Talk on Sahaja state- Sahasrar Puja-2000


H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Thirty years back when Sahasrara was opened I found darkness all over. People were so ignorant. There was no awareness, what they have to find. Of course I found they wanted to find something that was unknown but they didn’t know, what was unknown, what they have to find? And they were extremely ignorant about themselves and about their surroundings and about the aim of their life. I did know how to start that topic.

When Sahasrara was opened I thought of trying self-realization only on one lady. She was an old lady and there was another lady who also started to come. This old lady got the realization and then the another lady who was much younger told me that she gets fits and she gets possessed. Oh my God! I said “how will I give her realization?” But somehow she got cured very fast and she also got realization. Its a very unknown knowledge. Also human beings in their ego do not want to accept that they are not yet complete and they have to have their realization. Also there style of life was such that they had no time for themselves. I found it very difficult to convince people that you must take your self realization because they thought it is something imaginary. Which is very farfetched and they only believe in gurus who would say alright “Do this much of rituals, Karamkands.” That’s all and they were doing all kinds of rituals with the kind guidance of their Gurus without knowing that you have to first know yourself, which is said by all the great incarnations, all the saints, clearly. It is not that it was only my idea that people should get their self-realization but it was the idea of all those people. They said one after another, for centuries that ‘seek yourself’. Even Christ said ‘know thyself’. Mohammed Saheb said the same. Nanak Saheb said the same. But nobody tried to know that these rituals are not the end of life, they will not serve the purpose and they have to have realization. So those two ladies only got self realization and with that I thought let’s go to the seashore and about thirty people came with me and they were talking in a very funny manner as to how they can get self realization? They don’t deserve it. They have not been very good people. All kinds of things, condemning themselves and in that lot I got about twelve people altogether, inclusive of those two ladies who got realization.

This is a sign that the movement of knowing yourself is very very slow and people don’t understand why they should know themselves: I was quite disappointed because nobody understood me. But one day it so happened that in one of the programmes one lady came. She was possessed and she started talking in Sanskrit language. She was just a maid-servant! Everybody was surprised and she said “you don’t know who she is?” and then she started describing me from the Saundarya Lahari. I was wondering what is the matter with this lady! Like a man she spoke. Her voice was like a man. People may believe it or not but she was very possessed and then they came and asked mother “What she is saying, is it true?” I said you should find out yourself. Because those days people were such that if you tell them anything like that, they would turn their faces. Only the kind of false Guru who would say ‘alright, you give me five rupees’. They will be very happy that they have purchased the Guru and now they don’t have to bother about anything. You don’t have to do anything. So with that gradually it started working out and I remember that these people who got their realization asked me “Mother you allow us to do Durga Puja.” Durga Puja was regarded as something very difficult and Brahmins were not normally ready to do it, because they were not realized souls. So they used to get into fits and into all kinds of problems. So they called the Brahmins, seven of them, and told them “you just don’t worry.” Nothing will happen to you because now you are facing the reality, not some sort of the Murti Puja or anything. Its a human being. They were quite frightened and they came down. But something happened to them that with great confidence they started Mantras and everything. Vibrations started flowing everywhere. We were very close to the sea and I found that the sea was roaring but people didn’t understand. Except for these seven people, they said that nothing has happened to us!

We did everything so well: I think that was the first miracle also.

See the trouble with human minds at this level or at this time is that they have too much of self importance and they think no end of themselves. So already they think that we are great. What is there to know ourselves? We know ourselves. So the basic seeking power is humility. If you think that you know everything, you cannot humble down and you can not seek. Even if you seek, they don’t want to follow anybody’s path. They will say that we will follow our own path. We do whatever we want to do. I faced many people in different countries who just came to listen to my lecture and that’s all. They would not take realization, and some of them did take their realization. They got it but they got it lost. Somehow this was such a funny story for me that I am giving them realization. I am taking no money for it, nothing. I used to travel on my own. But despite that why is it, that the people don’t realize the value of self-realization. Then a gentle man who got realization in the first lot, told me that today it is a consumer society, as they call it, what ever it is unless and until you take money from them, they will never value it. Let them feel that we have paid for it, for our realization. So at the gate only you should have somebody to take money, otherwise they don’t have it. I said but you cannot sell it. It is false hood. You cannot sell self realization to people. He said then you see you won’t be successful, with other gurus this is main thing that they just accept money and even they tell people, bring so much money; do this, that is the fees and that’s how only in Ego you satisfy and people take to falsehood. This falsehood, they may realize later on because they suffer a lot with all kinds of physical, mental problems but by that time they are gone cases. Now the Sahasrara has not been described in any of the books. Though they have talked about in our ancient books in India also. They have talked about Sahasrara but nobody has described it except that it has got a thousand petals. At least if they had mentioned something about it, it would have been easier for me to show that see it is written in the book. Because people are like that! It has to be written in some book and that only they accept. Its a very difficult situation, because nobody had given a collective realization. So nobody had written to that extent except for one or two people who wrote clearly about Kundalini. But I would not say it was so clear because it was all in poetry. So people would sing the songs but they won’t understand. But I was thinking how these people who were lost here and there under some sort of seeking, what will happen to them and how will I be able to give them self-realization? Experiences were so horrid but doesn’t matter. I went on and on and on and I worked it out. Of course you met some people who were also very cruel and nasty, who troubled me and troubled Sahaja Yogis. All these things should have really tampering my enthusiasm but on the contrary I started thinking why, why people are like this?

