “this is my country, that’s why I’ve come here. Where people respect spirituality. But I live among people who do not understand spirituality at all”. His conversation with him was very very interesting. Because Shalivahana said “that’s all the more reason that you should go back to your country, and teach them nirmala tatwam – that’s the principle of purification”. He went back, and after three and a half years, he was crucified.

I personally think that the big difference between the western execution and the Indian is that in the west, killing is a very great profession. With the slightest pretext they kill people. Anybody who is a saint was killed or they called him a madcap. It’s the best way to avoid spirituality. While in India, if a saint says it, then its not challenged, never. But they believe in it. Because he’s a saint, he’s a much higher personality than we are. Though there were very nasty people around and they tortured them. But as a whole, the public, the people respected them. If there are false gurus normally, they don’t stay in this country because they know they’ll be found out. Also they are so money orientated, that they go to America or to some foreign countries and settle down there to make money. This is one of the signs one should see. This is one of the reasons why Christ was born in a very very ordinary family. He had no proper bed to sleep as a child also. It’s all described, where he slept, how his mother and father lived in a place where there were cows and calves. It was to show that spirituality doesn’t need any luxury, doesn’t need any pomp also.

It is a power within. It is a glow and a light within, which shows, automatically. You don’t have to do anything to show it off. Such a person doesn’t have any sense of money and other things as possessions. He was bothered about people who were suffering physically, even the lepers, and he tried to cure them, he tried to help so many people who were sick physically. Because at that time, there were no hospitals, no doctors. So his attention was drawn to people who were suffering physically. Also mentally he tried to prepare them. There are so many beautiful sermons on the mount. In a way that time, people were not so materialistic, so they listened to him but you can’t say how many understood him. It’s very important, that if you are not a realised soul, then it’s difficult to understand spirituality. The one who is talking about spirituality and the one who is listening to it, both of them have to have minimum of minimum their realisation.

So from his beautiful life that I’ve seen, we have to learn that unless and until we are realised souls, we will be torturing the spirit of Christ. We have seen it happening, all those who talk of Christ. He has said it very clearly. You’ll be calling me “Christ, Christ” – I won’t recognise you. Very clearly he has said it. I don’t know why they didn’t remove it from the Bible. It means those who will talk, and preach, and dress up to show off that they are spiritual, in the name of Christ, he will not recognize them. It’s as simple as that. And this time now when it’s the last judgement, he is going to judge the whole world on the basis of spirituality – which means vibrations. His judgement has already started. I’ve seen it. You can see in so many countries, things are just disappearing. All their ego, all their aggressiveness, all their cruelties are being challenged. And those who did wrong in the war also are taken to task. So in the history also, those who have done wrong to any community, to any people, they all will be taken to task. They had no business to be aggressive on people and to torture them. This is what is Shri Ganesha’s principle acting through Sahaja Yoga.

Christ didn’t say that, but he did say there will be last judgement. On one side he was very kind and compassionate on the other side he was really Shri Ganesha because he took a hunter to hit the people who were selling things in the temple. You cannot have business in the name of religion. What a big thing it is to understand. But the Christians didn’t follow that, they did not. I don’t know where have they gone. As we have Mahatma Ghandi who talked of spirituality and nothing else But his successors who came, put him somewhere with his spirituality and started a new world, new ideas and a new style of life. Those who are supposed to be his followers are now wanting to have many pubs, and also all kinds of things, can you imagine? This congress was started by Mahatma Ghandi, and the congress wallas are doing all this. Where are they going to lead?

The beauty of this country is, the treasure of this country is, spirituality. Instead of taking to spirituality, where are they going? They may not be Christians, but they respect Christ, they respect Bible. I must tell you it’s a fact, people don’t know. They are not Christians in the sense they are not baptised, but they respect him. Because they understand that there was so much of spirituality about Christ. He was the personification of spirituality. That’s the beauty of Indians, if somebody is a Hindu or a Moslem, makes no difference. There were many moslems who were saints and sufis in India, they are all respected by everyone whether they are Moslems or Hindus.

So for Christ, nobody has any objection at all. On the contrary, you saw yesterday how they were all happy about it. Because they are realised souls. But even if they are not, in this country, Christ is very much respected. They can’t understand, how can they scrutinise the life of Christ? How can they judge him? How can they make vulgar films about him? This they can’t bear it, because they respect what they have for spirituality exists very much more than it exists outside. Because in the name of Christ, people have done such a lot of wrong, such a lot of killing has been done. All kinds of wrong things have been accepted. With all this, one doesn’t understand how they have judged Christ.

For example, what I know in England, I was shocked, that if somebody dies, they drink, if somebody is born they drink. Drinking is the only way they have relationships. How can you drink? I asked them, they said, “Why? Christ created wine”. I said “When?” “In a wedding”. I said “In a wedding?” “That was not wine, that was just the juice of the grapes that they grew there. We call it drakshas in our language. How can that be wine?” “It has to be fermented, it has to be rotten, how can that be?” So this is biggest dharma, to drink. But in India we know, though nobody has said anything against drinking, but we know drinking is a sinful thing. You see it everyday, everybody knows that if you drink you become absolutely out of your mind. There’s nothing to be said on a religious platform, but everybody knows that what drinking is. Not that people abroad don’t know, they also know. But somehow it has become a fashion. Even in our country it has now been introduced. I don’t know how after Independence, people have started drinking. Every party they drink – also in the name of Christ on Christmas day. It’s such an insult to his beautiful holy life.

So, when they came on this earth, perhaps all their powers of holiness were destroyed. The very good thing about Indians is that at least they respect, they respect a holy place. That is something good about them. And they know what is holiness is. Now of course they are becoming very modern and Americanised. But still, they know what is wrong, what should not be done. With Sahaja Yoga now I am very happy to say, that the foreign sahaja yogis also have become very beautiful. I’m surprised, because in their culture, their is no spirituality. But I don’t know how they’ve left all that nonsense and have come out like lotuses, beautifully, with such beautiful fragrance of spirituality. This is something, a miracle. Everybody is saying, Mother we can’t believe it, how could it have happened? How did you manage this? I would say it’s the blessing of Christ. They saw how people are working out in the name of Christ in a very degraded manner, and they developed a kind of an awareness that there’s definitely something wrong with us, this is not Christ’s will. This is not his holy life they are depicting. Its something else. That is how I think in the west, there’s a greater urge, greater ascending force.

Yesterday somebody came and told me, Mother, there is no collective meditation. I was very happy to hear that. What is most important is meditation in sahaja yoga, no doubt about it. But the foreigners do meditation much more than the Indians do, very much surprising. And foreign men and women are very highly equipped I must say as far as spirituality is concerned. Especially Russians, I was surprised that in America, they told me Mother these Americans are not Sahaja yogis. I said why? They don’t have that respect for you, they don’t meditate. Those who do not meditate are not sahaja yogis. I said “I agree”. And they made all the Americans meditate. I don’t know why in these eastern block people, Bulgarians and Russians and all these Romanians. How they have taken to Sahaja Yoga so much. Of course, they had the curse of communism on them. Maybe they felt that they have missed something in life, and they went deep down into themselves, and that is how they have achieved it.

But I have to tell Indians that they have to meditate. Indians have one or two very bad qualities, and one of them is groupism. For example, if they’re Brahmins, they’ll sit together, if they are Vaisthas, they’ll sit together, if they are Bhaniyans, they’ll sit together. If that is not so, then by another name they’ll group together. This is the worst curse of my country, because once you start grouping together, you can never see the good of others and you can never see the bad of yourself. This grouping together can bring a lot of problems in this country.

At the time of Christ, they had very different type of people. Either they were interested in spirituality, or they were not. Now we have people here who are interested in spirituality, but still one leg is in the water. Where age old problems still exist. And this is the ruin of our country. We cannot combine together, we cannot be friends with each other. Of course not in Sahaja Yoga, I must say, it has been solved very well. But if you see even at the time of Christ, he had problems with his disciples. Especially something happened with Peter and he is the one who says a satan will eat you. Because I think people fall into the group of satanic forces. And he said that he removed satanic devils from many people and put them in the pigs. It’s true, there is a satanic force which is working very strongly. The more we develop security of spirituality, the more they will develop. The satanic force is in a diferent form in the west and a different form in the east. But I would like to tell for them to be careful how to find out the satanic forces in the west. You may not be affected by that because you are realised souls, but you have to fight it, you’ll have to fight it. For example racialism. Racialism is still very powerful, very very powerful. And you have to fight racialism through marrying people who belong to other races. But still I find it difficult to marry a black person to a white person, it’s an impossible situation. If I try that I don’t know what happens.

Once we had such a marriage, I must tell you. And a white lady – French lady, was married to a black man. Instead of the French lady dominating, this black man dominated. So I was quite surprised you know, how could that be. So, the reason was, I think he was taking revenge maybe, the respite. So first of all, tremendous love and affection has to grow between the people. This colour is so skin deep. It has nothing to do with the love inside, nothing. It’s so skin deep, thank God in our country, you can have a wife who will be very dark, husband will be very fair or vice-versa. But they never look at that from that angle. I don’t think that exists in this country.

But we have another kind. You see, just, is a typical human problem is that he discriminates through ego which I must say, Christ has tried to fight your ego. He was born in a very humble family and he was not a white skinned man, no. In your language he was brown, but in Indian language he was black. But, when it comes to spirituality, you just see – the enlightened one. You don’t see what colour they have, what skin. It’s very very superficial. But this is one of the enemies of the western life, I think which must be conquered. Materialism is another one. But the worst of all which is against Christ is immorality. Immorality is so much accepted in the west. All kinds of immoral behaviour is accepted. Like, they say that, all these immoral people say vote for somebody, he becomes a president of America, its alright, doesn’t matter, all kinds of immorality is allowed. But that is absolutely against Christ, absolutely. People don’t understand that immorality will lead them to a kingdom that I don’t know what to call because it’s even worse than the animal kingdom. And they are so immoral, they listen to people like Freud, as if they have no brains, they have no spirit, to take note of such a man. Only after Sahaja Yoga, a model of Christ’s life you can have. Whatever is past is over and finished.