Then I realized one thing that we cannot have the whole world to get self-realization. This is the last judgment. At this time people have to decide what is the most important. They have to know themselves and understand what they are doing. Its not just having the big number that will help us but really solid Sahaja Yogis. Then I found there were people who got cured of many diseases but most of them got lost. Some of them who were drug addicts, drinking, they gave up, smoking they gave up. I have never said a word, that you give up this or give up that. I know, when the Kundalini rises they will automatically give up and it happened and that’s how people became so clean, so beautiful and started enjoying their lives. But nobody would believe them. When they went round and talked to people, they would say they have gone mad! They could not believe, how they have stopped drinking? How they are not smoking. So the identification I found of these people were mostly with the very loose type of enjoyment. They enjoyed very loose type of enjoyment, which has nothing to do with the spirit.

Gradually of course it started working out. But still I must say that we cannot expect, in this Kaliyuga, to have billions and billions of people in Sahaja Yoga, though it is my desire, it is your desire and you want them to get their self-realization, by which so many good things can happen. Firstly your physical self improves. Many people have been cured. Christ cured only twenty one people. I don’t know how many thousands have been cured in Sahaja Yoga? Also there is another very big problem with human beings that they read all kinds of books and they have no clear cut idea as to what they should find? What is their seeking? It’s a very big problem and whatever is in one book, they try to follow that. I mean they are like shifting type of people. They shift from one to another and their progress in Sahaja Yoga is much more difficult. Because if you are going on one path and you start shifting from one to another then you may go back. But in that they find it is their freedom. Actually without realization you don’t have your freedom, of anything. Freedom is that in which you know what you are. You know what you are capable of. In the freedom you are the one who should receive all the blessings. If these blessings are not there then you are not free. There is something wrong somewhere in your own life. Because once you get your realization you become absolutely free people. Free means your own spirit guides you. Spirit as you know is the reflection of the Divine, the God Almighty. If everybody has the same reflection and he is awakened, then in the awareness it works as if they know what is right and what is wrong. What is constructive and what is destructive. It is not some sort of a false satisfaction that you have but in reality it is. You feel the reality and that is what it has to happen.

The first thing in Sahaja Yoga is that you get the experience, of feeling, the spanda, the cool breeze on your finger tips. Without the experience you should not believe it. That means a new dimension has come now in your nerves. That you can feel the system which has not been known to you. The sympathetic nervous system was there but you never knew how it is working. The knowledge about yourself was so poor but after realization suddenly the whole thing got enlightened. Suddenly you start feeling the newness among yourself. Still sometimes you have to fight your ego. You have to get over your ignorance of things. Because realization gives you absolute knowledge, absolute knowledge. It can not be challenged. Its signal, as they call, is Ekmeva Satya, (the only truth) and when you get that knowledge then you can tally it also. You can find out whether if it is correct or not. This is something that has happened to all of you and you have already got those vibrations with which you can feel.

For example there may be some dissatisfied souls with Sahaja Yoga but you can find out on vibrations who are these people? What are they doing? On vibrations you can make out if those people have reached such stage of reality or not. You can make out if these people who are trying to oppose you or trying to tell you something else, how far are they? On your finger tips you know. This is what is ‘Kyama’ about which Mohammed Saheb has said.

The other day I must tell you an experience with me. There was one fellow who came from the television and known as staff and he started asking me very funny questions which had no relevance. His name was Abbas. So I said, Abbas Miyan, you are wasting your time and my time. Will you come to the right questions? So he said I am against all fundamentalism. But I am not fundamentalist. How do you know I am that or not? So he said, I am trying to find out. “Alright,” I said, you put your hands toward me. Mohammed Saheb has said that at the time of “Kyama” your hands will speak and, you will be amazed, immediately he started feeling cool breeze on his hands. He said what is happening to me. I said that’s what it is.” No use arguing, no use talking about it, no use enquiring. Just see yourself. Experience it. He just got so stunned and after that whatever he talked to me he never published. So what I am saying is that if the people reach the truth and they know this is the truth, nothing can change it, if they have reached it. You can see in the life of all the great people that they think this is the truth, not by just reading, not by just believing but as an experience. If on their central nervous system they can feel the truth, then it is impossible to change them. Like you can see a seed becomes a tree, then you cannot change the tree into a seed. Seed is a seed. When the seed changes into the tree then you cannot bring it back into seed which may create more seeds, its different. In the same way once you have got your realization and once you have become one with the Divine, then there is no question of you going down and listen to yourself. Its very very remarkable, how you get this property, how you get this ability and this capability and after that you don’t use it! Of course first you must grow and for that you have to meditate. But this meditation, once you do it, the whole being itself gets so enlightened and so beautiful that you don’t want to change it. You want to be there and enjoy it forever. But of course you want to give it to others because you are enjoying so much. Like on the street you find somebody starving and you are having food then you would feel like giving food to that person. In the same way you see in this world people are madly seeking running up and down, doing all kinds of things. You want to tell them. They may or may not believe. They may try to, sort of, absolutely deny you, defy you. They can do anything. But you know for definite that you are on the right path, you are on the right state of mind which is a Sahaja state. In Sanskrit it is called ‘Sahajavastha’.

In Sahajavastha you do not react. You just see and appreciate. Now see, I came, I saw this beautiful, such an idea of Sahasrara, all the chakras, they are crossed over, gone up there and from there then, very good expression. But any other person would say, Oh, this color combination is not good, Why? Why did they use this? Why don’t they use something else? Like that, finding faults with others! This finding faults actually comes from your brain which is not yet enlightened. You can’t enjoy anything because you react, all the time you go on reacting. If somebody says something nice, still you are reacting. If someone says something bad, of course you are reacting. No question! So for us it is to understand that we are not free to react. We are not that cheap to react. We are on a very high pedestal. What is our job, is to enjoy. Enjoy everything and that enjoyment is the blessing of the Divine. Even you can enjoy the turmoil, the torture. Everything you can enjoy if you see the point that nothing can happen to your spirit which is the real light. Whatever you may suffer, wherever you may think is troubling you is actually this silent light of the spirit makes you absolutely, perfectly joyous and you give joy to others. You don’t design it, you don’t plan it, how to give joy, but it just automatically gives joy, and this giving joy is also effortless, Sahaja, because you are in the Sahaja state. In the Sahaja state you just see things. Its a drama you feel, its different styles, different types, you just see and watch and get the joy out of it. It is not important to see, I like this, I like that, no. That I, which likes, is nothing but ego. This keeps you out of the enjoyment which is reality, which is real. Everything in this world, that you find is troublesome, if you see from another angle, from Sahaja sthiti, you won’t feel the troubles. But that higher standard should be built-in within you.

The other day I had a meeting with the bureaucrats and I told them I know that the pay is less. You may think that the others get much more pay they have much more facilities. But there is one way you can really enjoy your work. If you have patriotism, Deshbhakti. If you have patriotism for your country, no amount of sacrifice will satisfy you. You want to give everything and you can go through all kinds of depressive states without even feeling anything. And at the same time your feelings become very deep. For example you are traveling and suddenly you find somebody who is sick. You can feel it on your vibrations that this person is sick and immediately your sympathy and your love flows to that person. You try to help that person. If possible you try to even cure that person. Just like that, your whole being becomes like an ocean which absorbs all the rivers and all kinds of watery things, whatever it is within its abdomen, I should say, it just takes all that is there. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t trouble someone. It is like over powering a person with his love. He doesn’t show his power. He does not bother about its self-importance. If somebody tries to insult you, alright, what is there the insult part of it, and such people who have reached that Sahajavastha are the greatest creators of art, of music, of great thoughts and that’s why these survive. So many people create but nobody bothers. But those who are realized souls, whatever they create is of eternal nature. Because they are now in the ocean of eternity. They are in the ocean of purity. Where there is no idea at all of hurting anyone or troubling anyone. Such a protection is there for them. They cannot be harmed because after all you have entered into the kingdom of God, so who can harm you or trouble you? Such a prosperity I have seen among Sahaja Yogis and such a generosity that they have, and such understanding about things. I don’t have to give lectures; now don’t do this and don’t do that. No, no need. And these who are not yet already matured in Sahaja Yoga should try to mature and those who are not matured and troubling, don’t worry about them. You should have pity, have pity for such people that they are immature.