Today now you are realised souls and morality is your strength. Forget about the past, and I’m sure you can get many more people under the banner of Sahaja Yoga, if you lead a very very moral life. At the same time, another very bad enemy we have is our anger. So they are very proud, they say, “I’ll now get angry, you know, I’m very angry”. They are not ashamed about it and they go on saying that “I’m very angry”, as if it’s not wrong to say “I’m very angry”. Now they say I hate you, I mean imagine any Indian language, if they use this word it would be meaning I’m committing sin. So all this aggressiveness comes from anger. If somebody has to be angry, he should be angry with himself. Best is, to get rid of anger, you can pull your hair, you can bite yourself, you can use your pillow to hit yourself. That would be the best way of taking out your anger. But see for what are you angry? Sometimes its absolutely useless. Sometimes it has no meaning. Sometimes it’s absolutely maddening -stupid. But as long as you start saying “I’m very angry”, that’s it. That’s the time you should know you are falling down completely.

So Christ didn’t talk of all the subtle things. I have been talking to you because that was left to me. Without realisation how can you talk about subtler things? – you cannot. Last time I told you about the vibrations, what is it, what does it stand for and how you get the subtle energy which we call as Talmatra of our right tejas, of water and ….., agni. But, I didn’t tell you of one very special one which is, in English language you call it ether. But ether is the energy which is managed by another talmatra, we call it the akash. It’s specially today, because it’s Christ who has sacrificed his life to open up our agnya chakra. That we have reached that state of akash. Without him it would have not been possible. We can have general communication. Like we can talk to people, we can say things, we can also use our fingers to express ourselves, our hands, to communicate. But, to communicate vibrations, you have to have vibrations. Otherwise you cannot feel another person. But if you are at the agnya level, means you are mental, absolutely mental, then your vibrations also are dwindling, in the sense, you don’t know what really they are saying. You can’t judge your vibrations because these vibrations are mental. They’ll say Mother, we asked the vibrations, I said “really?” “You don’t have any vibrations how can you ask the vibrations”. It’s a very common thing. We ask the vibrations, we ……. on the vibrations, it’s not possible. Because you are just mental. Now what Christ has done is to put you away from the mental level. That is the most difficult. But I was surprised, those who follow Christianity have the worst mental position. They are mentally absolutely there like, I don’t know what to call, like the fog of Delhi. You can’t cross. That’s what was why they read like mad. They listen to people like mad. We like those who give us food for our mental being. They’re so mental, so argumentative, think no end of their intelligence, that you just have to say alright, namaskar. You can’t fight their mental attitude. That’s why Christ is to be worshipped by people who are so very mental. And this mental nonsense has given such a sense of superiority to people. Oh whatever we do, what’s wrong?, what’s wrong? They cannot correct themselves. Because unless and until you cross this limit of mental being, you cannot see yourself. You cannot introspect. You cannot see yourself. You’ll see others, the sahaja yogis are like this, sahaja yoga is like that, all kinds of things. But you can’t see yourself, because the whole thing is mental. This mental attitude should be completely curbed through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he’s also mental in your brains, Christ is also mental, now what to do? The one who broke the mental attitude is also mental, you’ve made him into mental. Like a statue of stone.
So firstly we have to tell ourselves now, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, four times. Then you can rise above this, this is very important. In meditation you have to go beyond the mind. And thanks to Christ that he’s sitting at the agnya to finish off this nonsense of mental being. I think people should stop reading perhaps. Maybe even my lecture becomes mental -what to do? I mean everything goes into their heads becomes mental somehow.

So it has to rise from your own self. Then from others. To the higher level of humanity, where you are in communication with the sky. Which we can call it as the Talmatra, or the essential, or the essence of ether. With ether you can have television, you can have telephone it’s a miracle otherwise. But with this talmatra, sitting down here, you can do the job. It works, just attention works. I know that. You also know very well. You don’t have to ask me to put the attention, you just put the attention and it will work. The very important thing that you have got. I think that is the first thing once you have no problems. But we start manifesting from the earth element. Then from the agni element, then from the jala element, and then we come to tejas, where the fact starts shining. But lastly we get this thoughtless awareness by which our attention is absolutely free to do some special work. But if you are all the time thinking, then poor this attention is so busy, so very busy. You don’t have to ask me then, “Mother please pay attention” – you can pay attention, and you can work it out.

In this attention, you don’t feel what you have got, what you are struggling, what you are wearing, what others are doing – no, nothing. You are one with yourself . And it’s a life full of humour. So much humour. So much of joy. So much of happiness. That you don’t care for anything that normally people care for.

So, as it is now Sahaja Yoga has worked in so many countries. I’m so very proud of you, very proud. And now it is also going to African countries. It’s a very great satisfaction for me. And you all can do it, you all can work it out. Only thing, you become thoughtlessly aware as the blessing of Christ. If it works, you will be absolutely enjoying yourself.

So may God bless you


About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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