Today it is something great, I feel, because for thirty years I have been running up and down every where and I have been able to gather so many of you. There are so many Sahaja Yogis all over the world. This is just a wee-bit of them. So this is something was to happen, has been already described has been predicted by people that such and such thing will be happen that so many people will get their self-realization. Unbelievable, It was, of course. But as now, you see, how sweet is the feeling that we are all one, there is no quarrel, no fight, no bad ideas and nobody likes cheap things. They want to have something that is pleasing and has a quality of understanding. I have seen people becoming poets, writing beautiful poetry. I have seen people becoming orators. Also I have seen people becoming very good organizers. But one thing that is very important is the humility. I said in the beginning and again I would say that what will appeal to the people is your humility. You should be a humble person.

Do not think that you are something special, or that you are some sort of a, I should say, self important person. Once you think that you are important then you are not part and parcel of the whole. If my one hand starts thinking I am important, its stupid. How can one hand be important? All hands are needed, everything is needed, legs are needed. How can one part be so important? If you start thinking like that anywhere in your journey of Sahaja Yoga, then I must say, that you are not in the Sahajavastha. So my own effort was to take you into that beautiful arena of Sahaja, where you will be absolutely one with your-self, one with the nature, one with all the people who are around you, with your own country and other countries, everywhere, the whole atmosphere. The Brahmand (universe) becomes part and parcel of you and you are not separated from that. Then, that echoes. You can call the ‘naad’. The echoes of your being, of your life can be easily seen, not in material advancement or in any other kind of a thing but in the spiritual area which is the highest. Everywhere, in every country, there have been people of that quality and till today they are all remembered. In the same way you all will be representing a very great knowledge about reality in your life, in your creation or in your working. In every way you can do it. The only thing that now we have to do is to decide how many people we are going to give realization? What we can do for realization? What we should do? This is the only thing, if you go on with your complete emancipation, you will be surprised that its like climbing up a big mountain. But when you reach the peak, you can see everything very well, and you feel so satisfied that you are at the peak. That climbing part even some of you have to do it. It is all right, there is no problem. You can do it. You must have respect for yourself, love yourself and understand that you have to reach the peak of the mountain, and once you have reached the peak of the mountain you will know that you are there and then you start showering all your love, affection and everything that flows down the mountain. If that is the life for you, its the greatest type of life. Forget all other people, politicians and all other people who are supposed to be great. Forget them. You are much higher than them because you are already chiseled like a diamond with Sahaja style of life, which is very satisfying and also which is very much absolutely peace giving. It gives you joy, it gives you peace, it gives you capabilities, it gives you so many things that you cannot count, like the thousand petals of your Sahasrara, which are enlightened. God knows what all you can have with this. This is such a tremendous area you are in, the thousand petals. And from there the people have gained all the knowledge about science, knowledge about all the great discoveries are from there. So this is what one has to realize one’s own esteem. Self esteem is different form self importance. You should have self-esteem. With that you would become humble. You will become very loving because you are capable of love and it is not forced on you. I agree that from the ocean the clouds rise and they give rain and all that but it is in the cycle of life, they are doing it. They are not conscious of it. They don’t think that they are doing something great because they are in the cycle. You are out of the cycle and still you are doing the work without any feeling of self importance. You are doing because you have to do.

Another cycle, not the natural cycle, but another cycle of awareness, where you are aware as to what you are doing. At the same time you are very humble, you are very loving, you are very kind. You don’t shout, you don’t beat anyone. You don’t say anything harsh to anyone and you can manage the most difficult persons. If someone tries to be funny, you can always raise the Kundalini and be satisfied. If you secretly raise the Kundalini, the other person is finished, if you can’t raise it, then forget it. Forget it, he is a difficult person, he may be a stone. What can you do? You can not make love flow and the dignity and these qualities. It is not possible for the stone-hearted person. Forget it, it is not your job. Its not your job at all. I would request that first of all you should see how much humble you are? You have to be very humble and that is your decoration, that is your beauty. So you have your love, which is pure, without any lust or greed. You love others only because you are in love and then secondly you are blessed with peace. You are absolutely at peace with yourself and you will be amazed that with peace, wisdom will come to you. You will be regarded as the wisest man, wisest woman, because you are at peace with yourself. Only in peace you can discover the truth, you can discover every solution that you want to. You become a very wise and sensible person, outstandingly greater than others. You are not like common people. Then you have joy. Joy in something cannot be expressed in words but still joy as I have told you many a times, it is similar. It is not happiness or unhappiness. It is just joy. Just you enjoy. You enjoy everything, enjoy every company, every incident, every scene, every happening in your life. You know how to enjoy. See just joy has a great capacity.

I remember once I had gone with my son-in-law and daughter to see some historical place and we had to climb a lot. Climbing for about three hours. Naturally we all got tired and there was a little resting place, made of marble. So we said let us spread out ourselves here. So when we spread out, they said. “Why we have come here, of all the things, this or that, grudging. “Then suddenly, there was a joy point. Suddenly I saw the carvings of elephants. So I said “Can you see these elephants, everyone’s tail is differently made.” They said, “Mummy, how do you see the elephants’ tails, we are so tired. I said, “You also see.” Because it is the joy that shifts, your mind from nonsense. It is saying just nonsense. You just shift your mind. This is the way you can shift and go to the thing that is joyous. Supposing there is a person who is quite boring. Then what happens, you just see the humor behind it, how a person bores you? And what you learn out of it is never bore anyone. So this joy has a speciality that it teaches you the essence of joy of everything. If it is a bad person, alright, still you enjoy because you say how bad it is. Suppose, of course if it is a good friend, you can always see. But you do not go with a mind how to criticize it. This criticism business goes out of your mind. So what happens, your mind shifts immediately from something that is ridiculous to something interesting in the same thing. So you don’t criticize and you don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes it so happens that people are amazed that how I tolerate such people. I don’t tolerate. I am not paying any attention, whatever the person may be doing. If you are of that nature, that you can call a condition, where you are absolutely at ‘Turya’ state about which Kabira has said “Jab Mast hue phir kya Bolen”, when I have gone into that state of joy why should I say anything? It is like that, a temperament which you have to understand and respect it. That is within you, respect it. Do not compare it with others. Others are not at your level. So you are at a different level and you just try to enjoy, never feel that you are something higher or greater. No, never feel. What you should feel is that thankfulness that you are not mixed up with all those funny ideas and funny styles of life where you go on criticizing this is not good. I don’t like it. Who are you? You don’t know yourself. When you say, I don’t like it, you are not knowing yourself. How do you say, I don’t like it. I have seen people with very poor knowledge. Who have just been very critical of others. I don’t know the reason, why it is so? But may be that they think no end of themselves! But this is what is very common. If you know the absolute knowledge, then you become really humble. Absolutely humble and sweet, gentle and kind.

So today is a great day, for me also. I didn’t know that I will survive so many years to see this beautiful world. Because after all, it was a very hard life, according to other standards. But what is most joy giving to me is creating Sahaja Yogis, and listening to them and talking to them. The way they are so sweet, so kind and so respectful! All this has helped me so much and I must thank you for that. With your support, with your help, with your understanding I could achieve it. If I could have achieved it on my own, I would have never asked for this help of yours. But you are just like my hands, you are just like my eyes and I need you very much because without you I cannot do. Its like channelizing. Unless and until you have channels, what’s the use of being Adishakti or anything? How will you channalize it? If there is electrical movement, it needs channels. Otherwise its a static thing. In the same way I felt always that I needed more and more channels. When it worked out, I was really in a very very great spirit. So I thank you very much again for this day that has come and I bless you from my heart that now you take over responsibility. You are a Sahaja Yogi, so you have a responsibility also to give realization to others. Don’t keep it to yourself. This has to be given to others and you can explain, you can talk to them, you can very well understand, try to understand them and talk to them. And you must give realization to others, otherwise you won’t feel complete. To feel complete, you have to do that.

May God Bless You.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Sahasrara Puja,
7th May,2000 – Cabella, Italy

About Prasad

I am a simple person. My hobby is to spread Sahajayoga and nourish my growth in sahaja life with blessing of H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I was re-born as self realized soul from my divine mother on 20th March 2001 at Ram Lila ground, Delhi.
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